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1 Hurricane Katrina, 2005

Katrina DID NOT tie with Harvey for the costliest. If you adjust it for inflation, Katrina's cost is $160 billion.

I was in Long Beach, MS when this hurricane hit. My house was about 200 feet from the water. My dad didn't think it was gonna be bad, ha! We almost died in our attic, and my neighbors drowned. I was only two when this storm hit the gulf coast, and I still remember my dad waking me up, before the storm, and water rushing in the house. My house actually collapsed, on the left side, but my dad's tractor held it up. If it wasn't for that tractor, I would be dead. Hurricane Katrina was the worst experience of my life.

1836 dead boom Harvey about 50 dead boom

I want to know about Katrina

2 Hurricane Harvey, 2017

This storm tied Katrina as the costliest Atlantic hurricane. It deserved retirement.

Nope, InfinateSuperstorm. If you adjust it for inflation, Katrina's cost is $160 billion.

Could be worse than Katrina.

What was bad about Harvey is the fact that it stayed in place for days, dumping over 50 inches of rain over Houston and surrounding areas. The costliest hurricane in the US since Katrina

Hurricane Mitch in 1998 did the exact same thing. Staying in place for days and dumping water, except with Mitch it was 75 inches of rain. - SurcaneWolf

3 Hurricane Irma, 2017

Also, Irma only made landfall as a low Category 4 on the Keys, 2 days and 7 hours after its final time at 185 mph strength. While there was a lot of flooding, a lot of fear and many lives ruined, there have, believe it or not, been worse.

I'm in Florida and it's here this has got to be a cat 5 I got a direct but

Florida is going to be battered cat 5 180 mph and where I live is going to get a direct hit

This storm was bigger than katrina people even if hurricane harvey and katrina formed as one irma would still rule them all

4 Hurricane Andrew, 1992

Don't know much of what happened, but the evacuation was bad in my area, and I think one area took a long time to recover, but I'm not completely sure.

Cat 4
If you were in this hurricane, let me know what it was like, I've always wanted to know.

It's sad because my name is Andrew. I really hate when people tease me about this.

THE Worst ever.I want to here about it

5 Hurricane Maria, 2017

No power for over two months in my case (although I know people who didn't have power for 156 days, literally), no water running for almost the same time (and when we actually got it, we were forced to reduce its use due rationing) and no signal in most of the island (my family and I actually had to drive to another town for signal to communicate with our loved ones). In my case I was able to get full signal back in about a month because we moved. We actually had to move because where we used to live was devastated plus getting actual food was impossible. My family and I ate canned saussages for weeks because there was nothing else. Ice was impossible to get and the lines for it (like the ones for getting gasoline) were infinite. We literally had to drive there at midnight to try and be the first one there and somehow there was *always* someone there already. We spent literally half a day on a line just for fuel and food. It was horrible.

The worst hurricane ever to affect Dominica and Puerto Rico.

Due to hurricane Maria causing the flu outbreak in the us, it should be number 1

Hurricane Maria: voted 5th worst hurricane, killed 3,057 people and caused 91.61 billion dollars in Puerto Rico, which is US TERRITORY

Hurricane Irma: voted 3rd worst hurricane, killed 134 people and caused 64.76 billion dollars in US

Hurricane harvey: voted 2nd worst hurricane, killed 107 people and caused 107 billion dollars in US (ok maybe the billions of dollars but STILL)

Can someone explain to me the logic of that?

6 Hurricane Mitch, 1998

11,000+ dead in Central America.

7 Hurricane Sandy, 2013

I was in my apartment when this happened I was just two washing trees fall in cars. Half of New York City's power got wiped out

Hurricane Sandy was in 2012, not 2013

I was celebrating the Fourth of July, then there was a bunch of wind and we ran inside and stayed there until we left later that day, and there was still storms.

If its more deadlier why did katrina had more kills

8 The Great Galveston Hurricane, 1900

INDUBITABLY the deadliest and CLEARLY the worst hurricane EVER! It changed Galveston's history forever, and killed an estimated 8,000 PEOPLE! While Katrina cost the most out of any hurricane ever, and though 2,000 people died in Katrina, making it overall worse, one could argue that life is invaluable, therefore superceding any financial loss.

The Great Hurricane of 1780 was the deadliest Atlantic hurricane ever. The Galveston Hurricane is the third deadliest. The second deadliest it 1998's Hurricane Mitch. - InfinateSuperstorm

How is this not number one? It was the most deadliest hurricane in history!

This one should be number one. If you haven't heard about it you need to.

Call me if you hear anything about this hurricane at 11159324850

9 Hurricane Florence, 2018

May have been a Cat. 1 at landfall, but it's stalled, like Harvey, and it's killed around 20 people so far.

Killed 48 people, did 38 billion damage

10 Hurricane Rita, 2005

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11 Hurricane Michael, 2018

I was 9 when this happened. And my family DROVE THRU A CATEGORY 4 HURRICANE.

While Andrew and Irma were worse for Florida as a whole, Michael was the worst storm to affect the areas it destroyed.

It hit the Florida Panhandle as a category 4, almost a category 5.

Basically a Category 4 version of Andrew.

12 The Great Hurricane of 1780

The deadliest hurricane in the Atlantic basin. Estimated 22,000 to 27,000 fatalities.

This was worse than the Galveston hurricane and Hurricane Mitch.

13 Hurricane Ike, 2008

This hurricane hit Houston head on as a cat 2-3 and since it was my first hurricane it was kinda scary. The worst parts? It struck us all at night and there were these winds that sounded just like high squealing (pich of noise) tornadoes all around were I live, sounding not to far away at all and boring down on me as I sat there listening to them. Yeah sure it was very cool to get to be in a hurricane but now since Harvey is here I kinda don't want to be in a hurricane or very near one ever again. Sucks. Truly does. Plus the worst thing is that Everyone goes ballistic with, "oh no! The world is ending! " Crap. -_-

14 Hurricane Patricia, 2015

The largest and strongest hurricane on this list. It was called a Super Hurricane.

It was the strongest hurricane but definitely not the largest

Where is typhoon TIp? But yeah, I think hurricane patricia is the worst east of the western hemisphere. Cat 5. 200 mph winds, 872 hectopascal pressure. I would NOT want to be in a pacific hurricane as strong as that

15 Hurricane David, 1979

Part of the first time we alternated between male and female names.

It's death toll was horrible.

2,000+ dead in the Caribbean. The WMO made a great choice retiring this name, though I'm not a huge fan of it's replacement, Danny (no offense intended).

16 Hurricane Dorian, 2019

Damage from Barbados to Newfoundland.

I was in abaco when dorian I rank it at number 3 or 2 or 4 or 1

Everything on Abaco Island is pretty much destroyed...

17 Hurricane Nate, 2017

Costliest hurricane to hit Costa Rica, even if Joan was worse for the country at the time.

18 Hurricane Gilbert, 1988

Cat 5
If you were in this hurricane, let me know what it was like, I've always wanted to know.

This should be on the top 3!

200+ dead in Mexico.

funny name

19 Hurricane Iniki, 1992
20 Hurricane Wilma, 2005

The most intense hurricane in the Atlantic basin.

21 Hurricane Hazel, 1954

Could have killed up to 1,000+ people.

Cat. 5.
If you were in this hurricane, let me know what it was like, I've always wanted to know.

22 Hurricane Camille, 1969

the winds

23 Hurricane Isabel, 2003

Hurricane Isabel was one of the most costlist hurricane of all time. At winds up to 168 mph. It hit over 20 citys.

24 Hurricane Hugo, 1989

Cat 3
If you were in this hurricane, let me know what it was like, I've always wanted to know.

Hurricane Hugo was a very devastating hurricane

25 Hurricane Matthew, 2016

This fudgeing storm is crazy

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