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1 Vriska Serket

She killed Tavros :..(

I hate her and I don't need to state why. enough said

1. Killed Tavros, my zodiac troll
2. Self-centered, arrogant
3. Caused literally everything bad in the story BECAUSE she got too cocky
4. Murdered innocent trolls
5. Crippled Tavros
6. Bullied Tavros
7. Annoyingly melodramatic
8. Literally a SERIAL KILLER
9. Makes fun of people who have disabilities
10. HUGE superiority complex

and much much more.

Words cannot describe how much I loathe Vriska.

Killed Tavros when he was still developing character. he deserves better :(

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2 Andrew Hussie

Stupid, only cares about the kids, their patron trolls and kills the rest of the characters who are not involved

Come on, Hussie! I know you stepped on a Lego brick but why kill everyone?

He made homestuck


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3 Bro Strider

he's a poo

4 Gamzee

He killed so many people.. Enough said

5 Jake English

He is dumb boy

Jake is a horrible friend. He basically ignored Jane for weeks and only ever talked to her to talk about himself. He refused to talk to Dirk, which quickly ended their relationship and the fact that he is closest to Roxy dosen't make him a good friend. To make up for him being incredibly mean spirited, they gave him a sob story. GREAT, JUST WHAT I NEEDED, A TRAGIC BACKSTORY. I don't care if his Grandma and Poppop died, and he had to live alone on a deserted island. It doesn't give him a personality, or any sort of depth. It just makes him socially intolerable. He is also incredibly annoying and oblivious to everything. And why did Jane and Roxy have a crush on him in the first place? What did they see in him? Oh and the fandom ruined him with all of the sexy Jake pics. I don't care if he is now 21. By the time most of that B.S. was made he was still at least 16. TLDR: He is self centered, flanderized, oversexualized, serves no purpose to the plot(at least from what I can see), and ...more

6 Dirk Strider

I've always found him a bit dull. He's not a terrible character, I just don't find him very funny or intriguing. - Yoshilord

7 Eridan Ampora

Literally Elliot Rodgers


Essentially troll Elliot Rodgers kills Feferi (although it is kinda justified) and wwalks on out of there
glad Kanaya murked him 10/10

8 Cronus Ampora

Absolute worst of the worst.

Nobody likes him

Isn't it confirmed that he's the worst? - KennyRocks42

Cronus touched Mituna in bad places
enough said

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9 Aranea Serket

The only reason I'm voting, is so that aranea can ironically be 8th

Ruined everything. Enough said.

(Spoilers) She killed terezi by making her stab herself like what

Aranea is like Vriska but less entertaining

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10 Kankri Vantas

He literally tells a mentally disabled person that his existence is wrong and is a nuisance to their party, and doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that Mituna is like this because he did his best to save their whole entire game, and despite this, Kankri still finds Mituna as some unforgivable miscreant and a “stereotype”. He also is blatantly sexist, as he never interacts with females, and whenever he does, he either outright insults and belittles them, or talks to them condescendingly, and dismisses what they say passive aggressively. He’s really only supportive towards men, and even then he pressures people to be what he deems an ideal person. Right when Cronus admits that he is going to change, Kankri tells him to embrace his attention seeking self because he’s “ready to accept” Cronus and his supposed problems. He embraces Horuss’ fetish to a dangerous point where Horrus turns Rufioh into a horse, and he even tells Rufio that he’s existing wrong too. I don’t ...more

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11 Karkat Vantas

At first I liked him but then I realised the sad thing about him. he's pretty insensitive about others' situations and he's pretty rude to others when they did nothing wrong so he seems like one of those people who would do that to me. really, he's quite unpleasant to others, and insulted others. Like, he insulted like all of the trolls most of the time that can cut really deep yet others see the insults as a funny joke.

12 Latula Pyrope

Basically derailed Terezi's character entirely. Must I say anything else?

13 Equius Zahhak
14 Arquiusprite

I probably spelled that wrong. I don't know, I just don't find him funny at all. - Yoshilord

He is a bit weird, think about it, 2 characters with opposite personalties combined. - SamuiNeko

He's quite boring

15 Jack Noir
16 Sollux Captor

He may have cool powers, but he's just plain rude to me. - CapriVoid

17 Dave Strider

Not a favorite character. Enough said. - KennyRocks42

18 Caliborn

Luckily, he's the villain so him being incredibly annoying is acceptable. - Yoshilord

19 Kanaya Maryam

Kanaya is the definition of a bland, obnoxious, overhyped character. She is like Rose, except without any of the charm, and much more random and compulsive. Eridan was killed by her AFTER he was trembling and backing away! Even the worst terrorists always have the right to stand down and surrender, even if they are to be executed later. What a pathetic, obnoxious, mary sue wannabe.

I like her at the first time she appeared because she's my zodiac troll and looks attractive young woman. But after she found out her friend, Eridan was killed, she started to grow mad and went downhill. Look, Hussie, meaning one of the guys killed one of her friends doesn't mean she has to be mad all of the time. To be honest, I liked her in the beginning and is fond of her, but by now she is a bitchy Mary Sue for reasons.

First thing - She's Andrew Hussie's favourite and zodiac troll.

Second thing - She's known for trolls for being the most attractive girl.

Third thing - She is a mother to every troll and kills and hisses to every evil around.

Fourth thing - She plays an important role in Act 5 and doesn't became a sprite when Eridan kills her like everyone does.

Fifth thing - Hussie can't get her killed.

Sixth thing - She's patron to a Mary sue.

20 Neophyte Redglare


21 Rose Lalonde

Her scenes are boring... - KennyRocks42

22 Jane Crocker

She is a bland character without personality, not funny or interesting, she is the "leader" of the group even though she never do anything at all, other characters apologize for her for things that are actually her fault.

She kind of reminds me of the bad parts of myself.

She is not nice.

Her design is ugly 0_0 - KennyRocks42

23 Terezi Pyrope
24 Kurloz Makara
25 Porrim Maryam

€In my opinion I feel like she is an
amazing troll and very fashionable

“Talk about being a very pretty and suductive

“She’s my zodiac sign

“I like to think of her as a troll that is a hard worker but looks amazing doing it

“She takes the loving mother but will beat you to a bloody pulp in a instant if you don’t do your homework Trait


26 Dolorosa Maryam

€�Wonderful Mother

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