Worst Ice Cream Flavors

The Top Ten Worst Ice Cream Flavors

1 Cheese

I hate cheese. I've always hated cheese because I hate how it smells and it's just downright disgusting. That's always been my opinion. People might have a different opinion. Unfortunately... this ice cream IS real. My friend visited some country with a name I can't pronounce... she said there was an ice cream shop there with any flavor you could name. I asked her to bring me back some and she brought me back some ice cream to-go which sounds pretty weird but still...
My friend made me really mad and out of all those delicious flavors she got me cheese. I THREW UP! God it was so nasty it took me a week to get the flavor out of my mouth. It tastes like it sounds, like creamy and cold cheese.

I like cheese, but honestly I wouldn’t try it if it was ice cream, rotten cheese is worse in ice cream. ;-;

Here in the Philippines, Cheese Ice Cream is common. And it is DELICIOUS! Not lying here.

The delicious combination of the saltiness of the cheese and the creaminess of the ice cream makes for a great sensation in my mouth.

EW cheese? I like cheese but in an ice-cream I simply cannot imagine anything so disgusting.. *shudders*

2 Dog Food

Oh hell nah I wouldn't want to try dog food flavoured ice cream

Okay? What were people thinking on this one?

1. Humans can NOT eat dog food. They would get very sick and it isn't healthy for them. That's why it's called DOG FOOD not HUMAN FOOD.

2. I've never tasted dog food for obvious reasons, but it WOULD taste disgusting. Just imagine eating that stuff... gross. Plain gross. Then you start to wonder how dogs manage to eat it.

3. Think of reasons one and two, it tastes nasty and it's not meant for humans. So take grossness and un-edibleness and make it an ice cream? Eww. Plain gross and unhealthy.

Are you kidding me!
Dog food is for dogs that is why it is called dog food
If it was for humans if would be called human food
No one eats dog food let alone ice cream dog food!

Ya it the best it tastes like yer mom

3 Human

Whoever made this flavor should be in jail because it is illegal to kill humans.

Okay, I am scared because this is human, why would you eat that. Now I keep seeing that image and am always scared!

I be this flavour was made by someone who was drunk and said "Hey, you know what? I'm going to make human ice cream! " Ist of all, how do they know what human tastes like?. _.

2nd of all, isn't that completely disgusting? God Bless the food critics

Tastes just like chicken except you feel less guilty eating it since there are too many humans on this earth anyway. As Dwight said, we need a new plague.

4 Coal

I've heard about this. Now you know what it's like to be a miner when you eat it. Gross.

Santa should bring coal ice cream to the bad kids on vacation.

I thought mint chip was bad!

Is this even a flavor?

5 Garlic

This flavor of ice cream makes you FART BAJILLIONS OF TIMES and it tastes like dog poo with banana mush! HOW can people have invented this HORRENDOUS flavor? Please, just give me a time machine so I can go back to CAVEMEN TIMES, so I don't need to deal with BAD-IDEA-HAVING people ANYWAY.! (Note: Any comments with extra punctuation and capitals are mine. READ THEM, I BEG YOU! Also, pass this note along to fellow commentators so I don't need to; my last notes were really tiring for my fingers.)

Must give you bad breath...

Garlic ice cream? sounds gross

I'm glad I never tried this I only like garlic bread and pizza cruat that tastes like garlic

6 Brussels Sprouts

Tasty. I really love veggies and this just blew me away

Ech! is the best way to describe.. brussel sprout ice cream.


7 Bubble Gum

When I was a teenager I ate a cup of bubblegum ice cream at the mall. It sucked. I didn't finish it and threw it in the garbage. I would like to meet the person who invented that crap and punch him in the face.

I bet this would be yummy for my tummy :-P

Lol I bought bubble gum ice cream in the supermarket, liking the blue color and thinking it would be good. I love bubble gum and ice cream, so I'd like this too, right?
WRONG. It was horrible, with this weird taste that had a hint of gum flavor. Like 51% bad, 49% bubble gum. It was WEIRD. The next day I invited mu neighbors over for an ice cream party - all you can eat. Thankfully they liked it. Sometimes I don't understand them.

The absolute worst, looks like strawberry but tastes like cancer. Never eat this under circumstance as you may die or have a awful taste in your mouth for a couple years. Many are driven to suicide after tasting bubble gum ice cream so just don't.

8 Gasoline

May I ask where the choice of Bleach is

How is this not number 1?

Whisky tango foxtrot

I want to eat this

9 Chocolate

The reason I hate chocolate ice cream is cause it is bitter like dark chocolate instead of sweet like milk chocolate

You guys are CRAZY! Chocolate is America's favorite and it will always be Americas favorite, and mine!

Boring flavour, I have tricked myself into always giving chocolate another chance but no longer shall I be enticed

I love chocolate specially for ice cream every time we go to ice cream shop that was my favorite flavor at all time

10 Horse Meat

Horse meat is nasty, think about MEAT ice cream. How would you even make that?

Gross. A Japanese cuisine that should stay in Japan.

Really people

At least it's not raw...

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11 Fish 'n' Chips

Fish n' Chips are my favourite meal but in an ice-cream? NOT my favourite dessert

- blush - honestly I am so wrong, I wanna have it so bad! With extra vinegar topping!

Yuck I am gonna be sick

I'm gonna throw up if I eat this

12 Octopus

Hey don't blame us as a whole I'm Japanese and I hate seafood- we made up for it inventing green tea ice cream.


Japanese made an abomination to ice cream
Cannot lie.

... Keep seafood out of my icecream please and ty

13 Purple Yam

Purple yam ice cream is delicious you people have no taste buds

It's so good. You people have awful palates.

So a purple sweet potato? Sounds kinda good if you like sweet potato

Purple yam is amazing! You people have no taste buds!

14 Raw Horseflesh

That sounds nasty you people are gross.

This is like a very gross flavor and who would make this.

Can't this get you sick.

NASTY who made this

15 Vanilla

The second most basic ice cream flavor, after pumpkin spice ice cream of course.

How Can You Hate Vanilla Ice Cream?! I Mean, Seriously? Whoever Put This Flavor On The List Is Most Likely To Be A Troll.

Who would put this awesome plain ice cream flavor in here

Vanilla is really good.

16 Fish

I doubt it's even a flavor

I like fish. I like ice-cream. I do not like fish in my ice-cream.

I love ice cream and I eat fish sometimes but if you put it together that's gonna be bad flavor to us like ewww your eating an ice cream flavored sea whooo

17 Shrimp

Eww. Now, I have never tasted this or any other bad ice cream, all of them I've tried are good, but just the thought of eating something like shrimp or shrimp ice cream (especially) grosses me out very badly.

I bet it is stinky

I like shrimp but this. This is an abomination to the world.

I love shrimp, I love ice cream but shrimp ice cream? sounds gross

18 Breast Milk

It was probably made for babies, but still... it's really weird

Ice Cream for babies. People who invented this are messed up.

This is not made for people past the age of... I don't know what age you stop drinking this stuff

So apparently this actually exists. Um...I don't really know what to say.

19 Seaweed


20 Tomato
21 Pickle

Have you heard of pickle snow cones...

I would probably eat it

I would only eat this for $1000

I have acually heard of ice cream companies trying to make this flavor! Nasty!

22 Chicken The chicken is a type of domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the red junglefowl. It is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, with a population of more than 19 billion as of 2011.
23 Corn
24 Insect

Depends what insect is in it... Does it have insect blood in it? Insect guts? This one is gross, all I know.

Like a candy bug... or like a real, creepy, crawling, disturbing insect?

Dude it's not real

Ble! I can't think about it right now! I sure bet it has a lot of protein! :P

25 Strawberry

This is my absolute favorite flavor why is this even on this list?

A woman I was dating gave me a bowl of strawberry ice cream once and I got so mad I threw it across the room and yelled at her so loud that the neighbors called the cops. When the cops arrived they arrested me for disorderly conduct. I hate strawberry ice cream and blame it for well over fifty percent of my failures in life,

Are you guys kidding me we love strawberry ice cream please delete this to the list

Hello! Strawberry rocks others were sucks They haven didn't taste Mint Chcolate

26 Cotton

Someone meant cotton candy?

27 Sewer

By far the 2nd best. Human is the first

Who keeps adding this crap?

I don't like the taste of it

Correction. sewer

28 Dead Fish

It is died come on

29 Avocado

Avocado ice cream is amazing. 'enough said.

It... might be good. I mean, I like avocado and ice-cream...

I love avocado ice cream.

Who would eat this

30 Rocky Road

Rocky road is my favorite type of ice cream. Any body who posted this for an idea, is drunk.

Rocky Road does not suck compared to these if anything butter pecan is worse

This flavor is awesome

31 Fortune Cookie

What the frick? Fortune cookies are cookies with paper in them, the ice cream flavor wouldn't taste so bad but imagine biting into it and a piece of soggy paper goes down... Even if you end up not eating it... you wouldn't be able to read your fortune. COME ON!

That's not a flavor

That's Not A Type Of Ice Cream. That's A Type Of Cookie. I Think...

If they take the paper out, YAAASS. If they just put the cookies in *shudder* wet, soggy paper.

32 Popcorn

Popcorn is my favorite food of all time. I tried it. It made me not even look at popcorn for days. It was THAT bad.

You gotta be kidding me! Really, popcorn ice cream? That's just wrong!

Oh My God I've tried this is terrible don't ever eat it if you want to survive

I love popcorn don't get me wrong, but... This. This can't help children survive.

33 Mint Chocolate

CRAZY, CRAZY, PEOPLE! You guys just hate it because you think there is not much flavor. But it's a good flavor! It has good mint chocolates and vanilla ice cream, and it's good! The people who say that this flavor sucks are being idiots and probably never tried it before (I'm not saying it to be mean. )

I'm not voting for this mint chocolate is a actual fvot and its really good

Mint chocolate ice cream rocks pepol who don't like it are not normal

Wait I love mint chocolate ice cream are you guys do not have taste buds?

34 Cactus

Did you just make this up?

-3- this isn't real

Why is this real

35 Metal


O.M.G. Who on this planet decided to put metal into ice cream!? WHO!? Whoever did, REVEAL YOURSELF.

Don't know why anyone would eat this but...😕

36 Elephant Elephants are large mammals of the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea. Two species are traditionally recognized, the African elephant and the Asian elephant, although some evidence suggests that African bush elephants and African forest elephants are separate species.

That not a ice cream

37 Banana

My mom would hate this flavor (she doesn't like bananas) but I would like it.

Banana ice cream yummy not yuck who does not like bananas

So good me and my bff get this

38 Vomit

That's disgsuting. As if the vomit flavored jelly beans wasn't enough.

Is there really a vomit flavored ice cream.


1. There is no such thing as vomit icecream 2. WHO WOULD EAT IT?!?!

39 Blueberry
40 Wood

Do they just chop up wood to where it is aliquid and then churn it or what

Um.. how and why?

Why would anyone eat that? YUCK😖

41 Broccoli
42 Carrot The carrot is a root vegetable, usually orange in colour, though purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars exist. Carrots are a domesticated form of the wild carrot, Daucus carota, native to Europe and southwestern Asia.

Carrot I can understand. I hate carrots

43 Lobster

Really people! Make actual flavors that taste good!

44 Ox Tongue

Because everyone likes the taste of ox tongue

I don't know if id like it but probably not

Because we have tasted Ox tongue!

45 Leather

Leather couches? It smells good

46 Cookies and Cream

This favorite ice cream what idiot would put it for the top flavor and then put it for the worst flavor

Why is it even here! Cookies and cream rocks!

Go to the list of the top ten BEST ice cream flavors and this is number one best. BECAUSE IT IS! How is Breast Milk, Coal, and corn ice cream below this?

Great flavor! Don't just sit there and hate it!

47 Sardines
48 Mint

I like it if its chocolate mint but I haven't tasted it.

Add chocolate& we're all good

Why not just freeze and eat toothpaste, terrible

49 Smurf

Come on people, smurf is a real ice cream flavor it is very popular in Germany where I live. It sounds gross but it's just blue ice cream. I can't describe the flavor however..

Is it made of smurfs

I'll take your word for it and say it's just blue icecream.

50 Green Tea

Whoever put this here probably isn't Asian. This is DELICIOUS!

Bitter cone of regret and sadness.


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