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21 Grave Encounters
22 Human Centipede

Who wrote this, honestly? It's corny and sickening. A Psycho doctor captures three young people and sews them together mouth to anus. And the poop scene is just GROSS! Should be in the top ten!

This movie is perfect to show your child when they're ready to learn about insects and how the human and nature are oh so similar! I showed it to my child who learned about the biology of the human then and how the digestive system works! I'm glad to say that this movie helped my 7 year old son on his biology quiz last week. We loved this family friend flick!

Visitor, I really hope you were being sarcastic, because The Human Centipede is definitely NOT family-friendly. - RiverClanRocks

The first human centipede was good, but they just kept milking the franchise for money

What psycho writes crap like this? 0/10 - AlphaQ

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23 Children of the Corn

Whoever watch this CORNY movie, should get their eyes checked! This horror film is the lamest and boring of all time! Plus, all of its sequels sucks!

Don't let these movies lower your opinion of Stephen King. He still writes some very good books/movies. And I love Stephen King!

What was even weirder about this movie was that explosion with the animated cartoon face.

Children of the corn is a GOOD MOVIE PEOPLE

24 Prom Night

Not scary at all! Just plain stupid and very predictable!

Original was way better

25 Don't Be Scared (2006)
26 Two Thousand Maniacs
27 Dr. Giggles

Who would name horror movie that

28 Black Sheep

This is funny videos not horror - SpencerJC

It's not horror what the hek

29 The Cabin In The Woods

This list is excellent. But Cabin In The Woods would be #1 and House of Wax #2 in my opinion.

Cabin in the Woods is amazing horror for this age in cinema.

What? This movie was awesome! I think Marty is what made it even better though

30 Leprechaun: Origins
31 Saw V

It was good, I just wish they would have made it a T.V. series on HBO or something instead if making 7 movies

Easily the worst of the series. - InsertNameHere

It's as violent as Manhunt 2. They should ban the film Worldwide.

This wasn't bad!
I liked this so much, I watched it twice, and I was more entertained during my second watch.
I love John Kramer's quotes.

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32 The Wicker Man

Who the hell put Halloween on the worst list? That movie is a classic.

Which version is this? The original or the remake? The original is awesome, the remake with Cage is bad, really bad.

The original is a masterpiece..The remake is pure trash.

Original was a great move
Nicholas Cage remake is bad and that's an understatement

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33 Piranha 3DD
34 Most Likely to Die

This movie... just no. Acting was poor and Mask was not even creepy. To much sex and just awful. This should be #9

35 Dreamcatcher V 1 Comment
36 Alone in the Dark

This should be #1. It's not even trying to be scary at all. That and it ruined one of the best horror video game franchises.

37 The Fun Park (2007)
38 Season of the Witch V 1 Comment
39 The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

original movie was masterpiece. This remake was utter garbage with No Talent actors and primitive dialogues. Nonsense - Alexandr

The Weeknd made a song about how bad this movie is. - AlphaQ

This actually was pretty good

40 The Blair Witch Project

This should be in the top ten worst... Overrated, over hyped garbage. I actually walked out of the theater half way on this one... And I usually never walk out of a movie.

The ending made no sense

Hated it.Shut it off half way.

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