Worst Hey Arnold! Episodes

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1 Arnold Betrays Iggy

After the first time this episode aired, it wasn't aired again for ten years. - RalphBob

I hate this episode with great intensity - RalphBob

This episode is mean spirited. I love Hey Arnold, but he was so mean in this episode.

Hate it with a steaming passion - PeeledBanana

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2 The Sewer King
3 The Journal V 1 Comment
4 Quantity Time
5 Das Subway V 1 Comment
6 Olga Comes Home
7 Snow
8 The Spelling Bee
9 Synchronized Swimming V 1 Comment
10 Helga's Boyfriend

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11 Married

The beginning of this episode's the worst because of Rhonda's insufferable bitchiness.

12 Helga's Show

This episode is all messed up, at first everyone gets angry at Helga for making fun of them on her show then when she decide to change her act and talk good about everyone on the show they hate it then after she drops that she goes back to her insult comedy and everyone's happy with it. - egnomac

13 Bag of Money

Because Sid was a jerk to Arnold. It's all the writers' fault for affecting us emotionally.

14 Suspended

Harold purposely gets himself suspended from school but finds out that not having to go to school is not what he thought it would be and tries multiple time to get back to school only to have his suspension increased. - egnomac

15 Fighting Families
16 New Bully on the Block

Eh, this Episode is just..Terrible! Hey Arnold is my Favorite Cartoon (with MLP) and this Episode is worse than "One Bad Apple" (a MLP Bully Episode.) I just hate this Episode!

17 Egg Story
18 Mud Bowl
19 Best Friends
20 Casa Paradiso
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