Worst High School Classes

Most High school classes are already hard enough as it is but these classes just plain suck
The Top Ten
1 Geometry

You thought Algebra was hard? Good luck in geometry.

I mean, you think shapes would be easy, right? NOPE.

Really? Just wait until algebra 2

It's so hard! Ugh!

2 French

Self explanatory really

3 Health

It's not hard, but it's so boring. All you do is fill out packets about nutrition.

They just repeat the same thing every year.

The blow off class of all blow off classes.

4 U.S. Government

It's as boring as it sounds.

I hate this class

5 Physics

And I thought Chemistry was hell when it comes to memorizing formulas...

I don't think so I'm interested in quantum physics and relativity so I'll be fine

6 Biology

This is the easiest class ever, all those AP social studies classes are harder.

I think it's just kinda boring. The only thing that's exciting is labs which don't happen very often

My bio teacher was mean

7 Calculus

If you're Asian, your parents will force you to take this.

8 World History

Redundant class that you won't need in your life anyway. At best should be a YouTube video.

This is the worst class I the world! My teacher a devil and it's boring

What I like world history.

9 Honors English

You thought regular English was bad? Ha Honors English is worse

10 Language Arts

Doesn't really need much of an explanation. Unless you're into books this class kinda sucks And on top of that some English teachers are not your friend

If you have reading as a elective and L.A as a normal one this is extremely pointless.

Just rip off english. Burn in hell.

The Contenders
11 Chemistry
12 Sex Education

No, sex education is important. With the absence of this information transported to the minds of students, the male members of the generation usually will have less and less self control with urges, and the female members will usually not see what's wrong with objectifying themselves. You know why? Because students WILL find out about pornography and all that stuff sooner or later. Imagine being old enough to know about intercourse without knowing any of the dangers of it, not even ever hearing the name AIDS or HIV. Sure, sex education may be enormously uncomfortable to sit through, but you're gonna need to learn about it one way or another.

This is the kinda thing your parents tell you. Oh my gosh, this class sucked.

I just had to do this. They showed us a movie and my eyes were causing the fire department to come

I was forced to take this in grade 10, I hates it, but it still was good to learn about the sti illnesses

13 Drafting

Instead of actually engineering you simply just do drafting from what I've heard

14 Algebra 1
15 Philosophy
16 Physical Education
17 German

It has completely different wording structures and is just a tricky subject overall.

18 Spanish

Worst class of all time

19 Algebra II
20 Humanities
21 Special Ed

Last year, even though I only have a bit of autism, I was stuffed in the same class as the energetic, lazy, and tantrum-throwing kids of the school. It made me feel ashamed of my minor "issue", BUT my friend was there AND it could've been worse, as the kids in the class still could've screamed, on top of drooling, pooping, dripping boogers, etc.

They beat you and restrain you with very
Violent force also they harmed you before isolation rooms

Its just useless

My high school special ed teacher treated me like I'm dumber than a 1st grader

22 Economics

Just as boring as it sounds.

23 Web Design

If you miss a single assignment, you're screwed for the entire class year. You also put too much work in for the little credit you get back.

24 AP Human Geography

Ugh this is so boring and useless. You study so much and the info is so easy to forget

25 Band
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