Top Ten Worst Ideas for Sitcoms

In this list you simply make up bad ideas for a sitcom! If you like one of my ideas then you can vote for that, otherwise you can submit your own.

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1 The Life of a Person Grocery Shopping

Your daily life, aka a far less interesting version of The Sims... Seriously! This sitcom is literally just a bunch of people grocery shopping. Hooray for originality!

10/10! Amazing! Have to see! Groundbreaking! Fantastic! - RaineSage

Looking forward to it whenever it comes out.

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2 The Misadventures of Bacteria

Welcome to the Misadventures of Bacteria, a phenominal and unique television sitcom coming to Channel 4 that stars bacteria with the names of 1536, 2343, 384839929, and 383883! Don't like it when people talk in sitcoms because speech is too... Cliché?

Well don't you fear, because our heroes don't even speak a single word through this entire sitcom at all and instead make jokes and conversation via flagella swings! - RaineSage

3 Text Speak: The Sitcom

This sounds like it could be a Sitcom actually. A Sitcom consisting of an ensemble cast of a bunch of people text speaking all day in abbreviations nobody has heard of. Fun. - RaineSage

Can imagine a really dull sitcom where the script is a really dull group chat, word for word. - PositronWildhawk

4 Nothing at All: The Sitcom
5 YouTube Comments: The Sitcom

This would literally just be a bunch of people yelling at each other with horrendous grammar and a ridiculous overabundance of slang words. Sounds like a fun show to watch, doesn't it? - RaineSage

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6 Sitcom: The Amazing Misadventures of Maths Class

This would be a good show to watch. That is, if you wanna fall asleep... - nintendofan126

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7 This List: The Sitcom

Sorry I just had to include this. This would be... An interesting sitcom - RaineSage

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8 Nicki Minaj: The Sitcom

The sad thing is that she actually has a sitcom development deal with ABC and they are working on a show about her life.

W...What? NO! This will never, EVER be a reality! I will make sure of it and be the hero that saves the world! *runs off while shouting something about being part of a horror movie* - RaineSage

9 Sitcom: The Sitcom

Errr... I will leave this up to your imagination... That is making my brain hurt... - RaineSage

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10 Autocorrect: The Sitcom

One day a guy walked up to another guy on the street and said "Do you have a fartknocker? " He was smiling cheerfully, looking curious about something. Obviously about what he was asking.

The other guy looked at him, confused. "What are you talking about...? "

"I-II mean... Fartknocker! "

The other guy frowned. "I am afraid I don't understa---"


The other guy sighed and walked away, leaving the first guy alone. "W-What... Don't LEAVE MEEE! "

His wails were met with silence. End of first episode. - RaineSage

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11 Hannah Montana: 5 Years Later

The show would probably be really inappropriate now!

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12 Admin: The Sitcom
13 Tragedy: The Sitcom

Who'll be the script writer huh? - SamuiNeko

14 The Life of a Fish

A crazy good series,So much originality, this series revolutionised the industry with such horribleness. This series is like if Ed Wood and Uwe Boll decided to create a sitcom.Here is the premise, (dubbed voices of humans over fish swimming in the sea, the only filming done is of the fish swimming and so this sitcom would be so bad, it's good. - DJSchollen

15 Spongebob Squarepants (Live Action Series)
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