Worst Ice Cream Flavors


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41 Metal V 2 Comments
42 Lobster

Really people! Make actual flavors that taste good!

43 Ox Tongue

Because everyone likes the taste of ox tongue

I don't know if id like it but probably not

Because we have tasted Ox tongue!

44 Leather
45 Vomit

Is there really a vomit flavored ice cream.

So tthis is what ice cream makers do when they are drunk and took the job. noobs

V 3 Comments
46 Smurf

Come on people, smurf is a real ice cream flavor it is very popular in Germany where I live. It sounds gross but it's just blue ice cream. I can't describe the flavor however..

V 2 Comments
47 Mint

I like it if its chocolate mint but I haven't tasted it.

Why not just freeze and eat toothpaste, terrible

V 1 Comment
48 Cookies and Cream

This favorite ice cream what idiot would put it for the top flavor and then put it for the worst flavor

Why is it even here! Cookies and cream rocks!

Go to the list of the top ten BEST ice cream flavors and this is number one best. BECAUSE IT IS! How is Breast Milk, Coal, and corn ice cream below this?

This flavour rocks this guy or woman could be high or drunk posting this

V 12 Comments
49 Pistachio

Sometimes it's bearable, but ugh! It has that weird ice cream flavor. I LOVE pistachio nuts, but HATE pistachio ice-cream :(

Oh come on pistachio ice cream is good I first tasted it in Ralph's Italian ices and ice cream,I recommend it

Talk about it. My mom invited me over to her house and had it for dessert. Eww.

V 2 Comments
50 Sardines
51 Frog Leg

Why is chocolate above this?

52 Butter

Julia child's fave flavour of ice cream

V 4 Comments
53 Watermelon V 3 Comments
54 Green Tea

Bitter cone of regret and sadness.

55 Macaroni And Cheese

I literally had Macaroni & Cheese ice cream at a middle-of-nowhere ice cream shop down in Tennessee. It did have the pang of Mac and Cheese, and it was nasty. - GhostBird

56 Sweat

That is just gross! 1

57 Eggnog
58 Rum Raisin

Those are two totally different things! Make real things people!

Rum Raisin is actually my mom's favorite. It's pretty good

59 Coffee

Hey coffee ice cream is good it's my favorite

No, its too bitter!

Totally awful.

Coffee flavored ice cream is good.some people said that it's bitter,you can just put sugar in it and it's gonna be sweet

V 1 Comment
60 Moldy Cheese

I don't even wanna think about it... - mayamanga

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