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1 Valentine's Day

Same to me, I actually enjoy Valentine's Day, just to relax. It was on the weekend. But during the weekend, when I was relaxing, my mother said that my uncle's wedding was happening on Valentine's Day. So we went on a long drive to Vermont to go to an old barn where the wedding was happening. Soon enough, my uncle unfortunately chose me to be the wedding singer and the song he picked was "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" since he was a huge fan of Air Supply. So when the song played during the reception, I sang it in front of everyone and my voice cracked during the bridge, and everyone laughed at me. As if Valentine's Day wasn't stupid enough for me, I had to actually go to a wedding to experience it and it was not fun.

I actually enjoy Valentine's Day, but in 2016-17, it just was terrible, not because something happened to me but to two kids in my class.
The day before Valentine's day, we all wrote these poems and this girl named Rebecca for some odd reason wrote one about another kid in our class named Dante. They're both in the same grade. Anyways, everyone started jokingly assuming that they were in love with each other.
Then it all got so weird on the actual day! Both Rebecca and Dante didn't come to school on Valentine's day so I knew where this was going. All at once, people started assuming that they were on some date together, and then Dante enters class, late and everyone is all, "where's your girlfriend, Rebecca?" then he's all, "Shut up." and then Rebecca comes a little later than Dante. But then it started to get to the point where it stretched till after lunch recess. Someone once again made another joke mocking Dante on his so-called relationship with Rebecca and then Dante tells ...more

Gosh, Valentines day is stupid. A day for love, yay. I couldn't possibly care less about finding a boyfriend. And it's just so annoying that you have to make cards for everybody in elementary. I didn't have a crush on anyone in elementary, and I definitely didn't want to make a single one of them a cheesy love note.

Coming from someone who's in a relationship, it's not hard to see why single people would hate it. It just makes people feel more lonely and I can definitely show sympathy to that.

2 Black Friday

Bloody Friday is what it should be called instead. Instead of hanging out with your family for Thanksgiving, you have to camp outside of a GameStop or Target to go absolute ape the next day over discounts! Seriously, I would picture Black Friday customers as screeching chimpanzees. One crisp autumn day in 2008, I saw a discount for a Nintendo Wii. I didn't have one yet. On the day before Thanksgiving, I camped outside of the store, in the middle of the woods, in the freezing cold. The only interesting things I saw were wild deer and turkeys. The next day, I went to the store, and I was pushed back by the mob. I should have saved up for a Wii...

And what's worse is that many video games were rushed because of Black Friday. Take Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric for example. It was rushed for Black Friday because some boneheaded executive at Sega thought it would be good to release the game on Black Friday without tweaking a lot of things. Yeah, Modern Sega are basically idiots at this point.

Pointless, stupid, and dangerous so called "holiday" more like excuse just to get so many people crammed in stores so that they can have a lot of their products purchased. All this is just about is discounts and hordes of people fighting in stores. This encourages people to act like wild animals and camp in front of stores just to get the discounted TV. This should be #1 on the worst holidays and this "holiday" should no longer exist. All this is doing is making people insane rather than thankful.

Why is this even considered a holiday? It's so pointless. All you hear about on Black Friday is deals deals deals, people camping out in front of malls or in front of Wal Mart and people trampeling each other at 5 AM to get pointless stuff all because there's bargains on it for 1 day out of the year. What bugs me most is that people have to act aggressive toward one another because they want that discounted T.V.. Seriously, sooo stupid and shouldn't be a holiday at all.

3 April Fools' Day

This isn't a holiday either, and in my opinion, it could be a really fun day, but a lot of people like to ruin it by taking their pranks too far, so I'm always dreading this day.

All my friends ditched me and spread rumors about me. Those rumors got me suspended. When I came back, they were saying it was a joke. I no longer talk to them.

Just pisses people off. On a plane, they celebrate April Fools' Day, by just making the people sit in a very hot or very cold area longer, for no good reason.

I hate it. People take it too far (even on T.V. too!) like in spongebob where squidward pulled that cruel prank on spongebob or in the loud house where Luan takes it WAY too far or in Teen Titans Go where they pull pranks similar to Luan's. The point is that everyone acts like a dick on this day.

4 Lent

Weird name, painful traditions.

I feel sorry for anyone that's forced to celebrate this.

Lent. Seems more like Lint to start a fire

Lent is unique

5 Republic Day

Who put Hanukkah on this list? Whoever did is an ignorant uneducated christian who is so ethnocentric, that they think that all religions other than their own have no place on this planet. Hanukkah is a wonderful holiday that is older than the entire christian religion.

Hanukkah is the best holiday, and overall better than Christmas. Without Hanukkah, there would be no Christmas. I agree with the other guy and whoever is a Jew hater probably has no life beyond their ignorant (previously said and I respect that) little minds.

Whoever voted this is pretty stupid. There is nothing wrong with Hanukah So why is it on here?

What does Hanukkah have to do with republic day?

6 Halloween

Don't get me wrong, I like Halloween. I just like the atmosphere of it, with streets aglow with Halloween decorations at night. It's quite beautiful, as you can see. But, when you're too old to go trick-or-treating, you just have to keep yourself entertained by doing something Halloween-related, like how I watched Shaun Of The Dead on the night of Halloween. And once those trick-or-treaters are gone, you can just have the candy for yourself. Make sure you don't get sick, or as I like to call it, the "November 1st Hangover". It's a good holiday, but it's kind of lonely when you are alone in your house, watching horror movies by yourself.

I understand it's purpose (celebrating the day of the dead), but I never got the idea of trick-or-treating. Luckily I live in Australia and I don't decorate my house, but I can understand how annoying it gets when kids come to your house begging for candy.

Halloween is a very bad holiday because it not about trike a threat it is about evil spreat it is so bad and it take about death two I do not call it Halloween I call it evil day.

I always dread this day. Don't get me wrong I LOVE October, it's a beautiful month. But Halloween just ruins what is otherwise a great month. Halloween costumes are just absolutely ridiculous and make people (adults specifically) look like complete and utter jokes. I'm fine with a kid dressing up because they're kids and they like to have fun but adults?! No. Just no. Plus what is the point of Halloween?! To go up to random houses and ask for a sugar rush? Some holiday. I'm not even gonna bother with it this year. I'll keep my pumpkin uncarved so that I can display it for Thanksgiving (which is so much better than Halloween). Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and July 4th for life.

7 Boxing Day

This is a boring holiday, it makes me wonder... Why is there boxing day, but no NASCAR day, baseball day, football day, heck, even rugby day, Looney Tunes Day, Mickey Mouse day and even Jimmy Neutron Day would work better than Boxing.

It's literally just the first day after Christmas: 26th december. Why does it need a name?

At first I literally thought this was a specific holiday for "boxers". Guess I was wrong.

Boxing Day is the most depressing holiday of all. It marks that Christmas is done and dusted

8 Columbus Day

This is an extremely disgusting holiday since Christopher Columbus did a lot of bad things. How can some Americans celebrate such a holiday with slavery? This is greatest shame! I will definitely pour 98% of the sulphuric acid to Columbus Day and destroy it completely! I will smash Columbus Day to death and crash it into pieces!

Christopher Columbus is a dog fece bastard! If I had met him personally, I would use hammer to smash him head to death, dissolve his body by sodium hydroxide and destroy his bone by sulphuric acid! I would definitely smash Christopher Columbus into pieces and destroy his body without any remaining.

Because why not celebrate a mass murderer, what's next, national Hitler day? This holiday should be for mourning the loss of the poor victims of Columbus's murder spree

Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day. All stupid. Just a poor excuse to celebrate military people killing each other and calling them heroes, getting a pointless day of school they do not teach anything about and showing the same three days of war movies on TCM that the showed on Memorial Day, July 4th and will again on Veteran's Day. Most military people are mental cases, otherwise we would have two cable networks devoted to worshipping Hitler and weapons all day every single day.

Columbus didn't discover anything. He was a murderer who had his troops kill native Americans and children. He sank even lower when he slaughtered more native Americans for not giving them more food in the early 1500's. Then, he used a blood moon to trick the natives into fearing for the worst and giving Columbus all the food he needed and wanted. Why is this even a holiday?

9 Hanukkah

Hanukkah is not one of the biggest Jewish holidays, but you just have a serious reputation to some Jewish things. I'm not religious, but I celebrate Christmas still because my family is. Don't do this kind of thing.

Although I'm Christian, and therefore do not celebrate Hanukkah, I disagree, you get a present each of the 12 days Hanukkah goes on, and it's older than Christianity itself.

I'm Jewish and whoever wrote this should be ashamed. It's a great holiday and you get the best food. You get jelly donuts (sufganiyot) and potato pancakes (latkes). A great holiday. Why #8?

This is the best holiday this is not bad suck deez christmas you get 1 present each night out of 8 nights! Old grany santa doesn't even exist! On christmas you only get like 1 present.

10 St. Patrick's Day

The amount of times I've been pinched for not wearing green. I also don't get why people who have no Irish background whatsoever celebrate this holiday

You have to wear green, even shrek has to wear green, stupid. It would also be considered child abuse to babies who are more sensitive and can be done even when they are taking a bath. The traditional Irish version I can understand, but bringing it to America is just dumb.

This can be really fun, you know. Just creative some of your own traditions that connect to the holiday! Something I love to do with all of these! Makes it way better. Don't wait for it to fun for you.

So... Why should we care about Irish? Why should we be forced to wear ugly green or be pinched if we are not Irish?

Why is there no holiday as big as spd that puts importance on Germans, Japanese, Chinese, etc...? Very segregating like usal merica = Jfkm

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? World Toilet Day
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11 Wiggle Your Toes Day

Yes, it's a holiday. This is by far the most pointless holiday ever. I mean, seriously. Wiggle your toe day? Who thought this would actually be cool?

Should be higher on the list, what is the point of this? You can wiggle your toes everyday, so why a holiday? This is just lame and not cool.

One of DeviantArt's favorite holidays. If anything they are the ones who made it.

This is the worst holiday ever. How is this better then xmas?

12 Kwanzaa

Take. This. Off. I'm defending it, even though I don't celebrate it.

This man-made December holiday, isn't even about religion!

It is a bit mean. Although I'm Roman Catholic I mean it is a bit bad

13 Easter

What you do on Easter:
1. Do some Easter egg hunt, but ONLY if you're a little kid or you have a young sibling playing an Easter egg hunt

Well let's see, I'm an only child, so no.

2. Go to church for 5 hours.

Yeah no.

This holiday is garbage.

I disagree. Although I am not Christan, Easter is the day Christans celebrate the resurrection of Christ. If you hate this holiday you are disrespecting Christans and the lord, therefore disrespecting the universe.

When I was little, it was more enjoyed. It was like Christmas 2.0. I'd get a lot of candy, and something that couldn't be consumed in 5 minutes, like a movie. Between the lack of that, the unhealthines of it, my allergies flaring up and my dad explaining the pagan origins of Easter, it became more of a burden.

Easter is actually one of my favorite holidays. I get to spend time with my family and remember how Jesus died for us. When I was younger, I used to go Easter egg hunting and I remember getting a talking Easter Bunny toy from my parents, plus candy.

14 Thanksgiving

I actually remember after the whole Black Friday ordeal, me and my bro went up to Lake Placid in upstate NY for fun. Me and my family were there, and it was already snowing. It was so far away (I lived in NJ, so you know.) and I had to play on my Nintendo DS for entertainment throughout the trip. I was pretty happy when Real Gone Kid came on the radio when we arrived, and I was still jamming to the song. My friend showed me the cabin, and, not gonna lie, it was pretty toasty. For the first activity, we were going to do the sleigh ride. I found it pretty relaxing, but the horses stank and the crunching of the snow got annoying. I then decided to relax in the stables afterwards, but one of the horses neighed really loudly and I woke up. The next thing I did was ice skating. I tried to show my skills to some Canadian college students and they said, "Why don't you show your skills someplace else, ice fairy?" I got a chuckle out of them, but I didn't find it funny. And when I did skiing, I ...more

I don't like eating turkey and being forced to be awkardly formal.

That's why I hung out with my friends at a friend's house up north and we had some fun.

Ehhh, it's overrated. I don't MIND thanksgiving, but I don't think it should be a holiday. To me, it's basically just another Sunday dinner, but you get a five-day weekend, which is really nice, and it's on Thursday. Plus, the food isn't even that good if we're honest. Stuffing is kinda nasty, Turkey basically tastes like every school lunch ever, and mashed potatoes just aren't my favorite.

Why do we need a second day where every business except the Chinese businesses close, I can understand Christmas, but Thanksgiving (basically Christmas without the presents & radio songs) give me a break.

15 Christmas

Jesus wasn't born on Christmas! They moved the date, it was really a pagan holiday were people got drunk, naked, and killed Jews for fun. They pretend it is Jesus birthday because they wanted and excuse to party. Just look it up! It is about murder, booze, sex, gambling, and partying, and Jesus is probably offended that you celebrate it!

The image of Santa Claus was made by the coca cola company, also people used to worship trees. Why else did you think that people would bring them into houses and decorate them. People usually don't bother searching holiday origins so this may be a surprise, but it's true, unfortunately.

This holiday sucks. Seriously, it sucks.
Let's be real. Everyone who loves this holiday only like it because they get presents, and they won't admit it. And it's not Jesus' birthday like every "christian" and "catholic" person claims.
The weather is just very cold and depressing for the most part.
Lots of the movies and songs based on Christmas are just corny and cringe, with the exception of maybe a few.
Everyone's waiting for this bs "christmas miracle" to happen when they are all just coincidences waiting to happen.
I don't even see why this holiday is highly regarded as the best either.

I used to love Christmas like the majority of people but as I got older I grew to loathe it more and more. The greed, over commercialization, the repetitive songs, and having to be forced to spend time with my toxic family.

This holiday isn't about cheer and the importance of family and friendship, but the breeding ground of humanity's worse aspects. Greed, selfishness, arrogance, rage, paranoia, fakeness, and gloom.

16 Ramadan

Let's celebrate by not eat! Sign me up woo

This is the worst holiday if I celebrate this I will die of Starvation

This isn't that bad the bad things is that my friends don't even if there hungry

17 Flag Day

Why do we need to have a holiday dedicated to a piece of cloth... I mean, seriously, even as a Six Flags fan I don't celebrate "Happy Kingda Ka crest day"

Fellow Americans, why? This holiday is just us worshipping a symbol. Do Broncos players worship horses? No.

Why do American's have this undying love and sense of duty to a piece of cloth?

It's about being us and being able to do things that other people can't do

18 International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Yar, this here holiday needs to walk the plank!

This exists too? What? What day is it?

Another 6 year old holiday.

The first 6 years of school.

19 Mardi Gras

Stupid holiday that ruined the reputation of putting the colors yellow, green and purple together. Alcohol, flashing your boobs for necklaces and of course, jesters who look like they came straight from a time machine.

This holiday is so stupid it celebrates gays. We hate gays. My religion bans gay marriage

It's a fun holiday. Also why the hate on LGBTQ+

What do you do on Mardi Gras?

20 New Years Eve

It's the worst holiday.
For example, if you visit places like Times Square NYC, you spend much of the day standing outside on your feet in the cold weather and get frostbite and you can't eat or drink anything the whole time, except 1 pie, JUST PIE!
You're fasting throughout the big event.

You're held in captivity, bump into other people and your clothes rub and you feet start hurting, yet they start bleeding, and even when you want to leave, you can't, and you just suffer through.
Yet when you're about to use the restroom, you can't because of the crowd and the barricade, and you'll get a bladder problem.

Then the countdown happens and then you scream your head off, your throat is already dry from dehydration, but you make it even drier by screaming, and you lose your voice.

You make resolutions, but they turn out fake in the end.

At the end, you're frozen, disoriented, in pain, and you'll pass out from leg weakness and LBP(low blood pressure)from ...more

The only holiday that combines the romance of Valentine's Day with the binge-drinking of St Patrick's Day. I do not drink alcohol and have only ever been with someone for one Valentine's Day. Add the yearly disappointing reminder of unfulfilled dreams and there ya go.

What's wrong with New Years Eve and New Years Day? It's just a celebration on December 31st where people look forward to a new year and starting off fresh.

What do you mean it serves no purpose! It's a day to celebrate the success of the past year and look forward to the joy of the next!

21 Pancake Day

Waffles:'ve betrayed me...I...I thought we were always gonna be at each other's side...But I guess not..
Commercial Man: Come over to Waffle House!
Waffles: This should be great! (Gets eaten) AH! >:(
Guy: Do you like Waffles? Yasss
Waffles: Take Pancakes with me...

Wait, this is real? All right! Definitely celebrating it next year around.

Whats the point. All it is is a holiday celebrating a breakfast food.

Originally a Pagan holiday about the sun.

22 Veteran's Day

Before attacking me, Think about it, US veterans have done many unforgivable things to civilians. What do they get for that? A day dedicated to them

This is the day were are veterans died to let our flag stand to this day so shut up

23 4th of July

Very bad holiday! My rating for this holiday is -90%. Here are 6 reasons why July 4th holiday totally sucks!

1.This is an extremely deadly holiday. Using this holiday for travelling is a fatal mistake, especially road trip by cars. You do not just face the serious traffic jam on freeways, but also you can encounter the DUI, reckless drivers and overspeeding. Serious injury of death can occur. It is reported that 540 deaths have occurred on road accidents every year on July 4.

2. Fireworks can be dangerous if not handled properly. They can damage some houses and businesses. Fireworks should be set off in designated locations and they should not impact any business or any residential building.

3. The riot due to the party with alcohol is way much more serious than American Labor Day, St Patrick's Day and Memorial Day. Hanging in any restaurant with bar can be very dangerous on July 4.

4. The worst thing is that some areas are celebrating July 4 with rifle, ...more

I like the celebration and meaning of this holiday. I am blessed to live in America. However, in my town, every year loads and loads of fatal accidents happen. There was so many people getting run over by cars. There was a motor cycle accident. People getting lit on fire with the flammable objects. So many drunk drivers. Also the traffic is atrocious.

Okay, first of all... I feel blessed to live in America and whatnot. However, sometimes, people can get a bit carried-away with things such as where they light off fireworks at or when they get drunk.

This is my least favorite holiday because I'm sensitive to noise and fireworks are a problem for me.

24 Pi Day

To many numbers

25 International Women's Day

This is the most fake holiday, there is no use for this holiday. The Holiday doesn't do anything.. It's a stupid holiday that makes no sense at all...

It's a hypocrite holiday. It is not about females' rights but a good business for flower sellers.

Lovin' all of the whining in this comment section from fragile manbabies! And I am a man myself!

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