Top Ten Worst Ideas In the List "Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob"


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1 Gay, Sex, and Suicide Pants

YEAH! Make this number 1! It is the worst idea! - Garythesnail

Yeah. For a kid show. - Garythesnail

I created that list, but I did not add all those dumb ideas to it, I'm smart and know what I'm doing! I think other idiots just wanted to put them on the list because they had nothing to do. - TopTenJackson

Really? For a kids show? Just stop with all the inappropriate episode ideas already please guys!

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2 Different Way

The most disgusting idea I have ever heard - PatrickStar

Apparently it's about SpongeBob peeing into Sandy's mouth. Yeah, great idea for an episode (sarcasm)

Only an exceptionally perverted, mentally challenged 12-year-old boy would come up with this.

It’s scary because it sounds like something they might actually do.

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3 Patrick x Pearl

Yeah. Two characters who have never interacted at all are going to get into a relationship. - Garythesnail

The list is just a joke now. There is more bad than good. All these lovefests, crossovers with adult show, killing characters, abusing characters, dumb comments. I'm sick of it. - Puga

Patrick doesn't even know Pearl. - Pug

They hardly even know each other - jbella9000

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4 SpongeBob x Sandy

Just to let you know, I DID NOT ADD THESE TO THE LIST! Some other idiots just put them on there. - Jackthetoptenguy5

People should have common sense. I mean, we won't want to see this. Even patrick x pearl doesn't work out either!

Yes! In season 6 episode 16 The episode truth or Square Sandy and SpongeBob do get married but it was just a play

Dear God... It's stuck in my head... Thanks a lot to those idiots who gave out those perverted ideas.

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5 Doofus Shuffleboarding In the Kitchen With Gary

What the heck who thought this was a good idea it's a combo of Demolition Doofus, Shuffleboarding, Someones in the Kitchen with Sandy and A Pal for Gary which are all terrible.

This episode will be as bad as Demolition Doofus, Shuffle-Boarding, Someone's in the kitchen with Sandy and a Pal for Gary together!

Literally who thought this was a good idea to combine all these awful episodes together and you get something just as bad as all these episodes in a combo?

What is this?! Demolition Doofus + Shuffleboarding + Someone's in the Kitchen With Sandy + A Pal For Gary? - Powerfulgirl10

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6 Youtube Poop Night at Bikini Bottom

Well I'm OK with that, it's YouTube Poop where you get the poop from the YouTube toilet - CerealGuy

It's just a whole night of SpongeBob YTPs

Terrible idea its spongebob not YTP - epictoonsfan1

7 Everyone Dies And the Show Ends

What type of idiot would vote for this? (I mean on the real list) - toptenzen

Wow just wow how did this little people vote for this it should be #1

This should at least be above "Gary's Death" for a million reasons.

This is a good idea because Spongebob sucks now and needs to die.

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8 Racist Sponge

That sounds like the worst idea for a kids show. I'm a black guy and you're thinking about a racist SpongeBob? You people make me sick.

What a bad idea - SpongebobSuxx

Who is this worst than than poor ratchet racist and suicide SpongeBob?

What kind of idiot would ever come up like a horrible episode like that? That sounds like a terrible idea for a kids show and thinking about spongebob being racist to other people just ticks me off.

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9 Another Pal for Gary

So you're telling me SpongeBob should be as bad as hell? Such an awful idea.

Such an awful idea to make spongebob just as bad as he originally was before. Pal for Gary was bad enough, so why make a sequel to an already horrible episode?

The people who keep coming up with awful ideas should stop. Nobody likes those dumb ideas.

10 Kissy Kissy Love You

Nobody wants to watch this happen. It would be banned from T.V. , and it would ruin SpongeBob's reputation. - Turkeyasylum

About sex and porn? Huh I bet SpongeBob is on porn now - CerealGuy

Who the hell came up with that?

Nobody wants to see an spongebob episode about kissing, sex, porn and peeing in Sandy's mouth thank you very much.

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? That's Not Gary

Literally an exact ripoff of Shellback Shenanigans, which itself was a ripoff of Imitation Krabs. - KalloFox34

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11 Return of the Geeks

Is this some horrible spinoff of Band Geeks?! If so, then everyone just ruined a classic.

12 Sandy Abuse

At least in Patrick Abuse, Squidward had a reason to torture Patrick... - Turkeyasylum

This episode already exists! It's called "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy".

What the hell has Sandy ever done to deserve this?

13 Extreme Suicide

Well, they wouldn't be able to drown themselves, so that's good. - swagmaster97

We already had One Coarse meal and a pal for Gary, so why make more suicide episodes? Its just plain mean-spirited.

Are You Happy Now? and One Coarse Meal are bad enough. We don't need anymore suicide episodes.

*sobs* I don't even know if Are You Happy Now and One Coarse Meal are even real, but please stop! I had enough of the disturbing imagery! *sobs*,>o<, - Gehenna

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14 #spongeontwitter

Oh no! Don't bring the hashtag curse to SpongeBob! - Powerfulgirl10

15 Plankton Kills Krabs and Gets Away With It

I am more on Plankton's side than Krabs's, but this is just too much. - Garythesnail

The list needs to end now. It's becoming just terrible and inappropriate ideas. It is good for a laugh, nothing else. - Garythesnail

This would leave Gary and Squidward the only likeable characters. - OhioStateBuckeyes

I really hate Mr krabs a lot and I prefer Plankton over Mr krabs, but this has gone way too far!

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16 Patrick Abuse

I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. - sandycheeks

What! No he deserve this abuse

He deserves this for trying to mutilate a baby

17 Gary Abuse

Yeah, that one was called The Cent of Money. But more importantly, aren't we forgetting the ever awful A Pal for Gary? Plus, why would anyone want this when Gary is actually one of the few characters left who are still likeable?

Who would put this on here. Probably a troll or a sadist... Gary doesn't deserve the abuse he's just a pet... - MusicalPony

They already did that on the episode where Mr Krabs uses Gary for coins.

We already had "A pal for Gary" and "Pet sitter pat", so we don't need more Gary the snail torture episodes. Besides why would anyone ever put this on the list, when gary is one of the only likable characters in spongebob nowadays?

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18 Spandy Day

Laugh out loud what

According to the description, it's an episode about 10 straight minutes of SpongeBob and Sandy having sex. - Garythesnail

I don't even ship these two together. - Powerfulgirl10

Super hot should happen

19 Diarrhea Pants

It sounds super bad

What the heck! That's horrible!

Sounds like a horrible idea!

Only a stupid six year old who likes Breadlosers and Teen Titans No! would think this is funny - Lunala

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20 SpaghettiBob MemePants
21 Sandy and the Whale

Do you mean Sandy and Pearl?

He probably does.

22 The End

This could actually a great episode! Its just the fact it's the last that scares me - toptenzen

Yes do this in south park

Steve turns Bikini Bottom into the End.

Oh, and also the very offensive idea where everyone turns braindead because they catch Autism - Goatworlds

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23 Band Geeks With Rascal Flatts

Obviously people want to ruin a classic episode.

There are WAY too many band geeks sequels/alternate ending on that list.

Guys, Band geeks was already a great episode! We don't need more sequels/alternate endings on that list.

24 Squidward's Suicide

This already happened. It's a creepypasta posted somewhere on the internet. I first heard about it on the SpongeBob message boards at IMDb back in (I think) 2013. Maybe 2012. It's 2014 now so it's two years since this creepypasta first appeared. (Squidward's article at Wikipedia specifically mentions that the creepypasta appeared in 2012. )

That already happened in 'Are you happy now? TWICE!

It already happened in a creepypasta, but why make another episode about squidward, one of the only likable characters left on the show commiting suicide? It already happened in "are you happy now? " so why another episode?

Squidward's suicide was a creepypasta someone else made. It was not nickelodeon. don't LOOK IT UP. I warned you

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25 Mario Pays a Visit

SpongeBob and Mario have nothing in common.

Yes. An episode of a cartoon where a cartoon crosses over with a video game is just weird. I think this is even worse than The Simpsons Come to Town, an already bad idea. - anonygirl

Why "pay" a visit? He doesn't owe one

This needs to be in the top 10. It's a really bad idea and I wonder how did it come up. - PageEmperor

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26 SanjayBob CraigPants

That would be a nightmare!

The only reason I would ever watch this if sanjay and craig ever had a crossover of spongebob, is if sanjay and craig die or get abused by spongebob. Other than that, just imagine the horror of the amount of toilet humour it would've had.

I would watch this if Sanjay and Craig are abused.

Full of butts - Lunala

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27 BarneyBob FriendsPants

I'm only watching this if Barney and his friends die. - Powerfulgirl10

Barney sucks - VideoGamefan5

28 One Coarse Gary
29 Angry Video Game Sponge
30 BreadBob WinnersPants

Why would anyone watch this? - Turkeyasylum

I'll only watch it if the Breadwinners die. - Powerfulgirl10

More like BreadLosers. - Lunala

31 SpongeBob Meets PIEGUYRULZ

PIEGUYRULZ may be a good YouTuber, but why does Spongebob need to meet him? Who added this? (I mean on the real list) - Datguyisweird666

32 Family Guy In Bikini Bottom

This is interesting. Peter and Patrick should have farting contest - Bri-Loves_PSY_66

33 Squidward Abuse

Oh come on give Squidward a break! He's already had enough abuse! - Tyler730

Do the people in Bikini Bottom want Squidward DEAD? - Datguyisweird666

34 SpongeBob Dies

I know right? It's such a horrible idea!

If SpongeBob died my childhood is ruined forever

Should be number 1. Who would want to see Spingebob die? - matty925

35 Gary's Death

Why would you want to see this? - Garythesnail

It's animal death, you don't want to see Gary death - CerealGuy

If they make this episode it might as well just be a worse version of A Pal For Gary or Pet Sitter Pat. - OhioStateBuckeyes


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36 DoraBob Explorer Pants

SpongeBob is for all ages! Not one and two year olds - toptenzen

Why would they make this if Dora is getting cancelled? - OhioStateBuckeyes

You gotta be kidding me.

Why?! 1

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37 FanboyBob ChumChumPants

Id rather watch Dora Bob Explorer pants - michaelthecritic

38 Spongebob x Plankton x Pearl x Patrick x Mr Krabs x Squidward x Karen x Old Man Jenkins x Mrs Puff x Sandy x Fred Rechid x Larry The Lobster

Who ever made this is one of the most gayest person on Earth because he wants to see every character kiss and marry each other. - Datguyisweird666

How disgusting.

Oh. - Lunala

39 Teenage Mutant Ninja SpongeBob

Very stupid title, and a boring plot.

Wonder what would that parody look like.

40 Band Geeks (Extended Version)
41 Gay Sponge

Um... Yeah, I definitely wanted that in my head. - Garythesnail

42 Annoying Sponge

Already happening in the new episodes.

43 The Simpsons Come to Town

I like the Simpsons, but this does NOT need to crossover with SpongeBob.

This would definitely ruin both shows. - Powerfulgirl10


44 Cat

Cat? That's it? No more plot then that? - toptenzen

Is this a joke?! What the heck?!?!

45 Squidward, You're Fired

SpongeBob Your Fired was bad enough - toptenzen

Mr. Toptenzen, if Squidward got fired, he'd be overjoyed.

46 SpongeBob Watches the Hills Have Eyes

What the heck does this even mean?! - toptenzen

SpongeBob watching a lame horror movie about a family that goes to the New Mexico and aliens kill them - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

That is just nonsense!

47 SpongeBob Gets Hooked on Meth

Awful Idea - JPK

On a kid show. - Lunala

48 Naked Party of SpongeBob

Sounds like a 7 year old with bad grammar made up the episode name. - Lunala

Yeah, thanks for bringing inappropriate life back to me.

49 Spongebob Pees

Just... Wow. Never have I seen such an uninspired and awful idea. This is the worst idea on the list, and if it was made, I may have to debate if it's as bad as A Pal For Gary and One Coarse Meal. - Garythesnail

Are you serious? Who pees on a Nickelodeon show? Just like SpongeBob Poops!

WOW. Who the hell spends 11 minutes watching a sponge peeing?

Seriously, who the actual heck wants to see spongebob peeing for 11 minutes on a Nickelodeon show? That has to be one of the most uninspired and awful idea on the list! Only toddlers who like teen titans No!, Breadlosers and sanjay and craig would put this on the list!

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50 SpongeBob Poops

Well there was an 11 minute episode about SpongeBob getting a splinter so who knows

Just like SpongeBob Pees!

Some immature idiot made this up - Lunala

Its like spongebob pees but this time pooing! Seriously? Only an immature little kid would come up with that!

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