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1 Valentine's Day

Too Stupid and too sickening I always rage when this day comes along because it's not Christmas my favorite holiday but instead its Valentines Day my least favorite holiday.

I hated this holiday since I was a kid, I never was a fan of the love and stuff an getting the cards, except if it was the moving cards

Valentine's Day... a day that only focuses on the love life between couples (boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives)

If you're someone who is single, I know how you feel. I'm pretty much single myself. Shouldn't we be celebrating our lovers every-day for a change and NOT have it all crammed into one day? Valentine's Day is shoved down our throats, no escape!

Lots of adults and teenagers feel very stressed to have a boyfriend or girlfriend on this holiday just to be like everyone else who has a lover. - Stazemar000

They make it seem like in that one weird school book where 'love is in the air' and people go around kissing each other and everywhere is pink. But no, none of that happens. It's just a money grab.

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2 Black Friday

I hate how people go crazy for Black Friday. They will literally camp out the night before in front of a store just to be the first to enter it in the morning! And worst of all, many people will fight to get in a store, which can lead to injuries. It's the day after Thanksgiving, right? Then in that case, people should be spending time with family, not going crazy trying to get into a store.

Actually this is worse than April fools.

A holiday about STORES?! Really?! - TopTenTed

Black friday sucks how people go crazy and stuff, and act like animals, I saw people fight over a brand new T.V., and people get injured, or employee getting squashed to death by to many people running over them - trains45

Bunch of lunatics acting like animals in order to be the first in line to get that $10 DVD player. It's sickening.

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3 April Fools' Day

Should not exist. Stupid and pointless. - TopTenTed

Just pisses people off. On a plane, they celebrate April Fools' Day, by just making the people sit in a very hot or very cold area longer, for no good reason.

I hate April Fools day with a burning passion.

The day of clickbait

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4 Republic Day

What does Hanukkah have to do with republic day? - TeamRocket747

I do not celebrate Hanukkah but it is very ignorant to say a countries holiday is the worst

Whoever voted this is pretty stupid. There is nothing wrong with Hanukah So why is it on here? - Call

Hanukkah is the best holiday, and overall better than Christmas. Without Hanukkah, there would be no Christmas. I agree with the other guy and whoever is a Jew hater probably has no life beyond their ignorant (previously said and I respect that) little minds. - username34

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5 Boxing Day

Boxing day is literally the most boring holiday ever

Those end-of-Christmas blues...

On Boxing Day it means that everything is on sale, it's not just the day after Christmas

What do you do on this day? - 4557789pom

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6 Hanukkah

I'm christian but this should be low on the list it is very disrespectful to the jewish religion

Racist. - DumbFriesNub

Although I'm Christian, and therefore do not celebrate Hanukkah, I disagree, you get a present each of the 12 days Hanukkah goes on, and it's older than Christianity itself.

Whoever said this is a ripoff of Christmas, let me tell you something. You suck.

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7 Kwanzaa

It is a bit mean. Although I'm Roman Catholic I mean it is a bit bad

Whoever put this on the list is racist - BoyGenius234

Take. This. Off. I'm defending it, even though I don't celebrate it.

Kwanza is celebrated by a different religion

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8 Columbus Day

Why do we have to celebrate a person who started a genocide against native Caribbean islanders? Well, that would be like if there was a holiday called Hitler Day. - JoeBoi

Stupid Columbus Day, I will definitely kill it by 40% sodium hydroxide!

This holiday deserves to be destroyed by 105% of the sulphuric acid! - subwayline10

This is the most racist festival. If I could I would abolish it.

I like how we don't have school, but still... Columbus wasn't the first one to discover America. The Native Americans were ALREADY there.

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9 Lent

Nobody follows the lent rules - Unknownguy

Lent is unique

When Christians fast.

What is Lent?

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10 St. Patrick's Day

It is the worst because it is boring and it means nothing except for green and Irish.

This can be really fun, you know. Just creative some of your own traditions that connect to the holiday! Something I love to do with all of these! Makes it way better. Don't wait for it to fun for you. - Donut

I am Irish and I love that holiday my moms whole family is Irish but my dad's isn't

All you do is pinch people if they aren't wearing green. It's pointless. - Minecraftcrazy530

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11 Wiggle Your Toes Day

I never knew this existed?

Wait, this exists? - Camaro6

This exists? - Randomator

Yes it's a Holliday. This is by far the most pointless holiday ever. I mean, seriously. Wiggle your toe day? Who thought this would actually be cool?

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12 Flag Day

Fellow Americans, why? This holiday is just us worshipping a symbol. Do Broncos players worship horses? No. - Ashes

When even is flag day

Why do American's have this undying love and sense of duty to a piece of cloth?

How is this better than christmas

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13 Halloween

I hate Halloween. Gross decorations, fat candy, ugly colors, noisy kids, pointless dumb. Waste of money.

Childish and overrated. I'll bet you 100 Hershey bars the kids who claim that this is the best holiday are gonna hate it once they have kids as an adult and are forced to find a crappy costume and give out candy to kids. For what purpose are you even giving candy to those kids? Let alone buying it. I bet they aren't grateful for it. I could spend my money on something else and someone who actually needs it. Not this.

The movies are better. - Ashes

How dare you

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14 Thanksgiving

Ehhh, it's overrated. I don't MIND thanksgiving but I don't think it should be a Holiday. To me it's basically just another Sunday dinner, but you get a five-day weekend, which is really nice, and it's on Thursday. Plus, the food isn't even that good if we're honest. Stuffing is kinda nasty, Turkey basically tastes like every school lunch ever, and mashed potatoes just aren't my favorite

Get this off the list. Thanksgiving is awesome.

Great holiday! - PumpkinKing109

This is a good holiday! Please remove this off the list! - DinoLover4242

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15 International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Yar, this here holiday needs to walk the plank! - Ashes

We celebrated this at my elementary suuuccckkks

16 Christmas

I hate it. Christmas if stupid and idiotic. It's a waste of money and all you do is exchange gifts, get drunk, and then while drunk, get run over by a car.

How is Christmas on this list?

Even though I'm not religious, I don't think Christmas belongs here.

You’re all mean ones, Grinches

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17 Easter

It sucks

I think the reason why Easter is so hated on his list is because of the Easter bunny. But even so, NEVER HATE the day that Jesus died for us.

It's not just the mascot, but the date changes every year. Easter would usually start in March, April or May. It doesn't have a proper date.

I hate and like Easter. I hate it because my cousins fight over a 1 year old lottery ticket, but I also like Easter because I get to spend quality time with my family.

It's really about Jesus' and the Easter bunny has to come and ruin it it's about Jesus going back to God for us so we can go to heaven

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18 New Years Eve

It's worse than Ramadan!

The only holiday that combines the romance of Valentine's Day with the binge-drinking of St Patrick's Day. I do not drink alcohol and have only ever been with someone for one Valentine's Day. Add the yearly disappointing reminder of unfulfilled dreams and there ya go.

What do you mean it serves no purpose! It's a day to celebrate the success of the past year and look forward to the joy of the next!

This holiday is the absolute worst. It serves no purpose.

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19 Pancake Day

Originally a Pagan holiday about the sun.

Wait, this is real? All right! Definitely celebrating it next year around. - Donut

Whats the point. All it is is a holiday celebrating a breakfast food.

This days great!

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20 New Year's Day

Luckily I am not American
In my country we can ignite fireworks no countdown

On this day, you can't even move or walk anymore because your legs have become too weak from standing too long all because you've gone out to town to celebrate the countdown to New Year's Day.

All you wanna do is rest all day because you stood for 12 to 16 hours straight waiting for the countdown, and you're hungry and thirsty because you didn't eat or drink anything for that long, and you want to be in an oven because you're frozen from being outside in the cold for so long.

And of course on NYD the stores are closed and you can't buy anything, including food, and this is a problem for those who are out of food and got malnourished that day and night before New Year's Day. - Gregory

They close stores because of a new date on a calendar. POINTLESS!

They close stores all because of a new year. Pointless holiday

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21 Labor Day

My birthday usually falls on this day, and I was born on Labour Day (Sept 4th).

My birthday is the 5

It would be better if you were having labor periods during this.

It's boring it just like Sunday just the same not even a holiday

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22 National School Nurse Day

I don't know why we celebrate a nurse!

Why, just why

Lol work one ever

23 Father's Day

Father's day was today, it not a bad holiday - trains45

I would actually be glad if Father's day was celebrated in my country. - Alkadikce

The only reason I don't like this holiday is because it reminds me of the fact I don't have a father anymore

Sexist cause mothers day isn't on here - Adventurur2

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24 Heterosexual Pride Day


Its gay that's why

Republicans are snowflakes

Just a day for conservatards to poop on liberal snowflakes, while also being unaware of why Gay Pride exists - djpenquin999

25 International Women's Day

Sexist holiday

It's a hypocrite holiday. It is not about females' rights but a good business for flower sellers. - Alkadikce

March 8th - Unknownguy

26 4th of July

I like the celebration and meaning of this holiday. I am blessed to live in America. However, in my town, every year loads and loads of fatal accidents happen. There was so many people getting run over by cars. There was a motor cycle accident. People getting lit on fire with the flammable objects. So many drunk drivers. Also the traffic is atrocious.

This holiday should be banned

Very bad holiday! My rating for this holiday is -90%. Here are 6 reasons why July 4th holiday totally sucks!

1.This is an extremely deadly holiday. Using this holiday for travelling is a fatal mistake, especially road trip by cars. You do not just face the serious traffic jam on freeways, but also you can encounter the DUI, reckless drivers and overspeeding. Serious injury of death can occur. It is reported that 540 deaths have occurred on road accidents every year on July 4.

2. Fireworks can be dangerous if not handled properly. They can damage some houses and businesses. Fireworks should be set off in designated locations and they should not impact any business or any residential building.

3. The riot due to the party with alcohol is way much more serious than American Labor Day, St Patrick's Day and Memorial Day. Hanging in any restaurant with bar can be very dangerous on July 4.

4. The worst thing is that some areas are celebrating July 4 with rifle, ...more - subwayline10

27 Global Love Day





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28 Presidents' Day

I Like it but I don't think President Herbert Hoover was good so why was he president?

What even is this

You mean The Cause of Political Arguments day? - TeamRocket747

This holiday is dumb because nobody does anything on it a lot of people don't even know when it is.

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29 Day of the Dead

I accidentally voted for this. - Not_A_Weeaboo

I thought this is going to be Walking Dead Day, but it was from Mexico. Seems legit to see death was a positive thing than negative. No wonder why athiests gets happy all the time.

Looks like someone hates Coco - TeamRocket747

30 Martin Luther King Junior Day

A KKK voted for this. - Not_A_Weeaboo

What WHY? (Sos for saying wt#) how racist! This boy in my class pushed a boy and nearly broke his arm for making a joke out of “I had a dream” he did right!

(I’m raging, aren’t I? ) - DijaUnicorn

31 National Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day

What day is this


Buddy the elf here. What’s your favorite color?

32 Eid al-Fitr

Terrorist celebration should be #1 on this list!

33 Pi Day

To many numbers

34 National Cat Day

This is real? I'm celebrating it meow - NoOreoForU

Why are the people of the internet were starting to hate cats? How about dogs? They should be hated too, well I like dogs too but when I saw this in the list, it's already making me think that International Dog Day should be in this list too because it's a bit unfair?
I dunno I like both cats and dogs

This exists? Maybe the best holiday ever.

I meant lovers

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35 Mardi Gras

This holiday is so stupid it celebrates gays. We hate gays. My religion bans gay marriage

36 Mother's day

Mothers day is not bad - trains45

No. - Userguy44

It's kind of useless, because I celebrate my mom EVERY day! - Mariomaster63

I hate Mother's Day it's annoying - Unknownguy

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37 International Men's Day

Whoever added this is sexist - venomouskillingmachine

38 Yom Kippur

Lol how is this a holyday if you starve yourself?

I just feel bad for everyone who has to starve themselves and stay off of the T.V. and Game systems. What do you even do all day? - DCfnaf

I was forced to fast but luckily I was allowed to use my electronics and not have to go to the synagogue since I am not religious. - Ihateschool

The holiest

39 Fat Tuesday

Did you mean Fat Thursday? - Alkadikce

Because the holiday is for fat people only and its annoying

40 International Workers' Day
41 Ramadan

Let's celebrate by not eat! Sign me up woo

This isn’t that bad the bad things is that my friends don’t even if there hungry

42 Elephant Appreciation Day

What the...

43 Cinco de Mayo

Why do Americans even celebrate Cinco de Mayo? You ask the avreage American why they're even having a Cinco de Mayo Party, and it's because "it's Mexico's Independence Day". Guess what, guys? It's NOT Mexico's Independence Day. The REAL Independence Day is on Sepetember 16th. And the amount of beer commercials on Cinco de Mayo is ridiculous. Nice excuse to drink booze and party with your buddies at the expense of an actual historical event in a foreign country that you have no knowledge of.

44 Confederate Memorial Day

Very racist

45 Veteran's Day

In canada we call veteran's day remembrance day - trains45

What do you mean? There is no Veterans' Day! Retards are so into Christmas season that they SKIP THIS HOLIDAY! And thanksgiving too! - errrr

True actually.

Before attacking me, Think about it, US veterans have done many unforgivable things to civilians. What do they get for that? A day dedicated to them

46 Independence Day (United States)

My brother hates this

47 International Whale Shark Day

Worst holiday it is whales

48 National Flashlight Day

Is this a real holiday? - DinoLover4242

49 Earth Day


This day teaches us to take care of our Earth and protect it from pollution.
It shouldn't be on here. - Gregory

Its pointless its pretty much another day in life you keep you light of remember they say I say in my head that is so dum you know what I mean

Its stupid why is it even a holiday

50 Koningsdag

Kings day. - Userguy44

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