Worst iCarly Characters

The Top Ten Worst iCarly Characters

1 Freddie's mom

Extremely hypocritical. One minute she wants Freddie and Cary to be together and then she wants Carly gone. Make up your mind you wack-job.

And as for the aggressive parenting, she needs to learn that one day Freddie will grow up and she can't control everything in his life. I mean chipping your son so you know wherever he is and can track him? Conclusion: Psycho!

I personally loathe Mrs. Benson because she's so aggressive on parenting. Like, for example, she came on iCarly live to bring Freddie his bag of broccoli! And she started singing a song saying, "When a big boy eats his vegetables! " Poor Freddie Sam is enough for him, why have more? But I do have to say, the actress did a spectacular job playing Freddie's mom!

Don't get me started on the episode where freddie's mom was showing everyone at school some photos like freddie in a diaper and she treats him like a child. She needs to learn that freddie is a teenager not a child. This is why I hate her at least she's at no1 that is 1 very bad parent

I never understood why she always treated Freddie like a baby.She was extremely to protective of her son. Yeah, I get that she's a single mother and that's her only son but did she always have to treat him like he couldn't fend for himself?
Mrs.Benson was so annoying on the show and extremely hypocritical. When she first met Cary she didn't want Freddie to have NOTHING to do with Cary. Yet the next, she wants them to be together. That makes no sense.

And don't even get me started in iMove Out, (S3EP7) when she came to school and she was showing everyone Freddie's baby pictures. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THAT WAS EMBARRASSING SHE SHOULD HAVE HAD NO RIGHT OR BUSINESS TO DO SOMETHING AS EMBARRASSING AS THAT. - IAmShook

2 Nora

She's so awesome cause of how crazy she is. - DCfnaf

Should be number -123 on this list

This is not icarly this is the thundermans

There was also court that the judge said all the bad stuff she did, nora made freddie sam and carly go to her bad birthday, she kept them for 2 days in her house. Spencer came to nora's house, she locked spencer in a room.she put her on a wheel,
Gibby went to get the poilce so nora would go back to prison where she belongs but gibby got stuck in a chimney,but at the end freddies mom (marrisa benson) and tbone came to save them.

3 Ginger Fox
4 Kyoko and Yuki

So pointless... And racist in a way.

In I go to japan,when they were gonna apologize to sam,carly and freddie,they were gonna to bring their present for saying sorry for all the things the have done,but they didn't get their gift they pranked them, they got back in the car and they drove off the awards show without them,and a truck came passing by and they got splashed with mud,they were all dirty and muddy

5 Jocelyn

Probably the most stereotypical bully ever put on T.V. , also she is so pathetic at it, the first time we see her all she's doing is holding a kid upside down and slightly pulling his legs, how is that supposed to be threatening? Or after she dumps fries on Sam she just high fives her little sidekicks and walks away, I think she's a little confused about how bullying works, But the most embarrassing part is this, when Carly, Sam, and Freddy are all sitting around just drinking smoothies and she comes up to them and goes, "oh look we got the whole icarly gang, 2 ballerinas and their tech stooge". That's and insult you'd hear out of a 5th grader who's trying bullying for the first time and doesn't know what to say

She's like a character straight out of 1 of those cheesy anti-bullying videos they show you in school

Oh! I am just watching this episode with her right now! She isn't terrible though, the actor did a good job playing her!

6 Wade Collins

HE'S so OFFENSIVE. Even though its just acting still!

He's an ass - DCfnaf

7 Sam

Sam is just a horrible person. She hurts the innocent, she's rewarded for her mis-deeds (and even crimes! ), and she does not care about anything that isn't food. She even told a humongous lie that she did not apolagize for, does not regret but instead enjoys the fact that her friend is miserable, prefered it that way, acted as an @$$ hole to who ever she wanted to be an @$$ hole to... She's a disgusting character, she's an unlikable monster, and she deserves to be ran over by 100 semi trucks running down a 149 mile per hour highway!

No sam is the best character ever. She just seems mean and rude but on the inside she's the most protective kind and caring person ever. She might not say it but she and freddie are close friends. She will do anything for her friends even if it means getting hurt herself. She is so pretty. I think she really likes freddie but acts mean to him because she doesn't know how to express her feelings. Jennette mccurdy is a really good actress and no one can play sam better than her. Sams the best character in the world

Why is she always so horrible to freddie? It gets really uncomfortable really fast.

For gods sake it's a comedy not a reality show. I hate people like you who takes unreal characters seriously

Sam is obnoxious and unfunny. She was a much better character in the earlier seasons, as the show went on, she became annoying.

8 Carly

Way too girly and prissy. Why would the producers make HER the main character? She looks kinda weird to me and her voice... UGH. I'm so happy she left and isn't on Sam & Cat, also- when Freddie got hit by a truck, she only liked him at that moment and I just hate her because she said she really loved Freddie when that was a lie. Sam deserves Freddie way more and Sam is the best character on icarly (in my opinion)

She acts like she's all perfect, but she's more messed up than even Sam ( who I adore, how could she even be on this list! ). She's too girly and shrill and annoying and she thinks that just because Freddie liked her when they were younger, he'll wait around for her forever.

Why do they always make the main characters of these sitcoms the most bland character on the show? Aren't they the ones who are gonna get the most focus? If so they why would we wanna watch them if they're so boring?

Agree totally she should be # 1 on this list, miranda cosgrove is the worst.actress.ever. Everything she does looks fake, and I hate this show in general, so violent and dusgusting. I would put spencer as #2, he is so gross, not a bad actor, but all the characters on this show are so bad. Miranda was.actually decent on drake and josh, they shouldn't have given her her own show.

9 Nevel

Also keep in mind that he does all this horrible stuff to the gang including things like creating a false video to get Carly injured in a fighting ring and buying their website just to ruin it JUST BECAUSE CARLY REFUSED TO KISS HIM!

I could tell you one thing for sure: voice sounds like a pig.

Horrible burn

You're kidding. Nevel is such an idiot and constantly has to throw his two cents in no matter what. He's really arrogant.

I understand that he's mad a Carly for refusing to kiss him but my God kid, don't you think this blood-thirsty vendetta against the gang has gone a bit to far?

10 Ms. Francine Briggs

She reminds me of my teachers sometimes

Insult to the Scottish


I laughed at the picture of her head getting photoshopped to a rhinoceros...Good job Sam! LOLOL

The Contenders

11 Cory Mathews

Why is this here this is icarly not boy meets world

Worst character ever. Should be number 1. Didn't even need to be in the show, wasn't even in the show

What, Cory is from Boy and Girl Meets World not iCarly.


12 Mr. Howard

He shouldn't be teacher


13 Rona Burger

She is so greedy, she demanded for Freddie to get her a pair pod. And when he got her another present, she kicked her in the danger zone! Glad she wasn't shown anywhere else.

14 Lewbert

Lewbert freaks me out. That's the only reason I stopped watching this.

Maybe but I say what man have you even seen all of it get a life. Mandy is the worst

Lewbert is rude! Why he need to be a doorman? Look the way he dress! SO UNTIDY!

He is weird and keeps talking about his wart. It is idiotic

15 Gibby

Many reasons I got sick of Gibby:

1. what-what parent name's their kid 'Gibby'?

2. Why take your shirt off at the most randomest of times or not appropriate?

3. On Ep., Sam's mom was in prison, they went bail her out, but Gibby spent the bail money on a damn rock... Than a Japanese guy was wanting to buy his realistic mannequin head for like something-million, he refused until Sam had to knock him out. Insensitive and thoughtless.

4. Told Nora-crazy chick who KIDNAPPED the gang-where Sam was to get revenge. He has to be so damn brain-dead.

5. WAY too jealous. His one girlfriend trips and lands on Freddie and he goes bat- insane. Never would listen to what Freddie had to explain.

6. Parody of Twilight, Dresses as a werewolf, and is SEEN with another girl. Freddie or Sam, can't remember who, says he already has one, he says 'it ain't gonna last long'. Yeah, 'Ladies Man' right there...

He was sort of okay for the first few seasons but him in season 5 was terrible. Gibby saying his own name every 5 Seconds was not funny and he's stupid like Patrick, who's already the most hated character from modern Spongebob.

Why does the audience cheer to whatever he does.


1. Hypocritical.
2. Dead-Brained.
3. Untrustworthy.
4. Unreliable.
5. Pathetic.
6. Lazy.
7. Unfunny.

I'll put more details later about this... That'll be FuN! (note sarcasm) -__-"'

16 Lervin's Bully
17 Amber Tate

What a brat!

18 Mandy

Wack wack! No other words could describe this refugee from an asylum.

Better name duck mask freak

WACK! God she's annoying

Though girl is so annoying to the point where it's not even funny- gahh "quack quack! "

19 Missy Robinson

Dan Schneider just had to portray her as a villainess. Missy Robinson shouldn't have to be portrayed as a villainess.

Why is she not on here? I hate her

How rude and selfish was she

20 Carter Ford

This guy was so rude and vicious to Freddie. I wanna kick his mom in the face for giving birth to him!

Ok imagine him hitting a students dad in the face with his basketball and that students dad happens to be a police officer so that would be consider asaulting a police officer

21 Marissa Benson

She's a bit funny, but very nosy and crazy. Why can't she leave Freddie alone? He doesn't need tick baths or ridiculous protection! Freddie is a teenager, not 3!

She's number one, morons! Why do people feel the need to put her on a list twice! Heck, I might even see her scrolling down even further a third time! My god, people!

This I Freddie's mom. They're both the same character!

She is all about anti-Carly.

22 TBo

I need to "have a little word" with the person who put TBp in this list because how could you not like TBo?!

T-Bo is awesome!

23 Shelby Marx

ICarly the bunny hatrid. Shelby should understand it is Sam's fault that she hurt Carly. And it was a joke about 'I can kick your butt'. Carly quit because of someone's opinion. The bunny isn't even cute and has a home. Shelby just wants to raise money.

Did you know she is tori

24 Freddie

Who put freddie in this list?!

He was even more annoying than Carly!


25 Chip

Needs to be put in juvenile detention along with Chuck

They can never see their dad again
They will stay there

They cannot come back to their house

26 Reuben
27 Spencer

Spencer is cool and stupid, but that is what makes him funny... So spencer, gibby, carly, Freddie, and Sam shouldn't be on this list, and where is Nora, The chicken, and Kioko and Yuki?

My number one favourite character. SPENCER ROCKS

He is always causing fires in the house

He's quirky, but not stupid quirky! He IS smart, just weird... Like Sheldon from TBBT!

28 Wendy
29 Chuck

Needs to be put in juvenile detention

He's a little brat

30 Bottle Bot
31 Brad
32 Lervin

He was in episode ibattle chip.

33 Jeremy

Needs to see a doctor about his constant sneezing

The best ever

Needs alergy medicine lots and lots of it

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