Top Ten Worst Ideas for a New SpongeBob SquarePants Episode


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41 Breadwinners Meets SpongeBob Squarepants

That would be apocalyptic. - Stage13-10

42 Dora Explores Bikini Bottom
43 One Coarse Meal 2: Plankton's Suicide

Because the first one wasn't bad enough. - Garythesnail

44 SpongeBob Kills God and Jesus

Too offensive if it were to be made - PsychopathicSissyPants2

Sounds like it would be written by any satanic black metal band.

This is what would happen if you let Deicide write an episode of SpongeBob.

Offensive to Christians also god and jesus can't die

45 SpongeBob Twerk Contest
46 SpongeBob Trolls On TheTopTens

I think one of the trolls on this site are SpongeBob...maybe it's me

V 1 Comment
47 SpongeBob Becomes the New The Simpsons
48 Doofus Shuffleboarding in the Kitchen with Gary

4 bad episodes is bad enough, we don't need a mash of all of them!

49 The Return of Puffy Fluffy
50 Atlantis Squarepantis 2: The Legend of Zeus Cervas
51 Spongebob Licks Squidward

Haven't they done that in some episodes before?

52 Squidward Torture V 1 Comment
53 SpongeBob Bootleg

Bootleg Called Dumped scary as hell

54 Spongebob Goes Insane and Kills Everybody

This will be a creepypasta

55 SpongeBob Meets Nicki Minaj

This would be terrible since ABC said that Nicki Min aj was a role model for the youth (Which she's really NOT! ).

56 SpongeBob Joins a Black Metal Band
57 SpongeBob Meets Cannibal Corpse
58 SpongeBob Becomes a White Supremacist

He's a sponge so that would make it funny

59 SpongeBob and Patrick Smoke Tons of Crack
60 Squidward Commits Suicide for Real
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