Worst Homecooks On Masterchef U.S.

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41 Mark Raffaelli Season 2

Raw flour in mashed potatoes? Really?

42 Christian Collins Season 2

Don't get me wrong. He's incredibly talented, but unfortunately, his arrogance was completely unbearable.

Along with Krissi, I wonder if he's aware of how much of an ass he is on television. - Kama

43 Katrina Kozar Season 6

She wouldn't stop whining and whining and whining about everything. Grow up Katrina.

44 Veronica Cili Season 6

The current oldest contestant on the show, but a disappointment. - ndog

45 Tony Scruggs Season 2
46 Tommy Walton Season 6

Why is he on here? This guy is hilarious.

He needs to get sent home already! So annoying!

47 Stephen Lee Season 6

I am beyond tired of his attitude! It sickens me that he gets a kick out of harassing the other contestants (especially Derrick). He's lucky he's able to cook because he is extremely annoying and just down-right mean spirited!

He's like the opposite of Leslie. He started out as one of the better chefs, but now he's only gotten less and less likable as the season has progressed. Not to mention this guy is a complete psycho.

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48 Slim Huynh Season 1
49 Helene Leeds Season 3
50 Faruq Jenkins Season 1

Overreacting to sheena getting eliminated? Come on it was obvious.

51 Ailsa Von Dobeneck Season 6
52 Hetal Vasavada Season 6
53 Dave Mack Season 3
54 Malcolm Green Season 4
55 Whitney Bray Season 5
56 Dan Wu Season 5
57 Daniel McGuffey Season 5

No. - Kama

58 Beth Kirby Season 4
59 Jennie Kelley Season 2
60 Bethy Rossos Season 4
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