Top Ten Worst Ideas In the List "Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob"


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121 Sandy Returns To Texas
122 Bikini Bottom: A History V 1 Comment
123 SpongeBob's Special Day
124 Different Way 3
125 A Day With Patarel
126 RabbidsBob InvasionPants
127 SamBob CatPants
128 HenryBob DangerPants
129 Sponge with a Blog

Dog with a Blog is one of the worst shows I have ever seen.

130 Robot and SquarePants
131 SpongeBobSpongeBob

A spoof of Marvin Marvin. What could worse than that?

132 Sandy's Web: A Sponge's Tale

A spoof of Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale. Awful idea!

133 SpongeBob Eats Gary V 1 Comment
134 S.P.O.N.G.E. Farm
135 To Love a Bread
136 Spongebob XXX V 2 Comments
137 Two Coarse Meal

Please don't tell me this is a sequel to one coarse meal

V 1 Comment
138 SpongeBob vs. SpongeBob

If SpongeBob was battling an evil clone of himself along with some other characters to save Bikini Bottom from being destroyed, that would be so unoriginal.

He would die because he can't battle him self

There's a lot of episodes of T. V shows that have this idea and I do agree it's very unoriginal - PatrickStar

139 Wizards of Bikini Bottom
140 Every Square Sponge

When SpongeBob is about to move to a new school, with his best friend Patrick, he discovers he's a wizard with magic powers, how original, doesn't anybody know that King Neptune has powers because he's god of the sea? And hasn't Nickelodeon made a live action show with that kind of plot?

Who wrote this, Why rip off one of Nickelodeon's last good shows? And it doesn't sound anything like SpongeBob, Plus, Everybody knows that King Neptune and Triton are powerful, while SpongeBob is just a normal talking sponge who makes Krabby Patties.

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