Worst High School Classes

Most High school classes are already hard enough as it is but these classes just plain suck

The Top Ten

1 Geometry

Yea it's so hard

I mean, you think shapes would be easy, right? NOPE.

You thought Algebra was hard? Good luck in geometry. - Randomator

2 French

Self explanatory really - Randomator

3 U.S. Government

It's as boring as it sounds. - Randomator

I hate this class

4 Health

It's not hard but it's so boring. All you do is fill out packets about nutrition - Randomator

Do I really need to explain? Pretty self explanatory - Randomator

5 Biology

My bio teacher was mean

I think it's just kinda boring. The only thing that's exciting is labs which don't happen very often - Randomator

6 Physics

And I thought Chemistry was hell when it comes to memorizing formulas... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't think so I'm interested in quantum physics and relativity so I'll be fine - Kevinsidis

7 World History

What I like world history. - TeamRocket747

*yawn* do I need to explain? - Randomator

Can't handle hearing about aboriginal people every school year. it feels more like a guilt trip than an actually useful class.

Redundant class that you won’t need in your life anyway. At best should be a YouTube video.

8 Calculus

If you're Asian, your parents will force you to take this.

9 Language Arts

The bane of all light in this universe

Doesn't really need much of an explanation. Unless you're into books this class kinda sucks And on top of that some English teachers are not your friend - Randomator

10 Honors English

You thought regular English was bad? Ha Honors English is worse - Randomator

The Newcomers

? Choir

My choir teacher was the worst. I was stuck with kids who cannot sing! You need to put in so much effort and get nothing, LITERALLY NOTHING, back.

The Contenders

11 Drafting

My sister toke this and loved it - lbelle0527

Instead of actually engineering you simply just do drafting from what I've heard - Randomator

12 Physical Education

Absolutely pointless.

It’s honestly not that bad - Randomator

13 Algebra 1

Thankfully you should be able to knock this out freshman year however if you don't be prepared for a lot of annoying freshman in your class AND Algebra is a lot of concepts And of course it's a math class which means that the teacher might not be your friend so yeah - Randomator

14 Philosophy
15 Humanities
16 Spanish




17 German

It has completely different wording structures and is just a tricky subject overall.

18 Algebra II
19 Chemistry
20 Sex Education

I just had to do this. They showed us a movie and my eyes were causing the fire department to come - TheILikeTrainsKid

I was forced to take this in grade 10, I hates it, but it still was good to learn about the sti illnesses

21 Special Ed

They beat you and restrain you with very
Violent force also they harmed you before isolation rooms


Its just useless

22 Economics

Just as boring as it sounds. - Randomator

23 Physical Science

SO boring and useless

24 Web Design

If you miss a single assignment, you're screwed for the entire class year. You also put too much work in for the little credit you get back.

25 Geography

Geography sucks

I mean at least it’s generally an easy A class but that doesn’t mean it isn’t boring - Randomator

26 AP Human Geography

Ugh this is so boring and useless. You study so much and the info is so easy to forget

27 Italian

This exists? - Randomator

28 Global
29 Business Studies
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