Top Ten Worst Ideas In the List "Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob"


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81 Regular Sponge

My 2 favorite shows, however they would not be good together. - Garythesnail

82 Band Geeks 3 V 2 Comments
83 Banned Geeks

What does it even mean? - PatrickStar

It could be a crossover of Band Geeks and Banned In Bikini Bottom. Both those were good episodes, so it should happen. - Turkeyasylum

No. Banned in bikini bottom sucked

84 Mr. Krabs Gets Arrested

Would be good - Lunala

85 Kill the Sponge
86 SpongeBob's Final Journey
87 SpongeBob Crosses Dimensions

Just yes. There would be so many possibilities!

I agree with the other person. This would make a good episode. Just needs a better title.

88 Cartman and Sponge

For those of you who don't know, Eric Cartman is a character in South Park, an extremely inappropriate show. It should not have a crossover with SpongeBob.

This show is inappropriate too, as nelsonerico said. But still South park is very inappropriate and they swear all the time. But Modern SpongeBob jokes about paraphilia (To Love a Patty), animal abuse (Pet Sitter Pat, The Cent of Money, and others), suicide (One Coarse Meal, Are You Happy Now), and induces nightmares with creepy faces (Many episodes, especially Face Freeze) - Goatworlds

V 3 Comments
89 Time Sponge
90 Krabby Patty Formula Tornado

What the hell does this even mean?

91 Band Geeks With Rascal Flatts

There are WAY too many band geeks sequels/alternate ending on that list.

Obviously people want to ruin a classic episode.

92 Kenna Pays a Visit

Kenna pays a visit does not belong on this worst ideas list. - Turkeyasylum

This was a good idea - PsychopathicSissyPants2

93 Krabby Dogs

There are lots of rip-offs but none as obvious as this.

Sounds like a Krusty Dogs rehash - Lunala

94 Lego SpongeBob SquarePants (30 Min Episode) V 2 Comments
95 To Love the Krabby Patty Formula

To love a patty is the 8th worst SpongeBob epiosiiode the 1st 7 are demolition doofus smoothie jazz at bikini bottom cephlopod lodge gone yours mine amd mine are you happy now and one course meal

96 Swimming in December V 1 Comment
97 Patrick Got Served

Sounds great, he deserves it after trying to burn Gary.

98 Stanley S. SquarePants Abuse
99 SpongeBob/Sonic Weekend Marathon
100 SpongeBob's New Computer V 1 Comment
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