Worst Hey Arnold! Episodes

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1 Arnold Betrays Iggy

Sid and Stinky don't get blamed for anything. Everyone except Gerald betrays Arnold, who didn't do anything. Arnold then gets mad at Iggy and doesn't forgive him. This is WAY out of character for Arnold. I see why no one liked this episode.

After the first time this episode aired, it wasn't aired again for ten years. - RalphBob

I hate this episode with great intensity - RalphBob

I felt bad for Arnold

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2 The Sewer King
3 The Journal

How is this the worst episode?

4 Quantity Time
5 Olga Comes Home
6 Das Subway

Big open spaces
Big open spaces
Big open spaces
Big open...

7 The Spelling Bee
8 Snow
9 Synchronized Swimming

This episode was awkward.

10 Helga's Boyfriend

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? Curly's Girl

This episode is about Rhonda barrowing a fur coat that her father planned to give her mother for her birthday. Well Rhonda ends up staining the coat and Curly offers to help her clean it only if she agrees to be his girlfriend for a week and then he takes a picture of her holding the stained coat so that she doesn't back out of the deal.

? Longest Monday Longest Monday

This episode is about Arnold and Gerald trying to avoid getting thrown in the dumpsters by the 5th graders and during the episode you see a bunch of children getting attacked. However during the end of the episode Arnold and Gerald come across some third graders and told them that next year they'll be the ones getting thrown in the dumpsters which is very out of character and especially for Arnold because Arnold isn't the type of kid who would do that. - Cbailey21

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11 Bag of Money

Sid's worst appearance in the entire series - mccrae

12 Helga's Show

This episode is all messed up, at first everyone gets angry at Helga for making fun of them on her show then when she decide to change her act and talk good about everyone on the show they hate it then after she drops that she goes back to her insult comedy and everyone's happy with it. - egnomac

13 Married
14 Suspended

Harold purposely gets himself suspended from school but finds out that not having to go to school is not what he thought it would be and tries multiple time to get back to school only to have his suspension increased. - egnomac

15 Fighting Families
16 New Bully on the Block

Eh, this Episode is just..Terrible! Hey Arnold is my Favorite Cartoon (with MLP) and this Episode is worse than "One Bad Apple" (a MLP Bully Episode.) I just hate this Episode!

The only thing that I like about this episode is what Wolfgang and Ludwig to Helga because of the extreme bitch she is. And all those Helga fans who whined about should suck it up.

17 Egg Story
18 Helga and the Nanny
19 Mud Bowl
20 Best Friends
21 Casa Paradiso
22 The Flood
23 Part-Time Friends

It's all because of the friendship boy drama issues between Arnold and Gerald.

24 Biosquare
25 Girl Trouble
26 Polishing Rhonda
27 Old Iron Man
28 Partners
29 Full Moon

They literally mooned the principal and Arnold got in trouble for no reason.

Well not necessary for no reason, Arnold refused to tell Principle Warts that Harold, Stinky, and Sid where the ones who mooned him, they do eventually confess in the end after feeling bad for Arnold getting in trouble for not telling. - egnomac

30 Oskar Can't Read

I hate this one because of how rude everyone was to Oscar. So what he can't read, that doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings.

31 Big Gino
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