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21 Teen Titans Go! and The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

They actually did that and it turned out awful.

They actually did that!

Here's a story that I need to report:
Once PPG becomes a bad show according to TTG and becomes it's "assistant".
It feels like Anakin Skywalker just join the Dark Side or something.

PPG: You'll never win because you're the worst.
TTG: How does it feels to be a bad show?
Painful? Torments? What about you will join the our team.
PPG:Hmmm... Seems great!

*Bad shows applaud*

TTG: Since we don't need Clarence anymore, why won't you help me destroying all the Goody-Old-Two-Shoes?
PPG:Wait, destroying my friends? No way!
TTG: Well, fine then!
PPG:Wait, no no nooo!
TTG:Welcome PPG2016
PPG(2016):Yes master.
TTG:You'll do anything what I'll just said.

The true story behind this crossover.

22 Dexter's Laboratory and Sanjay and Craig
23 Secret Mountain Fort Awesome and the Problem Solverz
24 Wizards Of Waverly Place and Robot Chicken V 1 Comment
25 Sanjay and Craig and Big Brother
26 Total Drama and Curious George

What in the world? This would make no sense, not only are the animations completely different, but Total Drama is a teen show while Curious George is for little kids. - AnimeDrawer

V 2 Comments
27 Rabbids Invasion and Breadwinners

They could call it: the Breadwinning Rabbids! Plot: The Rabbids meet SwaySway and Buhdeuce, and decide to deliver bread to people, meanwhile, SwaySway and Buhdeuce decide to go around Duck Town screaming "BBHAAH! " and annoying the citizens.

28 Barney and Friends and Dora the Explorer
29 Uncle Grandpa and Clarence
30 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop
31 Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba
32 Super Why and Sid The Science Kid
33 Empire and SpongeBob SquarePants
34 Empire and Dora the Explorer
35 The Teletubbies and The Simpsons
36 Total Drama and NCIS
37 Modern Family and Regular Show
38 Dora the Explorer and Yo Gabba Gabba
39 Dating Naked and Sesame Street
40 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Barney & Friends
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