Top 10 Worst Human and Natural Disasters


The Top Ten

1 The Black Death

A disease that killed more than half of Europe's population from 1300-1500 (estimate) - campbelln20

2 The Spanish Flu

Another disease than that swept around 1920 and devastated the whole entire world. - campbelln20

Nothing, repeat, NOTHING in human history has killed more people than has communism.

3 Smallpox


Yet another disease that was around for over 500 years, it was proved to be in some historical figures like Mozart at the time. - campbelln20

This is #1 it killed 300-500 million people.MUCH more deadlier than The Black Death - Doge4lifeGaming

4 Gujarat Earthquake

Um exuse me? 15 years ago? That is 2003

This only happened about 15 years ago in 2016 but still cost mast destruction in India. It was one of the worst earthquakes recorded - campbelln20

5 Krakatoa

A volcano that blew in the 19th century caused lots of damage to it's island in Indonesia. It also caused other things to happen globally. - campbelln20

The eruption so loud it caused people’s eardrums to rupture - Hunterlane871

6 The Irish Potato Famine

In Ireland a great potato famine in Ireland caused lots of Irish people to start and die away. They had to move to England because of this. - campbelln20

7 The Most Dangerous Earthquake (Valdiva, Chile)

In 1960 In Valvida, Chile a Rictor scale of 9.5. The highest it has ever been, even though Gujarat killed more. - campbelln20

8 Chinese Drought

The deadliest drought happened in China when rain didn't fall for 2 years and the drought killed more than any. - campbelln20

9 African Drought

The nightmarish drought in Africa happened extremely long ago when rain didn't fall for 451 days, 2nd most deadly and intense drought. - campbelln20

10 Pompeii Eruption

In 79 A.D. Pompeii was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius. It cost many lives and many decorations and artefacts, we still have measly results or artefacts. - campbelln20

The Contenders

11 The Great Depression

The Great Depression?!?! What's that doing here? - Flowersocks2137

12 Hurricane Katrina
13 The Joplin Tornado

This killed thousands of people. What a bad year it was for tornadoes in 2011.

14 Malaria
15 2011 Super Outbreak
16 Lahore bombing
17 Hurricane Maria

It totally damaged Puerto Rico and took away all power, leaving everyone in a wasteland heading for death.
2017 is a horribly bad year for hurricanes.

18 Hurricane Irma

It killed more people than Harvey, and caused damage from storm floods to trees falling down and hitting things. Power was out and it was just awful for the east coast.

19 Hurricane Harvey

This was one of the costliest hurricanes in history, and like Katrina, it did a lot of flooding and damaged many buildings, the cost is almost $100 billion.

20 Hurricane Gilbert (1988)

Hits Mexico

21 9/11 Terror Attacks 9/11 Terror Attacks
22 California Wildfires (2018)

These have spread to hundreds of thousands of acres, and 11,862 structures have been destroyed, including more than 7,000 homes, and as many as 78 people have died, 76 from the the Camp Fire and 2 from the Woolsey Fire.
Yet 1,000 people are missing.
So many celebrities including Miley Cyrus lost their homes for the 1st time because of this.
Our hearts are deeply affected and our prayers go to all the people and families in this devastating disaster.
It’s becoming one of the deadliest natural disasters in all of California’s history. - Gregory

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