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21 Two Thousand Maniacs
22 Dr. Giggles

Who would name horror movie that

23 Prom Night V 1 Comment
24 Black Sheep

This is funny videos not horror - SpencerJC

It's not horror what the hek

25 The Cabin In The Woods

This list is excellent. But Cabin In The Woods would be #1 and House of Wax #2 in my opinion.

Cabin in the Woods is amazing horror for this age in cinema.

What? This movie was awesome! I think Marty is what made it even better though

26 Saw V

It was good, I just wish they would have made it a T.V. series on HBO or something instead if making 7 movies

Easily the worst of the series. - InsertNameHere

It's as violent as Manhunt 2. They should ban the film Worldwide.

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27 The Wicker Man

Which version is this? The original or the remake? The original is awesome, the remake with Cage is bad, really bad.

Who the hell put Halloween on the worst list? That movie is a classic.

The original is a masterpiece..The remake is pure trash.

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28 Piranha 3DD
29 Dreamcatcher V 1 Comment
30 Alone in the Dark

This should be #1. It's not even trying to be scary at all. That and it ruined one of the best horror video game franchises.

31 The Fun Park (2007)
32 Season of the Witch V 1 Comment
33 The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

original movie was masterpiece. This remake was utter garbage with No Talent actors and primitive dialogues. Nonsense - Alexandr

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34 The Blair Witch Project

This should be in the top ten worst... Overrated, over hyped garbage. I actually walked out of the theater half way on this one... And I usually never walk out of a movie.

The ending made no sense

Hated it.Shut it off half way.

35 A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 - Freddy's Revenge

The 2nd one was just okay and it wasn't scary to much but everything is okay but try a bit harder. - spodermanfan1000

Wes craven didn't even want the first movie to be an ongoing franchise.

So boring! It barley even showed Freddy!

Where is A Nightmare On Elm Street the remake?

36 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Wow, a movie about giant killer tomatoes. Isn't that horrifying? By the way, I'm saying this sarcastically.

I have no words to describe how stupid this movie is

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37 The Final Destination

Sucks too much bloody human parts and deaths cuts in half - SpencerJC

38 Halloween III: Season Of The Witch

This is by far the worst of the Halloween franchise. It's not even scary, it doesn't even have Michael Myers, and it makes no sense. It's crap from start to finish! I will never make the mistake of watching this again!

I hate this movie same with the 1999 the Blair witch project

39 The Shining

No jump scares, almost no on-screen deaths, characteristics of drama, the ghost scenes were totally awful and no scary at all, boring until the end. Only there there was the action that all horror-funs love.

Anybody who would put this movie on the list is an idiot! I guess the millenniums have no clue to what a good horror movie is.

"no jump scares" just shows how little of a taste you have in music - imabigpotato

The movie sucked, it was boring until the end, the first 3 hours were junk

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40 The Pyramid

I don't like to watch the pyramid I was 12 years old I am too scared because I can't sleep anymore too many nightmares too many dead body parts and too many survivors death or military deaths so I cannot watch on tonight - SpencerJC

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