Top Ten Worst Holidays

The Top Ten Worst Holidays

1 Valentine's Day

It's stupid because if you don't end up with a partner, the rest of the school year is ruined for you, you should not be a social outcast because girls don't like you... This is why the Boy Scouts, the YMCA and boy schools were made, so it's boys only and it doesn't ruin your luck and you can skip that day. - Maddox121

I feel like it is the worst because it makes it seem like you are the only one without a partner and you feel like you are gonna die alone, if you are like me

It is literally just a reminder you will remain single for the next LIFE! I feel like it is just a cruel joke to direct to single people.

If you're alone on this holiday, you're basically just going to get bullies all day long. For real... - popa

2 Black Friday

I agree. I hate the fact that thousands of people rush into a store and turn into zombies. The sales are like brains... THEY CONTROL YOU. Oh, and by the way, I don't really hate the holiday... I just dislike the useless sales.

Its not real smart because thousands of people go in a store for low price wait what is the point of black friday do you

I hate how people go crazy for Black Friday. They will literally camp out the night before in front of a store just to be the first to enter it in the morning! And worst of all, many people will fight to get in a store, which can lead to injuries. It's the day after Thanksgiving, right? Then in that case, people should be spending time with family, not going crazy trying to get into a store.

Black Friday is a terrible excuse to trample people in stores and go shopping it shouldn't even be considered a holiday.

I agree. Black Friday shouldn't be real. Let's make Black Friday illegal in America, Canada, Mexico & Sweden.

3 April Fools' Day

This day is fun when done right! Don't cheap out on your pranks and you will be given one of the best days in April. - Donut

Just pisses people off. On a plane, they celebrate April Fools' Day, by just making the people sit in a very hot or very cold area longer, for no good reason.

This got to be the worst holiday ever! It's just a day to joke people! When a person joke me, I get a gun and point it at their head!

Why is this not number #1? At least Valentine's Day has a happy meaning (and it isn't even that bad), but April Fools' Day is an insult to smart people and anyone who understands pranks are annoying to the extreme! - darthvadern

4 Lent

I'm not Catholic, but my sister is, and Lent is basically like New Year's Day: You're supposed to not do some things, but I highly doubt Catholics stick to it. - BonJovi17

Nobody follows the lent rules - Unknownguy

Just boring (with respect)

Lent is unique

5 Republic Day

What does Hanukkah have to do with republic day? - TeamRocket747

I do not celebrate Hanukkah but it is very ignorant to say a countries holiday is the worst

Whoever voted this is pretty stupid. There is nothing wrong with Hanukah So why is it on here? - Call

I agree

6 Halloween

Sure, it's supposed to be a fun day for kids to dress up as Superman or whatever. When they're in college, they're still doing that. But I can't even say that's why I dislike it. Halloween is, to me, my dad ranting about how evil it is, and my mom closes the blinds and we pretend we're not home. Thanks, dad. - BonJovi17

Can't stand people who keep dressing up for a pointless celebration (of what? ) after the age of 10. because British Columbians have added fireworks to the silly event. Grow up ya losers. I thought it was silly and pointless as a kid and still do. And by the way it's not a "holiday" at all, no one acctually gets Halloween off work or school. Perhaps if it was a real holiday and a day off was in order I would enjoy it... so I could go and do something way more fun, cooler and healthier and avoid all the weenies that dress up.

Litterally my favourite holiday cause I love horror. I hate christmas.

I hate Halloween. Gross decorations, fat candy, ugly colors, noisy kids, pointless dumb. Waste of money.

7 St. Patrick's Day

You have to wear green, even shrek has to wear green, stupid. It would also be considered child abuse to babies who are more sensitive and can be done even when they are taking a bath. The traditional Irish version I can understand, but bringing it to America is just dumb. - Maddox121

This can be really fun, you know. Just creative some of your own traditions that connect to the holiday! Something I love to do with all of these! Makes it way better. Don't wait for it to fun for you. - Donut

I am Irish and I love that holiday my moms whole family is Irish but my dad's isn't

It is the worst because it is boring and it means nothing except for green and Irish.

8 Boxing Day

This is a boring holiday, it makes me wonder... Why is there boxing day, but no NASCAR day, baseball day, football day, heck, even rugby day, Looney Tunes Day, Mickey Mouse day and even Jimmy Neutron Day would work better than Boxing. - Maddox121

What do you do on this day? - 4557789pom

It's literally just the first day after Christmas: 26th december. Why does it need a name?

On Boxing Day it means that everything is on sale, it's not just the day after Christmas

9 Hanukkah

This holiday was created because they were jealous of Christmas.

Why don't they celebrate Christmas like everyone else? they are so boring.

Although I'm Christian, and therefore do not celebrate Hanukkah, I disagree, you get a present each of the 12 days Hanukkah goes on, and it's older than Christianity itself.

Whoever said this is a ripoff of Christmas, let me tell you something. You suck.

10 Easter

When I was little, it was more enjoyed. It was like Christmas 2.0. I'd get a lot of candy, and something that couldn't be consumed in 5 minutes, like a movie. Between the lack of that, the unhealthines of it, my allergies flaring up and my dad explaining the pagan origins of Easter, it became more of a burden. - BonJovi17

Easter is actually one of my favorite holidays. I get to spend time with my family and remember how Jesus died for us. When I was younger, I used to go Easter egg hunting and I remember getting a talking Easter Bunny toy from my parents, plus candy - Stazemar000

I think the reason why Easter is so hated on his list is because of the Easter bunny. But even so, NEVER HATE the day that Jesus died for us.

It's not just the mascot, but the date changes every year. Easter would usually start in March, April or May. It doesn't have a proper date.

I hate and like Easter. I hate it because my cousins fight over a 1 year old lottery ticket, but I also like Easter because I get to spend quality time with my family.

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11 Columbus Day

Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day. All stupid. Just a poor excuse to celebrate military people killing each other and calling them heroes, getting a pointless day of school they do not teach anything about and showing the same three days of war movies on TCM that the showed on Memorial Day, July 4th and will again on Veteran's Day. Most military people are mental cases, otherwise we would have two cable networks devoted to worshipping Hitler and weapons all day every single day.

4.April Fools day
2.Black Friday
Reasons: Columbus day is all about Christopher landing in America and killing millions of people and forcing them into slaves, This holiday is racist and Abuse to black people, It's just TOO TERRIBLE
Why! does people honor Columbus as a hero?! This is just pure stupid! I'm Glad Columbus died!

I'm not a hippie, an SJW or even a rock liver, but man is this holiday useless, why would you celebrate a man who was even racist by 15th century standards! that's like making a day called KKK day, the KKK were racist even by 19th century standards. I like Memorial Day and Veteran's day for trying to protect their country from terrorists, Korea and other rivals, but Dominican Republic is NOT Columbus' country. - Maddox121

He is a racist why the hell is there a holiday about him he killed so many navies. That big Italian turd ball

12 Kwanzaa

Take. This. Off. I'm defending it, even though I don't celebrate it.

Kwanza is celebrated by a different religion

It is a bit mean. Although I'm Roman Catholic I mean it is a bit bad

This man-made December holiday, isn't even about religion!

13 Christmas

Sure, I used to like it, but after I turned 15, it became the day I get books that I don't want and clothes. Not to mention it's not really the day Jesus was born. Historians say it was in the spring. Also, people get angry and/or drunk, unlike most Christmas songs say. - BonJovi17

This is a day where family and friends gather in a place where you respect the lord Jesus Christ. It does not matter if he isn't or is born at this day, what matters it that we have our family and friends with you

Yah the only way I voted was because I wanted to comment and out of all the holidays on this list WHY! WHY! CHRISTMAS! It is THE saviors birth!

No it's not. Constantine moved Christ's birthday to the 25th of December to appease the pagans. It's when they celebrated the Sun god. - BonJovi17

How is Christmas on this list?

I just comment "who ever put this here should go to hell" I'? Sorry I change to "Is the person who put this here a satan supporter? " - JohnLainosLeeMillanes

14 Thanksgiving

Why do we need a second day where every business except the Chinese businesses close, I can understand Christmas, but Thanksgiving (basically Christmas without the presents & radio songs) give me a break. - Maddox121

Why do we have to reserve a day for being thankful? It works like eat, watch football, go home and think of what you're NOT thankful for. - BonJovi17

Why... Make America Great Again!

Ehhh, it's overrated. I don't MIND thanksgiving but I don't think it should be a Holiday. To me it's basically just another Sunday dinner, but you get a five-day weekend, which is really nice, and it's on Thursday. Plus, the food isn't even that good if we're honest. Stuffing is kinda nasty, Turkey basically tastes like every school lunch ever, and mashed potatoes just aren't my favorite

15 Wiggle Your Toes Day

Yes it's a Holliday. This is by far the most pointless holiday ever. I mean, seriously. Wiggle your toe day? Who thought this would actually be cool?

Should be higher on the list, what is the point of this? You can wiggle your toes everyday, so why a holiday? This is just lame and not cool.

What day is that on the calendar cause I can't find it

I do this every day - venomouskillingmachine

16 Ramadan

I'm not a Muslim, but I imagine this is their Lent. You're supposed to not do this, but you do it anyway. Between that and the exclusiveness, who cares? - BonJovi17

Ramadhan is a great holiday for Muslims anyone who hates is just racist

It should be higher up on the list why this far down

Let's celebrate by not eat! Sign me up woo

17 Flag Day

Why do we need to have a holiday dedicated to a piece of cloth... I mean, seriously, even as a Six Flags fan I don't celebrate "Happy Kingda Ka crest day" - Maddox121

Fellow Americans, why? This holiday is just us worshipping a symbol. Do Broncos players worship horses? No. - Ashes

Why do American's have this undying love and sense of duty to a piece of cloth?

How is this better than christmas

18 International Talk Like a Pirate Day

I highly think this was made up by or for 6 year olds - Unnamed Google User Remade

We celebrated this at my elementary suuuccckkks

Yar, this here holiday needs to walk the plank! - Ashes

Another 6 year old holiday. - Maddox121

19 New Years Eve

The only holiday that combines the romance of Valentine's Day with the binge-drinking of St Patrick's Day. I do not drink alcohol and have only ever been with someone for one Valentine's Day. Add the yearly disappointing reminder of unfulfilled dreams and there ya go.

What do you mean it serves no purpose! It's a day to celebrate the success of the past year and look forward to the joy of the next!

What's wrong with It it's just a new year

This holiday is the absolute worst. It serves no purpose.

20 Mardi Gras

Stupid holiday that ruined the reputation of putting the colors yellow, green and purple together. Alcohol, flashing your boobs for necklaces and of course, jesters who look like they came straight from a time machine. - Maddox121

What do you do on Mardi Gras? Personal speculation: Get drunk and have sex - BonJovi17

This holiday is so stupid it celebrates gays. We hate gays. My religion bans gay marriage

21 Day of the Dead

There is a Chinese version called Qingming festival and it's more somber because unlike the Day of the Dead they see death as a negative thing. I am Chinese but I think that Day of the Dead is better there is partying involved.

Looks like someone hates Coco - TeamRocket747

I accidentally voted for this. - Not_A_Weeaboo

I thought this is going to be Walking Dead Day, but it was from Mexico. Seems legit to see death was a positive thing than negative. No wonder why athiests gets happy all the time.

22 Pancake Day

Wait, this is real? All right! Definitely celebrating it next year around. - Donut

Whats the point. All it is is a holiday celebrating a breakfast food.

Originally a Pagan holiday about the sun.

This days great!

23 Presidents' Day

I Like it but I don't think President Herbert Hoover was good so why was he president?

This holiday is dumb because nobody does anything on it a lot of people don't even know when it is.

You mean The Cause of Political Arguments day? - TeamRocket747

What even is this

24 4th of July

Okay, first of all... I feel blessed to live in America and whatnot. However, sometimes, people can get a bit carried-away with things such as where they light off fireworks at or when they get drunk - Stazemar000

I like the celebration and meaning of this holiday. I am blessed to live in America. However, in my town, every year loads and loads of fatal accidents happen. There was so many people getting run over by cars. There was a motor cycle accident. People getting lit on fire with the flammable objects. So many drunk drivers. Also the traffic is atrocious.

Wait this isn't independence day?

This holiday should be banned

25 International Women's Day

This is the most fake holiday, there is no use for this holiday. The Holiday doesn't do anything.. It's a stupid holiday that makes no sense at all...

It's a hypocrite holiday. It is not about females' rights but a good business for flower sellers. - Alkadikce

Sexist holiday

This is a feminazi holiday, where's men's day? - Maddox121

26 Pi Day

To many numbers

March 14th - DrayTopTens


A day celebrating a number. A NUMBER! -_- - 0w0uwu

27 New Year's Day

Luckily I am not American
In my country we can ignite fireworks no countdown

On this day, you can't even move or walk anymore because your legs have become too weak from standing too long all because you've gone out to town to celebrate the countdown to New Year's Day.

All you wanna do is rest all day because you stood for 12 to 16 hours straight waiting for the countdown, and you're hungry and thirsty because you didn't eat or drink anything for that long, and you want to be in an oven because you're frozen from being outside in the cold for so long.

And of course on NYD the stores are closed and you can't buy anything, including food, and this is a problem for those who are out of food and got malnourished that day and night before New Year's Day. - Gregory

They close stores because of a new date on a calendar. POINTLESS!

How is this bad?!?! - 906389

People who have went out to cities like Times Square or Vegas have been taken on stretchers by paramedics and have been treated for hypothermia and extremely low blood sugar from dehydration and standing forcibly for so long.

Also they're in a LOT of pain from major cramps from long term standing and bladder problems from not going to the bathrooms for more than half a day.

Yet they can't walk anymore for a long time due to the low blood sugar and cramps from standing so long.

And of course stores closed because of the new year and people aren't able to by food to refresh themselves with after not eating anything for many hours.

There isn't a holiday even remotely as draining or painful as New Year's Eve. - Gregory

28 Global Love Day

The person who literally commented stupid three times is on LSD.




29 Heterosexual Pride Day

This holiday should be dead because It is disrespectful to homosexual people - DrayTopTens

Its gay that's why

I'm homophobic

Republicans are snowflakes

30 Labor Day

It would be better if you were having labor periods during this.

My birthday usually falls on this day, and I was born on Labour Day (Sept 4th).

It's boring it just like Sunday just the same not even a holiday

Tomorrow is Labor Day, you get school off - Unknownguy

31 National School Nurse Day

This shouldn't be on the list. I get that the only thing they can do is give you a bandage and a bad of ice with the most painful brown paper towel sandpaper thingy but still they work and assist with health topics and could possibly help you. - 0w0uwu

I don't know why we celebrate a nurse!

Lol work one ever

Why, just why

32 Father's Day

The only reason I don't like this holiday is because it reminds me of the fact I don't have a father anymore

Whoever added this is stupid - venomouskillingmachine

I would actually be glad if Father's day was celebrated in my country. - Alkadikce

Sexist cause mothers day isn't on here - Adventurur2

33 Eid al-Fitr

Terrorist celebration should be #1 on this list!

just... yeah

I love Eid your Fitr... Eid your Adha... not so much - IceBearRules

34 Martin Luther King Junior Day

A KKK voted for this. - Not_A_Weeaboo

What WHY? (Sos for saying wt#) how racist! This boy in my class pushed a boy and nearly broke his arm for making a joke out of “I had a dream” he did right!

(I’m raging, aren’t I? ) - DijaUnicorn

35 Confederate Memorial Day

Racist idiots

Very racist

36 National Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day

What day is this


Buddy the elf here. What’s your favorite color?

37 Fat Tuesday

Because the holiday is for fat people only and its annoying

Did you mean Fat Thursday? - Alkadikce

Wow it should be number one that’s not nice! - Firegirl110

ok but why

38 National Cat Day

Is this holiday fur real? You have cat to be kitten me, I gotta celebrate this right meow! It's just so purr-fect!

This is real? I'm celebrating it meow - NoOreoForU

This exists? Maybe the best holiday ever.

I meant lovers

39 Independence Day (United States)

it's like a slap in the face to england

My brother hates this

40 Mother's day

The creator of mothers day is against the holiday since it is just companies trying to get rich. Mothers day should not be about buying gifts for your mother, it should be to just appreciate your mother with no gifts involved.

It's kind of useless, because I celebrate my mom EVERY day! - Mariomaster63

Mothers day is not bad - trains45

I hate Mother's Day it's annoying - Unknownguy

41 International Men's Day

Whoever added this is sexist - venomouskillingmachine

42 Elephant Appreciation Day

I love elephants

What the...

43 Cinco de Mayo

Why do Americans even celebrate Cinco de Mayo? You ask the avreage American why they're even having a Cinco de Mayo Party, and it's because "it's Mexico's Independence Day". Guess what, guys? It's NOT Mexico's Independence Day. The REAL Independence Day is on Sepetember 16th. And the amount of beer commercials on Cinco de Mayo is ridiculous. Nice excuse to drink booze and party with your buddies at the expense of an actual historical event in a foreign country that you have no knowledge of.

44 Veteran's Day

This is the day were are veterans died to let our flag stand to this day so shut up

What do you mean? There is no Veterans' Day! Retards are so into Christmas season that they SKIP THIS HOLIDAY! And thanksgiving too! - errrr

In canada we call veteran's day remembrance day - trains45

True actually.

45 Yom Kippur

Lol how is this a holyday if you starve yourself?

I just feel bad for everyone who has to starve themselves and stay off of the T.V. and Game systems. What do you even do all day? - DCfnaf

I was forced to fast but luckily I was allowed to use my electronics and not have to go to the synagogue since I am not religious. - Ihateschool

The holiest

46 International Workers' Day
47 National Chocolate Cupcake Day

What kind of holiday is that? - DrayTopTens

Wait this is a holiday? - DumbFriesNub


48 International Whale Shark Day

Worst holiday it is whales

49 National Flashlight Day

Is this a real holiday? - DinoLover4242

50 National Boyfriend Day


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