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1 Valentine's Day

I just loathe this holiday. I may feel different about it when I'm an adult, but I'm only 13, so yeah. It does nothing but make you feel bad that you have no love, if you're like me.

Even if you aren't single, you need to wonder, what's the point? Shouldn't we just be celebrating our lovers everyday instead of having it crammed into one day? Besides, Valentine's Day is shoved down your throat. You can't escape it. Girlfriends pressure their boyfreinds to get them gifts and chocolate when I bet they would rather do something else. People feel so stressed just to have a girlfriend or boyfriend on Valentine's Day to fit in. Yeah the main reason to hate it (being single) counts too. Overall, these are the reasons I hate this holiday so much.

Don't be a working husband on this day working until 830 at home by 9 to tell your stay home wife you were late selling making money to support the family and pay for the mortgage. It doesn't matter because I'm home late on this day and really not much time to do anything special I'm now the bad guy and the worst man in the word I was working to provide for our family and had great plans for weekend too but not anymore because how I was treated. Worst holiday ever.

Two Problems with Valentine’s Day
1) Love is to relationships and is exactly like growing flowers. You need to put constant effort into it from seed to full bloom just keep growing and alive. People today are too busy with their own lives to make efforts for others or appreciate the efforts of others, so like love the flowers withers and dies.
2) For those who are fortunate to actually be in love with another person. Yes, this day cheapens the other 364 days in the year.

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2 Black Friday

Black Friday is a terrible excuse to trample people in stores and go shopping it shouldn't even be considered a holiday.

I agree. Black Friday shouldn't be real. Let's make Black Friday illegal in America, Canada, Mexico & Sweden.

Funny thing is, the murdering for deal items and comes exactly one day after a day where we are supposedly thankful for what we have already.

Why the hell is Black Friday even considered a holiday anyway? It's the exact opposite of Christmas. It's just about a crowd of people beating the crap out of each-other for gift bargains. And who came up with an idea of it starting really early, like 3:00 in the morning? Thank god I don't celebrate Black Friday. Basically, sleep is more important to me right now - Stazemar000

Just stupid

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3 Republic Day

I do not celebrate Hanukkah but it is very ignorant to say a countries holiday is the worst

Whoever voted this is pretty stupid. There is nothing wrong with Hanukah So why is it on here? - Call

What does Hanukkah have to do with republic day? - TeamRocket747

Hanukkah is the best holiday, and overall better than Christmas. Without Hanukkah, there would be no Christmas. I agree with the other guy and whoever is a Jew hater probably has no life beyond their ignorant (previously said and I respect that) little minds. - username34

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4 April Fools' Day

It depends what pranks people play. If someone plays a prank like the one Squidward did to SpongeBob, then it is a bad day. But if someone pranks someone good like a farting pillow or something, its fun. - venomouskillingmachine

This day is fun when done right! Don't cheap out on your pranks and you will be given one of the best days in April. - Donut

This got to be the worst holiday ever! It's just a day to joke people! When a person joke me, I get a gun and point it at their head!

No offense AFD Haters, but this is the best day ever~!

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5 Columbus Day

There were a few states this year that changed "Columbus Day" to "Native American Appreciation Day", because who the heck in their right mind would ever honor this evil monster. Like if you agree, and support honoring innocent Native Americans who lost their lives over cold, heartless murderers.

You are idiots. He fed babies to dogs but he founded America which we stole from the native Americans. How much prouder should we be of ourselves?

The only holiday I hate more than Valentine's day. It commemorates the destruction of an innocent civilization. I don't even know why we still celebrate this.

Columbus is a raping, stealing idiot.

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6 St. Patrick's Day

This can be really fun, you know. Just creative some of your own traditions that connect to the holiday! Something I love to do with all of these! Makes it way better. Don't wait for it to fun for you. - Donut

All you do is pinch people if they aren't wearing green. It's pointless. - Minecraftcrazy530

Being part Irish, this holiday is dumb. Its literally a scam for everyone to own a bunch of clothes and get drunk - Lucretia

This holiday is racist

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7 Boxing Day

What do you do on this day? - 4557789pom

It's literally just the first day after Christmas: 26th december. Why does it need a name?

The day that is a year away from the next Christmas - GriffinDoge

In Canada it is. - Lucretia

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8 Kwanzaa

Take. This. Off. I'm defending it, even though I don't celebrate it.

Kwanza is celebrated by a different religion

This man-made December holiday, isn't even about religion!

to much pe

9 Hanukkah

Although I'm Christian, and therefore do not celebrate Hanukkah, I disagree, you get a present each of the 12 days Hanukkah goes on, and it's older than Christianity itself.

Whoever said this is a ripoff of Christmas, let me tell you something. You suck.

That is disrespectful to the Jewish religion

This is not a ripoff of Christmas, Hanukkah existed before Christianity itself. - RaccoonCartoon

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10 Lent

Nobody follows the lent rules - Unknownguy

Lent is unique

When Christians fast.

Has something to do with being like Jesus? Whats the pointz? - Lucretia

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11 Thanksgiving

Why... Make America Great Again! - bugger

You people are mean I was born on that holiday I am lucky to be born on that day and you are total nerds

Why is Thanksgiving on this list? To be honest, I was actually born on Thanksgiving (November 23, 2001) - Stazemar000


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12 Halloween

Not really a bad holiday, just extremely overrated and so childish in my opinion. You should stop going trick or treating sometime when you're a pre-teen. Plus, I just don't get the point when you can BUY candy. And Christmas can't be overrated, it's the most important because It's Jesus's birthday, plus, Christmas is the most loved holiday, most (and myself) think it's the best holiday and better than Birthdays.

Today is this stupid holiday, it's my least favourite, I hate seeing evil decorations at people houses every year and the rip hands and skeletons and graves and stuff it disturbing to me, at least it all done by tomorrow and done until October 2018

Unneeded holiday that has no point but to be "scary" but in reality you can attend many events to be scared.

Halloween is the second worst holiday really! You are forced to buy a bucnh of useless candy that a bunchg of little kids will ask for, and if oyu don't give them candy, they will egg your house! Do you see why this holiday is awful now? Well, at least people don't egg houses in Sweden but in most other countries they do this! The only good thing about this holiday is carving pumkins but that's like 10% of the whole holiday! - darthvadern

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13 Christmas

How is Christmas on this list?

Whoever voted Christmas as the worst holiday get off the site

Why is Christmas on the list? It's the most important holiday!


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14 Flag Day

Why do American's have this undying love and sense of duty to a piece of cloth?

How is this better than christmas

It's about being us and being able to do things that other people can't do

Lamest America Holiday Ever

15 International Talk Like a Pirate Day

What's the point? - RaccoonCartoon

We celebrated this at my elementary suuuccckkks

16 New Years Eve

The only holiday that combines the romance of Valentine's Day with the binge-drinking of St Patrick's Day. I do not drink alcohol and have only ever been with someone for one Valentine's Day. Add the yearly disappointing reminder of unfulfilled dreams and there ya go.

What do you mean it serves no purpose! It's a day to celebrate the success of the past year and look forward to the joy of the next!

This holiday is the absolute worst. It serves no purpose.

Its sort of stupid, but not a awful holiday - Lucretia

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17 Wiggle Your Toes Day

Yes it's a Holliday. This is by far the most pointless holiday ever. I mean, seriously. Wiggle your toe day? Who thought this would actually be cool?

Should be higher on the list, what is the point of this? You can wiggle your toes everyday, so why a holiday? This is just lame and not cool. - AnimeDrawer

What day is that on the calendar cause I can't find it

What's next, Twitch Your Nose Day? This is just useless! - RaccoonCartoon

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18 Labor Day

It would be better if you were having labor periods during this.

My birthday usually falls on this day, and I was born on Labour Day (Sept 4th).

It's boring it just like Sunday just the same not even a holiday

My birthday is the 5

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19 Easter

I think the reason why Easter is so hated on his list is because of the Easter bunny. But even so, NEVER HATE the day that Jesus died for us.

I hate and like Easter. I hate it because my cousins fight over a 1 year old lottery ticket, but I also like Easter because I get to spend quality time with my family.

It's really about Jesus' and the Easter bunny has to come and ruin it it's about Jesus going back to God for us so we can go to heaven

Yes. Just because someone died doesn't mean you make a dumb holiday - Lucretia

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20 Pancake Day

Wait, this is real? All right! Definitely celebrating it next year around. - Donut

Whats the point. All it is is a holiday celebrating a breakfast food.

This days great!

Waffles:'ve betrayed me...I...I thought we were always gonna be at each other's side...But I guess not..
Commercial Man: Come over to Waffle House!
Waffles: This should be great! (Gets eaten) AH! >:(
Guy: Do you like Waffles? Yasss
Waffles: Take Pancakes with me... - Pokemonfan10

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21 New Year's Day

How is this bad?!?! - 906389

No way - Unknownguy

22 Father's Day

Sexist cause mothers day isn't on here - Adventurur2

It just sucks for me because my dad is a jerk and I kinda have to give him a present. - RaccoonCartoon

Whoever added this is stupid - venomouskillingmachine

23 Martin Luther King Junior Day
24 Day of the Dead

Looks like someone hates Coco - TeamRocket747

I thought this is going to be Walking Dead Day, but it was from Mexico. Seems legit to see death was a positive thing than negative. No wonder why athiests gets happy all the time.

25 Global Love Day

This is just a ripoff of Valentine's - GriffinDoge


Yuck! - RaccoonCartoon


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26 Presidents' Day

This holiday is dumb because nobody does anything on it a lot of people don't even know when it is.

I meann yeah it's pointless, but I do get school off so yeah

27 Mardi Gras

This holiday is so stupid it celebrates gays. We hate gays. My religion bans gay marriage

28 National School Nurse Day

Lol work one ever

29 Pi Day

To many numbers

30 Veteran's Day

What do you mean? There is no Veterans' Day! Retards are so into Christmas season that they SKIP THIS HOLIDAY! And thanksgiving too! - errrr

True actually.

Before attacking me, Think about it, US veterans have done many unforgivable things to civilians. What do they get for that? A day dedicated to them

31 National Cat Day

This is real? I'm celebrating it meow - NoOreoForU

I didn't even know it exists! - RaccoonCartoon

This exists? Maybe the best holiday ever.

October 29th - Unknownguy

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32 Mother's day

It's kind of useless, because I celebrate my mom EVERY day! - Mariomaster63


I hate Mother's Day it's annoying - Unknownguy

Mother's day is on everyday for me. I celebrate it everyday :D

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33 International Men's Day

Whoever added this is sexist - venomouskillingmachine

34 International Whale Shark Day

Worst holiday it is whales

35 Earth Day

Its pointless its pretty much another day in life you keep you light of remember they say I say in my head that is so dum you know what I mean

Its stupid why is it even a holiday

36 Fat Tuesday

Because the holiday is for fat people only and its annoying

37 Eid al-Fitr
38 Independence Day (United States)

My brother hates this

39 International Women's Day

March 8th - Unknownguy

40 4th of July

This holiday should be banned

41 Yom Kippur

The holiest

I just feel bad for everyone who has to starve themselves and stay off of the T.V. and Game systems. What do you even do all day? - DCfnaf

42 International Workers' Day
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