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21 Father's Day

Whoever added this is stupid - venomouskillingmachine

22 New Year's Day

How is this bad?!?! - 906389

No way - Unknownguy

23 National School Nurse Day V 1 Comment
24 Global Love Day


i hate u

25 Presidents' Day

This holiday is dumb because nobody does anything on it a lot of people don't even know when it is.

I meann yeah it's pointless, but I do get school off so yeah

26 National Cat Day

This is real? I'm celebrating it meow - NoOreoForU

This exists? Maybe the best holiday ever.

I meant lovers

October 29th - Unknownguy

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27 Mardi Gras

This holiday is so stupid it celebrates gays. We hate gays. My religion bans gay marriage

28 Mother's day

It's kind of useless, because I celebrate my mom EVERY day! - Mariomaster63


I hate Mother's Day it's annoying - Unknownguy

Mother's day is on everyday for me. I celebrate it everyday :D

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29 Day of the Dead
30 International Men's Day

Whoever added this is sexist - venomouskillingmachine

31 International Whale Shark Day

Worst holiday it is whales

32 Earth Day

Its pointless its pretty much another day in life you keep you light of remember they say I say in my head that is so dum you know what I mean

Its stupid why is it even a holiday

33 Fat Tuesday

Because the holiday is for fat people only and its annoying

34 Eid al-Fitr
35 Veteran's Day

What do you mean? There is no Veterans' Day! Retards are so into Christmas season that they SKIP THIS HOLIDAY! And thanksgiving too! - errrr

Before attacking me, Think about it, US veterans have done many unforgivable things to civilians. What do they get for that? A day dedicated to them

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36 Independence Day (United States)

My brother hates this

37 International Women's Day V 1 Comment
38 4th of July

This holiday should be banned

39 Yom Kippur

The holiest

I just feel bad for everyone who has to starve themselves and stay off of the T.V. and Game systems. What do you even do all day? - DCfnaf

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