Top Ten Worst Hip Hop Subgenres and Fusion Genres

Don't get it wrong I LOVE HIP HOP... but sometimes there are retards in hip hop (Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, Lil B and more) and sometimes there are great sub and fusion genres but sometimes it's the other way around. BTW I tried to relate with the average TheTopTens user so not all of these are my opinion.

The Top Ten

1 Crunk

Just aton of retards screaming and hollering, best example of this being a bad hip hop genre is Lil Jon. Also he says he's the king of crunk when he's the only one who does it and says crunk ain't dead when I bet nobody in the world can name 10 crunk songs. - chocodilesforlife

2 LGBT Hip Hop

I'm not homophobic but this shouldn't be a subgenre. - chocodilesforlife

3 Nerdcore

Name 1 Nerdcore rapper go ahead, oh yeah after that name one nerd core hit song, nerd core should not be a thing I can't imagine a nerd listening to rap, like who's supposed to be
the audience? - chocodilesforlife

4 Christian Hip Hop

I get some people are religious and have religions and wanna show it, but hip hop and religion should not be mixed together. - chocodilesforlife

5 Hyphy

Retarded, I could already tell it was gonna be bad when I heard the name shouldn't even be a genre, it has the dumbest origin. - chocodilesforlife

6 Australian Hip Hop

Some Australian rappers are pretty good, but their accents are super annoying.

Made MattyBRapes - chocodilesforlife

7 Comedic Hip Hop
8 Nu Metal
9 Mumble Rap
10 Hip Hopera

The Contenders

11 Trap

Trap sucks so much! It is the worst subgenre ever!

12 Country Hop
13 Chicano Rap
14 Crunkcore
15 Trip Hop

We don't need 2 kinds of the same genre known as Hip Hop please.

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