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1 Gay, Sex, and Suicide Pants

YEAH! Make this number 1! It is the worst idea! - Garythesnail

Yeah. For a kid show. - Garythesnail

I created that list, but I did not add all those dumb ideas to it, I'm smart and know what I'm doing! I think other idiots just wanted to put them on the list because they had nothing to do. - TopTenJackson

This is an awful idea. I'm glad it's Number 1. - Powerfulgirl10

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2 Different Way

The most disgusting idea I have ever heard - PatrickStar

Apparently it's about SpongeBob peeing into Sandy's mouth. Yeah, great idea for an episode (sarcasm)

Only an exceptionally perverted, mentally challenged 12-year-old boy would come up with this.

Disgusting and juvenile. It's about spongebob peeing into sandys mouth. Eww gross - Lunala

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3 Doofus Shuffleboarding In the Kitchen With Gary

What the heck who thought this was a good idea it's a combo of Demolition Doofus, Shuffleboarding, Someones in the Kitchen with Sandy and A Pal for Gary which are all terrible.

This episode will be as bad as Demolition Doofus, Shuffle-Boarding, Someone's in the kitchen with Sandy and a Pal for Gary together!

What is this?! Demolition Doofus + Shuffleboarding + Someone's in the Kitchen With Sandy + A Pal For Gary? - Powerfulgirl10

You forgot With Coarse Meal For Gary - ABBCC

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4 Youtube Poop Night at Bikini Bottom

Well I'm OK with that, it's YouTube Poop where you get the poop from the YouTube toilet - CerealGuy

Still better than "Squidward Torture Porn" - TheEvilNuggetCookie

It's YouTube Poop. What else did you expect? - ExxonWireless

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5 Everyone Dies And the Show Ends

What type of idiot would vote for this? (I mean on the real list) - toptenzen

I'd actually like this idea if some of these bad ideas became a reality. - Skullkid755

Wow just wow how did this little people vote for this it should be #1

This is a good idea because Spongebob sucks now and needs to die.

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6 Patrick x Pearl

Yeah. Two characters who have never interacted at all are going to get into a relationship. - Garythesnail

The list is just a joke now. There is more bad than good. All these lovefests, crossovers with adult show, killing characters, abusing characters, dumb comments. I'm sick of it. - Puga

Patrick doesn't even know Pearl. - Pug

Plus It's Pedophilia For Patrick To Fall In love with Pearl

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7 SpongeBob x Sandy

Just to let you know, I DID NOT ADD THESE TO THE LIST! Some other idiots just put them on there. - Jackthetoptenguy5

People should have common sense. I mean, we won't want to see this. Even patrick x pearl doesn't work out either!

Yes! In season 6 episode 16 The episode truth or Square Sandy and SpongeBob do get married but it was just a play

Dear God... It's stuck in my head... Thanks a lot to those idiots who gave out those perverted ideas.

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8 Plankton Kills Krabs and Gets Away With It

I am more on Plankton's side than Krabs's, but this is just too much. - Garythesnail

The list needs to end now. It's becoming just terrible and inappropriate ideas. It is good for a laugh, nothing else. - Garythesnail

This would leave Gary and Squidward the only likeable characters. - OhioStateBuckeyes

I know only Gary will be left, but what about One Coarse Meal? - BorisRule

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9 Racist Sponge

That sounds like the worst idea for a kids show. I'm a black guy and you're thinking about a racist SpongeBob? You people make me sick.

What a bad idea - SpongebobSuxx

Who is this worst than than poor ratchet racist and suicide SpongeBob?

Absolutely horrible idea - PeeledBanana

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10 The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

This should be higher. In this episode, everyone dies and the show ends. And they die graphically. - anonygirl

The Most Offensive And Worst Idea On The List - rjbarg042

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? SpongeBob ClopperPants

These Trolls Are Disgusting - JPK

? Plankton and Gary Kill Mr. Krabs

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12 Extreme Suicide

Well, they wouldn't be able to drown themselves, so that's good. - swagmaster97

Are You Happy Now? and One Coarse Meal are bad enough. We don't need anymore suicide episodes.

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13 SpaghettiBob MemePants
14 Kissy Kissy Love You

Nobody wants to watch this happen. It would be banned from T.V. , and it would ruin SpongeBob's reputation. - Turkeyasylum

About sex and porn? Huh I bet SpongeBob is on porn now - CerealGuy

Who the hell came up with that?

Apparently it's "Spongebob pees in sandy's mouth, lors of love kissing and sex everywhere" according to some troll. - Lunala

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15 The Greatest Different Way Of All Time (24 Hour Special)
16 Gary Abuse

Yeah, that one was called The Cent of Money. But more importantly, aren't we forgetting the ever awful A Pal for Gary? Plus, why would anyone want this when Gary is actually one of the few characters left who are still likeable?

Who would put this on here. Probably a troll or a sadist... Gary doesn't deserve the abuse he's just a pet... - MusicalPony

They already did that on the episode where Mr Krabs uses Gary for coins.

Already happened in A Pal For Gary and Pet Sitter Pat. - Powerfulgirl10

17 SpongeBob Kills John F. Kennedy
18 One Coarse Gary
19 Angry Video Game Sponge
20 Poor, Ratchet, Racist, and Suicide Sponge

Wow, I don't know how this can get any worse. This is one of the worst ideas on the list, and it is a very awful idea. Such a horrible title, and it will be an awful plot. Please end this list.

What the what do these people know SpongeBob is a kid show

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