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21 Christian Collins Season 2

He's the reason that I avoid watching season 2. He sounded like a arrogant prick. He's reminds me of Scott, the past Hell's Kitchen participant in 7th season, but made further progress. However, I don't like him nor Scott (like I said, I'm talking about 7th season participant, not former Hell's Kitchen sous chef nor season 12 champion). He nearly got the boot for eating during judges evaluation. I heard he's a kind person off camera.

He even dared to argue with the judges! I've met a lot of arrogant people but honestly, non of them would actually dared to argue or even disagree with what their teachers, boss or anyone who is authoritative said. A total prick who has no respect for anyone but himself. Why did he pass the audition at the first place?

Don't get me wrong. He's incredibly talented, but unfortunately, his arrogance was completely unbearable.

Along with Krissi, I wonder if he's aware of how much of an ass he is on television. - Kama

22 Christopher Lu Season 6

This guy doesn't even care about the competition. He just gets owned every time and has a big mouth.

23 Suzy Singh Season 2

She did not deserved to go as far as she did, she was constantly bragging about being one of the best without actually having the talent to show for it.

24 Samantha de Silva Season 3

Although she served the raw duck, she deserves another chance because she hasn't really showcased what she can do. If there was an all-star season, I would love to see her on! It was screwed up that Ryan threw her under the bus.

She was the first to be eliminated out of the Top 18 and quite frankly she deserved it.

25 Paige Jimenez Season 8

She added too much spice on the fish in the second episode and she didn't seem to care either - heidilynn

The reason she got the boot early on because everyone was biased against her. She is pretty much responsible for team loss. Her meat dish was her last straw. She was overconfident during pressure test. I doubt anyone will remember her years laters.

I don't care what's she's doing after getting booted out. I hope she attends an university studying whatever she's interested in.

On a side, this is not the girl I want to spend time with.

She's cute and pretty, but she doesn't deserve to be in the competition to be honest and she only fits in modelling... I think she's kinda arrogant based when she said on her elimination challenge. I'm glad she went home early! I hate her and also Eboni Henry that arrogant bitch that is like Krissi Biasiello! Go to hell! I don't like those kind of girls! Tsk!

26 Adam Wong Season 8

Couldn't cook anything and always in the bottom.

Arrogant douche who couldn't cook. he always acted like he was better then everyone because he went to Harvard. get over yourself

27 Darah Carattini Season 6

After 1st team challenge, she sacrificed herself to be eliminated. She could have gone up the balcony instead.

Her food sucks

28 Justin Banister Season 6

He was the youngest in that season. Who uses candy corn in cooking savoury dishes? This kid is forgettable. I forgot that he exists.

29 Jennifer Behm Season 2

The most undeserving winner of MasterChef. Even more than Courtney.

Masterchef, is a good show. Unfortunately, the judges idea of the winner (besides Luca and christine) just sucks.

She did not deserve to win at all. She tried serving the judges completely raw lamb. She should have been disqualified.

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30 Katie Dixon Season 7

so stupid

31 Cassie Peterson Season 7
32 Necco Ceresani Season 8

He mouthed off the judges and that's why he got sent home

33 Tanya Noble Season 3
34 Stephani Syfax-Shepherd Season 5
35 Elise Mayfield Season 5

At least she admitted she made mistakes. Unlike Tali

She did absolutely nothing but make terrible pies.

36 Mateo McConnell Season 6 V 1 Comment
37 Erryn Cobb Season 2

Hardly ever did anything, and when he was actually doing stuff he was doing it poorly.

38 Jonny Blanchard Season 4
39 Alvin Schultz Season 2

Takes the molecular gastronomy thingy too far and uses it as his defense against what the judges say. - ndog

40 Bill Travers Season 7

The current oldest contestant before Veronica, but an even bigger disappointment. Being in bottom twice in one episode, then that's when you know that you suck. - ndog

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