Top Ten Worst Hip Hop Subgenres and Fusion Genres

Don't get it wrong I LOVE HIP HOP... but sometimes there are retards in hip hop (Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, Lil B and more) and sometimes there are great sub and fusion genres but sometimes it's the other way around. BTW I tried to relate with the average TheTopTens user so not all of these are my opinion.

The Top Ten

1 Crunk

Just aton of retards screaming and hollering, best example of this being a bad hip hop genre is Lil Jon. Also he says he's the king of crunk when he's the only one who does it and says crunk ain't dead when I bet nobody in the world can name 10 crunk songs. - chocodilesforlife

2 LGBT Hip Hop

I'm not homophobic but this shouldn't be a subgenre. - chocodilesforlife

3 Nerdcore

Name 1 Nerdcore rapper go ahead, oh yeah after that name one nerd core hit song, nerd core should not be a thing I can't imagine a nerd listening to rap, like who's supposed to be
the audience? - chocodilesforlife

4 Christian Hip Hop

I get some people are religious and have religions and wanna show it, but hip hop and religion should not be mixed together. - chocodilesforlife

5 Hyphy

Retarded, I could already tell it was gonna be bad when I heard the name shouldn't even be a genre, it has the dumbest origin. - chocodilesforlife

6 Australian Hip Hop

Some Australian rappers are pretty good, but their accents are super annoying.

Made MattyBRapes - chocodilesforlife

7 Comedic Hip Hop
8 Nu Metal
9 Trap

Trap sucks so much! It is the worst subgenre ever!

10 Hip Hopera

The Contenders

11 Country Hop
12 Mumble Rap
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