Top Ten Worst Ideas On the List "Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show"

This whole list is a shout out to the troll who keeps adding these ideas! If you're on here, I'd like it if you didn't add these bullcrap ideas.

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1 Britgirl Goes to Taco Bell

I think it was a reference to "Dipper Goes To Taco Bell". What's next? PositronWildhawk Goes To McDonalds?
Update: Someone actually added that. - Turkeyasylum

I only read the synopsis of Dipper goes to taco bell and that was enough for me to want to get a mallet and smash that memory forever. This would be so awful! - keycha1n

A friend just told me and after that it's that he goes to the bathroom, has diarrhea, then Mabel comes sees his corpse, also dies and they get turned into potatoes - simpsondude

I read the ''Dipper goes to Taco Bell'' story: It was the most pointless and awful story ever made. I don't want to see a pointless parody of it. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Then Keyson goes to Burger King and Turkeyasylum goes to White Castle and JaysTop10List goes to Wendys - simpsondude

2 Turkeyasylum Dies

Morbid, much? Somebody dying on the programme would be a decent idea (unless it is a snuff of course) if the television series was meant to be emotional, but if it is made to be entirely a comedy then it would just be bizarre for a depressing scene to come out of seemingly nowhere. - RaineSage

The real title is "Turkeyasylum Gets Killed" and it sounds awful. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I forgot about this one... - Turkeyasylum

That's awful. Turkey Asylum shouldn't die. No users should. - Therandom

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3 Puga Eats a Banana

Is this going to turn into an episode similar to Sleeping with Hinako, a show about somebody or something doing a mediocre activity for a thirty minute episode? I haven't watched SwH, but I have read what goes on in it and it is just seemingly nothing. A dog eating a banana for an episode will be kinda cute, but will probably lose its charm after the first minute and become repetitive and boring. - RaineSage

This needs to be a movie - Nateawesomeness

(sarcastic tone)
Yeah, what a great idea about a dog eating a banana. Let's make it a 10 HOURS episode. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Yeah... (sarcasam)

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4 Puga Dies by Choking on Peanut Butter

Another stupid "Puga Abuse" idea! Seriously stop with these ideas. They are NOT even funny! - cosmo

First that's not possible and second why would you want this maybe in a finale for the show some user can dramatically die - simpsondude

Why do you people want to abuse Puga?

Who's idea was this? - gemcloben

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5 Puga Eats Apples and Bananas

This list is really turning into a parody of "Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 Of SpongeBob" - simpsondude

The last thing we need is a spin-off of a horrible idea. - Turkeyasylum

6 Yasmin1 and a Leaked Sextape

Anything but this we do NOT need this it would give the show a bad reputition, same as all the other ideas here - simpsondude

7 Puga Learns a Lesson

What "lesson" would he learn? Sounds like another "Puga Abuse" idea. - Turkeyasylum

8 World War III
9 Way Different

There's a possible reference to the "Different Way" item on "Top Ten Episode That Should Be Created In Season 10 Of SpongeBob". That list was ruined, and sadly the same thing's happening to my list. - Turkeyasylum

10 Broken Website

It sounds interesting, but the only issue is, it would be a little... boring. - Turkeyasylum

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11 Keyson Watches Dinosaur Train

Yay! Dino train! :) Shh! - keyson

This idea is weird Dinosaur is really dumb - PatrickStar

That show is horrible but I would like to see Britgirl and him watch it - simpsondude

Seriously?! What kind of idea is this!? Like this show is stupid! - cosmo

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12 Google buys TheTopTens
13 Puga and the Dump

I don't like that there's about a trillion "Puga Abuse" ideas on here. - Turkeyasylum

Puga getting pooped? That's what it sounds like - simpsondude

It sounds like puga taking a dump

14 Chef Squidward Dies

Has nothing to do with TheTopTens. Correct me if I'm wrong. - Wolftail

15 The Angel

I don't think Britgirl will be the leader. Admin and Finch will be - simpsondude

I'm sorry, but Britgirl would most likely be the leader of TTT. - Turkeyasylum

Gosh, I know that Britgirl is popular, but HONESTLY, is she Queen Elizabeth I or something!?

The Admin would be the leader, duh.

16 Kiteretsunu Eats Puga

I get that some people don't like Puga, but this is cruel. - Garythesnail

Puga does not deserve the hate he is getting.

Enough with abusing puga - ToptenPizza

Ew! Who eat dogs?!? - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

17 TheTopTens Turns Ratchet

Ooh, a Ratchet and Clank spoof! That's awesome!

I know what it really means, I just don't want to bring it up. - Garythesnail

I'm not even gonna start... - Turkeyasylum

That would also be racist - simpsondude

I hate that word,and I don't think it'll end up well. - SamuiNeko

18 How to Make Puga Mad

Danteem knows how to make anyone mad.

19 The Grim Adventures of SevenLizards and PositronWildhawk

How are you supposed to make a Billy and Mandy crossover with 2 males? - Turkeyasylum

This idea is very dumb actually. - wanda

This idea is really weird. - cosmo

They never interacted with each other - simpsondude

20 Slideshow

Was a good idea, until it was ruined. - Turkeyasylum

21 Turkeyasylum Licks His Toes

I was especially upset with this one, because it's about me! - Turkeyasylum

What an awful and disgusting idea! I'm glad it got removed of the list... - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Troll idea, much? This wouldn't seem like a serious idea... - RaineSage

What the? Who made this?! - Therandom

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22 BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO And Friends

His is a troll this user - BigBrotherSucks

23 Nice BQQ
24 Patrickstar Meets George Zimmerman

This was not on the list - PatrickStar

Didn't he kill someone this will not happen - simpsondude

25 Booger

No, this was on overrated users. - Turkeyasylum

This wasnt even on the list! - cosmo

26 The Marvelous Misadventures of Puga

This idea for an episode is dumb! - cosmo

I don't think a show about one character would be good - simpsondude

Why do we have a Flapjack reference? - Turkeyasylum

27 PositronWildhawk Goes To McDonalds

Just like Dipper goes to Taco Bell

28 Caillou Kills Golden Rocket
29 Turkeyasylum's Girlfriend

Sorry, but I don't plan to date anyone for a while. - Turkeyasylum

30 EpicJake The Explorer

God please that's horrible! He's not a stupid kid who asks pointless question 0_0 - SamuiNeko

I'm voting fo this. - EpicJake

31 Turkeyasylum and SevenLizards Break Up

They weren't even dating in the first place! - Minecraftcrazy530

Also they're both guys.

32 Turkeyasylum and Britgirl Break Up

A bad idea on that list. - PageEmperor

(Sarcasm) Oooh, super interesting. AND YOU GUYS ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT SpongeBob!?

33 Five Nights At Britgirl's

I rather see a creepypasta video of Doowee (he's from sally Bollywood,best qubo show.) killing Mario and Albert. - kitten2015

34 Pupcatdog Dates Puga

I would't date a pug - pupcatdog

35 The Fairly OddPugas

I swear, Puga is literally in every single bad episode. - Minecraftcrazy530

36 Go Turkeyasylum Go!
37 Puga and Friends: Into The City
38 Therandom goes to Taco Bell

So stupid this idea. - Therandom

This is on the list now? That's stupid. - Minecraftcrazy530

39 World War II
40 World War IlI
41 Curious Keyson
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