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141 Bank Account
142 Demolition Doofus 2
143 Streetbob Fighterpants
144 SpongeBob Meets Caillou and Replaces Him As BFF With Patrick V 1 Comment
145 Stuck In The Wringer 2 (4 Minute Short)

SpongeBob gets stuck in his wringer again. Instead he try's crying... But no. It doesn't get off for 2 weeks.

146 Sponge Trap V 1 Comment
147 The Holocaust Joke

Squidward makes a holocaust joke infront of the president of Israel causing a war, squidward shoots himself in a bunker to comitt suicide

V 1 Comment
148 Rap Sponge Rap

This is a bad idea. Rap is annoying and stupid. Also, this would encourage kids to listen to Eminem, whose rap is very inappropriate.

149 Family Guy Crossover

2 things wrong here

1. Family Guy is 18's and SpongeBob is for kids.
2. Family Guy is set in Rhode Island (i.E. earth's surface) and SpongeBob is set underwater - sryanbruen

150 Reality Sponge
151 Gary Is Evil
152 My Little Spongebob: Patrick is Magic

I'm A Brony Too And I Too Would Hate To See This Even Though Both Are My Favorite Shows

V 1 Comment
153 The Crapple Apple

I'm just here imagining how the plot would go...what

154 BarneyBob FriendsPants

I'm only watching this if Barney and his friends die. - Powerfulgirl10

V 1 Comment
155 Weirdy, Poo and Wee

This item was flooded with ideas for an episode filled with puke, crap, and pee! TROLLS! - Goatworlds

156 Plankton's Pizza

This idea was literally: Plankton makes a pizza full of laxatives so the city is drowned in crap. - Goatworlds

V 1 Comment
157 Staronge V 1 Comment
158 Starale V 1 Comment
159 Mr. Krabs Turns The Krusty Krab Into A XXX Movie Theater
160 Breadwinner X Caillou

I mean what does this have to do with SpongeBob? - anonygirl

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