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1 Aag

Nothing special but it is so infamous and also a bad copy of a masterpiece. - linkinparkrocks

2 Main Aur Mrs Khanna

The main reason is salman khan. who calls him an actor - linkinparkrocks

3 Kidnap

No plot and totally senseless - linkinparkrocks

4 Ready (2011)

Worst movie ever no plot senseless film

5 Bodyguard (2011)

Ok The original Malayalam movie was actually good. How it ended up becoming this is beyond me.

Mm... this movie is definitely not as God awful as some people make it out to be, but it wasn't worthy of the original at all.

Salman Khan must be banned.

Another crap remake of south indian movie..!
Salman is the great copy-cat.
Worst actor of indian cinema ever.
No script, No expressions, No story just action, non-sense comedy & item songs

6 Devdas

What is wrong with you people this film is a masterpiece, remains the gold standard of splendor in Hindi cinematography.


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7 Vivah

Why people fall in love in this movie?
There is no story in this movie till the last 15 minutes remains.
May be this movies is just because of Music.

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8 Tees Maar Khan

Is was ok at the beginning but then the nonsense went up too much - linkinparkrocks

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9 Saawariya

The worst movie ever made, it should at least be at No. 1 in this worst countdown... Ha ha ha ha ha. My friend cursed himself on wasting his money on buying this movie's DVD...

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10 The Mangal Pandey: The Rising

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11 Dabangg

Total over the top garbage masquerading as a campy ode to the 80's. Absolutely a waste of time. The worst thing it's spawning sequels and copycats

It's a waste of time and money. Poor acting and only became popular because of salman

12 Ra One

Total waste of time & money.. One of the worst movies ever

13 Ek Tha Tiger
14 Joker

Utter non-sense.
Everything was crap.
Neither actors nor directors

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15 Chandni Chowk to China
16 Dabangg 2

Worst sequel of worst movie

Worst sequel of a crap...

17 Chennai Express

I enjoyed this movie!

It totally streotypes us south indians and that is why I hate it... SOUTH INDIANS SHOULD HAVE BOYCOTTED IT..

How can a room change to a boat in this movie,utter non-sense

This movie is the best movie ever
I just want to say
SHUT UP to who said its faltu

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18 Do Knot Disturb

Just because govinda deserve to be in the list. He has done so many crap films over the years - linkinparkrocks

19 Tashan

How come 3 idiots in this list I can't understand and how this movie is so below in this list it should at least be in top ten and also how do you justify movies like housefull 2 to be above this movie in this list I feel that those who haven't seen this movie and then compare it with housefull 2 and then decide whether housefull 2 should be above this or not

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20 Khiladi 786
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