Top Ten Worst Ideas In the List "Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob"


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101 Looneybob Tunepants
102 Total SpongeBob Island V 1 Comment
103 SpongeBob Encounters Hitler
104 How to Make a Krabby Patty
105 ZeldaBob LinkPants
106 SpongeBob and Sandy Wedding Day V 1 Comment
107 SpongeBob Shipping Couples
108 The Prick Buys a Cactus

You do know this title has a bad word in it right?

109 MR Krabs Develops a Second Personality.

This was not on the list but I would not mind it - PatrickStar

110 Cat

Cat? That's it? No more plot then that? - toptenzen

Lol what a funny name.
I'd rather watch "YouTube Poop Night at Bikini Bottom" though. - ExxonWireless

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111 Gravitybob Fallpants

I love both of them but I'll hate both of the shows if this happen!

112 Annoying Sponge

Already happening in the new episodes.

113 Unclebob Grandpants

Uncle grandpa is Cartoon Network that won't happen

I bet any Uncle Grandpa fans would LOVE this episode. But I would DIE if this was made!

Although if Uncle Grandpa died in this, I would watch it.

I don't understand why people think that SpongeBob crossing over with non-Nick shows is actually good. - anonygirl

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114 Plankton Abuse V 1 Comment
115 Coming To Bikini Bottom

Bland title for a Winx crossover, and a bad idea overall. - CardboardBox

116 SpongeBob Meets Cow
117 The Thing, The Thing And The Thingy

Best episode idea they could have

It is about SpongeBob watching the thing

118 Spongebob Pees

Just... Wow. Never have I seen such an uninspired and awful idea. This is the worst idea on the list, and if it was made, I may have to debate if it's as bad as A Pal For Gary and One Coarse Meal. - Garythesnail

Are you serious? Who pees on a Nickelodeon show? Just like SpongeBob Poops!

WOW. Who the hell spends 11 minutes watching a sponge peeing?

Some immature toddler who likes Teen Titans No! and Breadlosers with internet access probably put this here - Lunala

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119 The Spandy Chronicles
120 XXXX

SpongeBob creates super disgusting hardcore porn where you tear someone's nipples off!

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