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61 Squid Baby 2

Not the worst idea ever, but it is bad. - Garythesnail

62 Bikini Bottom Nazis
63 The End

This could actually a great episode! Its just the fact it's the last that scares me - toptenzen

Steve turns Bikini Bottom into the End.

Yeah I definitely want the series to end - toptenzen

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64 Justinbob Bieberpants

SpongeBob is gonna be hated on Bikini Bottom - CerealGuy

... Every children in the whole world will cry and puke if this happen

I hope this does NOT happen. I bet they would replace "Baby" with "Bob" or "Bobby" or whatever.

I'd watch it if it involved SpongeBob killing him - Goatworlds

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65 Smacky Smacky Hate You

Worst title name ever, and it's a rip off of Yours, Mine and Mine. SpongeBob and Patrick get into a fight over a $1 bill.

That will barely have any likeable characters left.

The title sounds offensive to Valentine's Day.

Now there's another one where Squidward and Luna (Loud House) fight over which is better: Classical Music or Rock.

66 Spongebob Buys a Wii U V 1 Comment
67 The Papercut

How do you drag a paper cut on for 11 minutes or even make it a short film? Get a band-aid! - FanAnime

Sounds like a sequel to The Splinter.

68 Sex, Sex, and More Sex

This was in "top ten episodes that should be created in season 11 of SpongeBob but it is still a horrible idea - PatrickStar

I know, I just had to put it here

What? I hope they mean gender sex... - DapperPickle

Stupid immature trolls! - Lunala

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69 Tom & Jerry In Town

? Spongebob also uses some kind of slapstick violence. But still. - BorisRule

Tom and Jerry are violent remember? - GenoKenneth

70 Nickelodeon vs. Disney Channel vs. Law

I didn't want to write the whole thing - PatrickStar

What does this even have to do with SpongeBob? - anonygirl

71 Mr Krabs Turns Black

What kind of an idiot would come up with this? Anyway, crabs don't even have race in this sense!

72 Squidward Torture Porn

Come on! There's to many of these episodes!

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73 InvaderBob ZimPants

This episode will never be made because Invader Zim got cancelled.

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74 Spongebob Watches 2 Girls 1 Cup

How would that even work? Would they just show SpongeBob's mouth gaping with the audio of the video playing? - TheEvilNuggetCookie

75 The Death Of The Show V 1 Comment
76 SpongeBob Meets The Kinder Egg Man

I would just an episode where spongebob meets the super creepy Humphty Dumpty version of that Kinder commercial.

77 Mr. Krabs, You're Fired

SpongeBob becomes the owner of Krusty Krab and fires Mr krabs - GumballWatterson

Mr. Krabs accidently fires himself and the krusty Krab goes downhill

How can they fire Mr. Krabs? HE'S THE OWNER OF THE RESTAURANT! How can the very man behind the restaurant fire himself?!

78 Spongebob joins Al Qaeda

Some of these ideas are so bad that they are funny.

I think I would genuinely want to watch this.

79 LilBob WaynePants

It's just a horrible idea and title.

80 Viva Ned Flanders

What Does This Even Have To Do With Spongebob? - rjbarg042

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