Top Ten Worst Hunger Games Characters

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1 Gail

I mean, yes, I have a celebrity crush on PEETA, but Gale is just not a good character. He's wayy to vulnerable, to selfish and needy. I get that he loves Katniss, I mean what's not to love, but come on man, do you even know how to talk to a woman? You definitely don't make her choose between one guy or another. He pressured Katniss to make a desicion. Yes, Peeta did try to kill Katniss, but that really wasn't him. Like Katniss said, The Capitol Hijacked Peeta into something he's not. So if you choose Gale over PEETA, that's a pretty weak argument. And let's not forget about what happened in Mockingjay, shall we?

Stop being fan girls, if you like Peeta don't vote GALE! Spelled wrong

How could peeta be at the top gale is stupid and annoying but peeta is the absolute best.

He is so manipulative, doesn’t care about how Katniss feels, and will never accept that he was wrong. When Katniss asks him to run away his response is ‘do you love me? ’ proving he doesn’t actually care about Katniss being safe, he just cares about her being with him. He is also basically the reason Prim died, and he just annoys me in every way. And no, I’m NOT just voting him because I’m team Peeta, I genuinely hate the character.

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2 Peeta

Listen to this mags died for him, finnik died for him, morphine girl died for him, lots of people from the rebellion died for him. I can go on and on

Stop being fan girls, if you like Gale, don't vote Peeta

All he does is eat, cook, and get sick or hurt. He never fights - Catscatscats

He is a greedy dirt bag!

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3 President Snow

He killed many innocent people who did not deserve to die

He killed 1,701 people with these games out of 1776.

Duh - Untildawn8

This man is completely insane. Coin is a much better villain. Also, Snow’s plan to keep the districts from rebelling sucked! Why did he leave it all up to Katniss and Peeta’s Love?!?! AND he BOMBED District 12, THE ONLY DISTRICT THAT DIDN’T SHOW SIGNS OF REBELLION?!?!?! Why?! Just to get on Katniss’s nerves?!?! HE ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!

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4 Katniss
5 Marvel


6 Coin

Coin is a liar and has been this whole time. I mean, she pretty much used Katniss during her whole Mockingjay :/ So happy she died

I don't understand people. They're saying Snow is a bad character, just because he's evil? Alma is evil as hell too, so why do people like her? The only reason she started the rebellion in the first place, was to take down Snow so SHE could become the new dictator. Nothing else would change. The hunger games would keep on going. So why on earth do people like Alma?

Also, she's a badly designed character in my opinion.

7 Romulus Thread

He beat up Gale

He is so mean

8 Glimmer
9 Beetee

What did he do to be here - Catscatscats

10 Katniss's Mom

Does it bother anyone else that in the film, right after Prim gets reaped for the games, we get a shot of her mum just standing there with no emotion on her face whatsoever?

Shes the worst mom ever, I feel bad for Katniss and Prim. - PopularStarfish

I'd probbably dump her before she dumped me if I were Katniss. - Catscatscats

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11 Lizard Mutts

Finnick was the only good character how could they kill him - pjo

They killed Finnick... enough said

12 Wiress

seriously - Catscatscats

13 Prim

So wrong - Catscatscats

Why is Prim even on here 😂

14 Rue

Screw who thinks this. - Emberleap

Why's Rue above Coin - Catscatscats

15 Johanna

Sorry, she just irritated me every time she was mentioned

16 Cato
17 Thresh
18 Woof

He didn't even say a word in the games, so why is he here. - Catscatscats

19 Blight

Sorry had to vote for blight, BUT WHATS SO BAD ABOUT BLIGHT!?!? - Untildawn8

20 Caeser Flickerman

I HATE him.

21 District 5 Male
22 Finnick

He saved petas life :(

23 Seneca Crane
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