Worst High School Classes

Most High school classes are already hard enough as it is but these classes just plain suck

The Top Ten

1 Geometry

You thought Algebra was hard? Good luck in geometry. - Randomator

2 French

Self explanatory really - Randomator

3 Health

It's not hard but it's so boring. All you do is fill out packets about nutrition - Randomator

Do I really need to explain? Pretty self explanatory - Randomator

4 U.S. Government

It's as boring as it sounds. - Randomator

I hate this class

5 Biology

I think it's just kinda boring. The only thing that's exciting is labs which don't happen very often - Randomator

6 Physics

And I thought Chemistry was hell when it comes to memorizing formulas... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't think so I'm interested in quantum physics and relativity so I'll be fine - Kevinsidis

7 World History

*yawn* do I need to explain? - Randomator

Redundant class that you won’t need in your life anyway. At best should be a YouTube video.

8 Calculus

If you're Asian, your parents will force you to take this.

9 Language Arts

Doesn't really need much of an explanation. Unless you're into books this class kinda sucks And on top of that some English teachers are not your friend - Randomator

The bane of all light in this universe

10 Honors English

The Contenders

11 Drafting

Instead of actually engineering you simply just do drafting from what I've heard - Randomator

My sister toke this and loved it - lbelle0527

12 Philosophy
13 Algebra 1

Thankfully you should be able to knock this out freshman year however if you don't be prepared for a lot of annoying freshman in your class AND Algebra is a lot of concepts And of course it's a math class which means that the teacher might not be your friend so yeah - Randomator

14 German
15 Spanish


16 Algebra II
17 Humanities
18 Chemistry
19 Economics

Just as boring as it sounds. - Randomator

20 Physical Education

It’s honestly not that bad - Randomator

21 Physical Science
22 Italian
23 Web Design

If you miss a single assignment, you're screwed for the entire class year. You also put too much work in for the little credit you get back.

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