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21 Another Pal for Gary

So you're telling me SpongeBob should be as bad as hell? Such an awful idea.

The people who keep coming up with awful ideas should stop. Nobody likes those dumb ideas.

No one liked A Pal for Gary in the first place. It definitely doesn't need a sequel. - Ghostbunny

22 Diarrhea Pants

It sounds super bad

What the heck! That's horrible!

I know, right?

Only a stupid six year old who likes Breadlosers and Teen Titans No! would think this is funny - Lunala

23 SpongeBob Meets PIEGUYRULZ
24 Family Guy In Bikini Bottom

This is interesting. Peter and Patrick should have farting contest - Bri-Loves_PSY_66

25 Squidward's Suicide

This already happened. It's a creepypasta posted somewhere on the internet. I first heard about it on the SpongeBob message boards at IMDb back in (I think) 2013. Maybe 2012. It's 2014 now so it's two years since this creepypasta first appeared. (Squidward's article at Wikipedia specifically mentions that the creepypasta appeared in 2012. )

That already happened in 'Are you happy now? TWICE!

They banned this episode. Why would they do it again?! - Goatworlds

Goatworlds, Squidward's Suicide never existed. It's just a creepypasta.

26 Band Geeks (Extended Version)
27 SpongeBob Dies

I know right? It's such a horrible idea!

If SpongeBob died my childhood is ruined forever

Should be number 1. Who would want to see Spingebob die? - matty925

28 Spongebob x Plankton x Pearl x Patrick x Mr Krabs x Squidward x Karen x Old Man Jenkins x Mrs Puff x Sandy x Fred Rechid x Larry The Lobster

How disgusting.

Oh. - Lunala

29 Death of Luigi With Razors
30 Mario Pays a Visit

SpongeBob and Mario have nothing in common.

Yes. An episode of a cartoon where a cartoon crosses over with a video game is just weird. I think this is even worse than The Simpsons Come to Town, an already bad idea. - anonygirl

Why "pay" a visit? He doesn't owe one

This needs to be in the top 10. It's a really bad idea and I wonder how did it come up. - PageEmperor

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31 SanjayBob CraigPants

That would be a nightmare!

I would watch this if Sanjay and Craig are abused.

I Kill myself if that happened

Full of butts - Lunala

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32 Squidward, You're Fired

SpongeBob Your Fired was bad enough - toptenzen

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33 SpongeBob Causes 9/11

Disrespectful to those who died in 9/11 attack. - Lunala


34 Return of the Geeks

Is this some horrible spinoff of Band Geeks?! If so, then everyone just ruined a classic.

35 SpongeBob Gets Hooked on Meth

Awful Idea - JPK

On a kid show. - Lunala

36 Naked Party of SpongeBob

Yeah, thanks for bringing inappropriate life back to me.

Sounds like a 7 year old with bad grammar made up the episode name. - Lunala

37 SpongeBob Poops

Well there was an 11 minute episode about SpongeBob getting a splinter so who knows

Just like SpongeBob Pees!

Some immature idiot made this up - Lunala

Gross - JPK

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39 Chum Hype
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