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1 The Pizza Thief

Gumball goes to a new pizzeria and that pizzerias pizza gets stolen! Gumball plays dead at first but then tries to find the thief but this is a 2 part ep the reason why it's on the list is because gumball plays dead poor gumball D: - TheKirbyCreeper999

2 Mermaid Adventure (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)

First of all the day of Mario party 10 is the 20th of March 2015 is also the day of mermaid magic a nick jr event with a mermaid themed ep of dora and friends into the city and paw patrol but... I hate svtfoe and star becomes a mermaid somehow and has an adventure to defeat an evil whale :( see what I mean evil animals even sea animals I'm frustrated at Disney it's that is one of the worst episodes of the show along with the one where she becomes a knight - TheKirbyCreeper999

3 Chum Hype

A sequel to patty hype except plankton sells colored chum instead of SpongeBob selling colored Krabby patties but it's coping patty hype so no bad idea why even though is a remake of patty hype which is dumb to see a remake of a T.V. show episode video games are different but T.V. shows meh - TheKirbyCreeper999

4 The Race

Hater challenges wander to a running race that's it again - TheKirbyCreeper999

5 The Quad-Prix

The harper quadtroplets school have a go kart race at there school that's it about the episode - TheKirbyCreeper999

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6 The Case of the Missing Football

Yeah they can buy a new football you drug idiot

7 Space Blaze

Blaze wants to put a flag of him on the moon but so does crusher! Crusher makes an asteroid cannon to Stop blaze from doing it but blaze puts the flag of him on the moon and crusher is so so so so so so so so so sad because of blazes flag and crusher gets hit by a comet - TheKirbyCreeper999

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8 The Hurricane (Wander Over Yonder)
9 Stewie's Penis Party (Family Guy)

Just the title says everything

10 Sponge Trap

Squidward tries to make a trap for SpongeBob so he won't have to deal with him but SpongeBob ignores it but gets trapped at the end and squidward told the police that larry the lobster trapped him and larry gets arrested but SpongeBob does not escape the trap leaving a weird ending for the episode - TheKirbyCreeper999

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11 Catdogs Opposite (Catdog)

In the episode cat acts like dog and dog acts like cat cat plays fetch and dog does nothing seriously what KIND OF EPISODE IS that😐 - TheKirbyCreeper999

12 Diary of a Wimpy Derp (Clarence)
13 Spongebob and the Nazis

SpongeBob goes through a an alternate future when the Nazis won the war and began to colonize and live in the ocean

I hope Hitler believed that SpongeBob was real.

I didn't Nazi that coming and excuse me I am so fuhrer-ious now I think I am going to Concentrate on my camp - CerealGuy

14 Everyone Knows It's Bendy Again! (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)

Same as the first version

No. Just. No more ENIB Sequels - TheKirbyCreeper999

Unless if it had to do with Bendy getting in trouble and Frankie and Mr Herriman say sorry to the others.

15 Lindsay Dies (Total Drama) V 2 Comments
16 Mewberty Is Back (Star vs the Forces of Evil) V 2 Comments
17 SpongeBob Meets The Kinder Egg Man
18 Save Justin Bieber (The Thundermans)
19 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends (SpongeBob)
20 Mission to Rule the World (Breadwinners) V 1 Comment
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1. Mermaid Adventure (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
2. Stewie's Penis Party (Family Guy)
3. The Pizza Thief
1. The Pizza Thief
2. Mermaid Adventure (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
3. Chum Hype
1. The Pizza Thief
2. Chum Hype
3. Mermaid Adventure (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)



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