Worst Homecooks On Masterchef U.S.

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21 Adrien Nieto Season 2

Why is Adrien here?

He should have won.

Who put him here? He's more than awesome! - FukboiAyano

22 Scott Little Season 3

He is a very nice guy, but he can't cook well sadly. - ndog

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23 Christopher Lu Season 6

This guy doesn't even care about the competition. He just gets owned every time and has a big mouth.

Christina destroyed him for looking away from the judges. That costed him his place in Masterchef.

24 Alejandra Schrader Season 2

Although good at the beginning, she sucked later. Proof: She served raw garlic, and raw pork loin which was supposed to be the easiest cut to work with. I can't even believe she did that. Plus I hate her facial expressions when she gets criticized. - ndog

25 Jennifer Williams Season 8

She's a crybaby just like Beth from Hell's Kitchen season 12. She had multiple meltdowns in almost every challenge. She almost lost it. When she and Paige were on chopping block, everyone chose her because everyone hates Paige. Although I never like either of them, Jennifer is a type of contestant who can't handle the pressure. Remember kids, chefs don't cry (quote from Aaron Song before his passing). I don't think she can handle Hell's Kitchen nor Top Chef.

She can't cook. Why come to masterchef if you can't handle the heat?

26 Stephani Syfax-Shepherd Season 5
27 Jennifer Behm Season 2

Masterchef, is a good show. Unfortunately, the judges idea of the winner (besides Luca and christine) just sucks.

The most undeserving winner of MasterChef. Even more than Courtney.

She did not deserve to win at all. She tried serving the judges completely raw lamb. She should have been disqualified.

Way too overconfident in herself. Adrien should have won instead of that bitch.

28 Diana Billow Season 7

Can't cook Lobster or Fried Chicken that's why she's on here

So glad she went home before Diamond

29 Samantha de Silva Season 3

Although she served the raw duck, she deserves another chance because she hasn't really showcased what she can do. If there was an all-star season, I would love to see her on! It was screwed up that Ryan threw her under the bus.

She was the first to be eliminated out of the Top 18 and quite frankly she deserved it.

30 Paige Jimenez Season 8

She added too much spice on the fish in the second episode and she didn't seem to care either - heidilynn

The reason she got the boot early on because everyone was biased against her. She is pretty much responsible for team loss. Her meat dish was her last straw. She was overconfident during pressure test. I doubt anyone will remember her years laters.

I don't care what's she's doing after getting booted out. I hope she attends an university studying whatever she's interested in.

On a side, this is not the girl I want to spend time with.

She's cute and pretty, but she doesn't deserve to be in the competition to be honest and she only fits in modelling... I think she's kinda arrogant based when she said on her elimination challenge. I'm glad she went home early! I hate her and also Eboni Henry that arrogant bitch that is like Krissi Biasiello! Go to hell! I don't like those kind of girls! Tsk!

31 Darah Carattini Season 6

After 1st team challenge, she sacrificed herself to be eliminated. She could have gone up the balcony instead.

Her food sucks

32 Justin Banister Season 6

He was the youngest in that season. Who uses candy corn in cooking savoury dishes? This kid is forgettable. I forgot that he exists.

33 Jonny Blanchard Season 4

Why Jonny? Big Jon was consistenly in the middle of the pack and I doubt he could challenge the ones like Jessie and Natasha who were always ahead of the rest, but he was far from the worst. He got eliminated because of his own bad decisions, not because of his lack of skills or whatsoever.

34 Katie Dixon Season 7

so stupid

35 Cassie Peterson Season 7
36 Necco Ceresani Season 8

He mouthed off the judges and that's why he got sent home

37 Caitlin Jones Season 8

Really hated her!

Why is she on this list? I know she had to face the pressure test multiple times. She was inept in cleaning lamb chops. The only time she won was the team challenge which cannoli pressure test follows afterwards. Although she wasn’t a strong contestant, it doesn’t mean she’s a bad person.

38 Dino Angelo Luciano Season 8

Why is he on the list? I know he didn’t stand out until late in competition

39 Tanya Noble Season 3
40 Elise Mayfield Season 5

At least she admitted she made mistakes. Unlike Tali

She did absolutely nothing but make terrible pies.

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