Worst High School Classes

Most High school classes are already hard enough as it is but these classes just plain suck

The Top Ten

1 Geometry

You thought Algebra was hard? Good luck in geometry. - Randomator

2 French

Self explanatory really - Randomator

3 Health

It's not hard but it's so boring. All you do is fill out packets about nutrition - Randomator

Do I really need to explain? Pretty self explanatory - Randomator

4 U.S. Government

It's as boring as it sounds. - Randomator

I hate this class - Gametheorysucks

5 Physics

And I thought Chemistry was hell when it comes to memorizing formulas... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

6 Calculus
7 Biology

I think it's just kinda boring. The only thing that's exciting is labs which don't happen very often - Randomator

8 World History

*yawn* do I need to explain? - Randomator

Redundant class that you won’t need in your life anyway. At best should be a YouTube video.

9 Algebra 1

Thankfully you should be able to knock this out freshman year however if you don't be prepared for a lot of annoying freshman in your class AND Algebra is a lot of concepts And of course it's a math class which means that the teacher might not be your friend so yeah - Randomator

Algebra 1 is not that bad, its sort of easy. - Lucretia

True but it's a lot of concepts and freshman are guaranteed to be in your class - Randomator

10 Language Arts

Doesn't really need much of an explanation. Unless you're into books this class kinda sucks And on top of that some English teachers are not your friend - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Drafting

Instead of actually engineering you simply just do drafting from what I've heard - Randomator

12 Honors English
13 Chemistry
14 Philosophy
15 German
16 Algebra II
17 Economics

Just as boring as it sounds. - Randomator

18 Humanities
19 Physical Science
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