HoldenFanatic’s Thoughts On Black Friday

HoldenFanatic After you’ve enjoyed your Thanksgiving, it’s time for another Friday where we can all get our discounted products from stores. I’m going to explain the reasons to why this holiday sucks so much. Black Friday is supposed to be dedicated to having customers save money. But it is the day where a horde of shoppers can fight, trample each other and turn the front of stores into camps.

This is not a holiday, this is more like an excuse just to get people to trample each other in stores and make the outside of stores like refugee camps. Store workers cannot even enjoy their Thanksgiving break since they’re too busy dealing with Black Friday shoppers. After Thanksgiving, there will be people setting up tents to make a camp in front of stores just so they can get the discounted product. When the stores open, the customers will go running in hordes and trample the store worker who opens the door and everyone else. People will be starting fights and go crazy just to get the discounted TV. This is pointless anyway because the item might not be for sale since they were all sold out. If you do get your product you’ll end up leaving with bruises. Oh, come on. Why would you create a holiday that involves people fighting and trampling each other for discounts? And BTW, this also defeats the purpose of saving money. If you’re gonna buy so much stuff it'll cause you to overspend. I also get the feeling they’re just doing this so stores can have so much money. Shopping rage isn’t worth it at all.

Another reason why this holiday is bad is that if you notice, it’s on Thanksgiving break. This holiday ruins Thanksgiving because it causes people to be crazy rather than thankful. There is no point into making a holiday dedicated to discounts when all that’s gonna do is make people crazy and ruin workers Thanksgivings.

In conclusion, this holiday is bad because all it does is turn people into savages rather than making us thankful. It causes the outside of stores to become camps just so people can get the discounted products they want. Store workers cannot enjoy their Thanksgiving break since their too busy with Black Friday. This holiday is dangerous, a waste of time, and a disgrace to Thanksgiving. I hope this holiday gets banned forever for the good of people. Then we can all enjoy our Thanksgivings rather than having to deal with this kind of so-called “holiday.”



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