Top Ten Worst Hitman: Blood Money Missions

Hitman: Blood Money hits close to the perfect Hitman game - and whilst being one of the most critically acclaimed in the franchise, there are still a few iffy levels which can be annoying, boring or just plain forgettable.

The Top Ten

1 Flatline

This mission is pretty darn boring, it is quite a pain getting to Agent Smith if you're a beginner, and killing the main target is very easy and can be done before you even get to Smith - although if you do it then you will have to kill two other targets since you can't tell who is the target yet...and the target is random every time so yeah, tedious, and quite boring. - DapperPickle

2 Death on the Mississippi

This mission has many faults, for one, it is way to linear for a mission in the second half of the game, you have to kill 6 gang members and Skip Muldoon, the captain which can be real hard since the gang members wander about the relatively large area.Killing off Skip is very easy to accomplish and the exit is the worse placed exit since you barely visit the area that it is in. - DapperPickle

3 Death of a Showman

This isn't 1? What?

Well, it's a tutorial level, it has an excuse for being linear and easy.It isn't that interesting of a level, and the target is probably the most sympathetic target of the franchise, so that isn't very fun. - DapperPickle

4 Requiem

Kind of a lackluster ending in my opinion, it's very quick and I expected a more cinematic end to wheelchair dude (you can push him into the stairs, but the game will spaz out and make him fly away).It is an absolute pain on professional and finally, you kinda have to feel bad for Rick Henderson and the priest, since you have to kill them. - DapperPickle

5 House of Cards

This game was ambitious at times, but this is where they went too seems empty, and there are barely any 'special' deaths.The 7th and 8th floor feel boring (other than that lady, who is possibly the best thing here), and overall I found it hard and boring. - DapperPickle

6 A Vintage Year

First real level in the game, they didn't do much with the mansion and it's annoying to kill Manuel. - DapperPickle

7 The Murder of Crows

This one isn't bad at all, just that navigating the map is a bit tricky, and add in the crows constantly moving and you got yourself a real challenge.Falling piano is pretty awesome, though. - DapperPickle

8 Amendment XXV

Again, nothing too wrong with this level, maybe a bit easy for the last real level in the game - at least for me it was.Killing Mark was easy, and planting a little surprise for Morris was a breeze. - DapperPickle

9 A Dance With the Devil

Since there are only 12 levels, one of the best levels in the game has to be here...this level is brilliant, but the remaining levels (Curtains Down,Till Death Do Us Part and A New Life) just beat it by a slight margin. - DapperPickle

10 You Better Watch Out...

I love everything about this level except the layout of the mansion, it's like a damn maze, it is very annoying to navigate. - DapperPickle

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