Ludicrous Lists: Top 25 Worst Ideas On TheTopTens TV List

Turkeyasylum So, this list I made is some people's favorites, and it's far from ludicrous. But, some of the items are just... no. By the way, I did not add XXXX becuase it doesn't have a known plot, though someone suspected it could be inappropriate. Just to clear that up.

25) COMPLAINERS- The idea was where list such as "best TopTenners" come on TheTopTens, and everyone complains. Well, there's already a list like that. Not to mention there is no way to fit humor in there. And I doubt anyone would complain about lists like "Best TopTenners".

24) PUGA AND FRIENDS: INTO THE CITY- Well, this is a ripoff of Dora and Friends: Into The City. Any need to say more? Ghat, and Puga hates Dora, and the fact that there are many ideas about him, and half of them are "Puga Abuse" ideas. I'll get to those later.

23) EPICJAKE THE EXPLORER- See what I said at #24. It's the exact same thing, except it's with a different TopTenner.

22) WAY DIFFERENT- While the plot of this awful idea hasn't been confirmed yet, there is possibly a reference to one of the most notorious ideas on "that should be created" lists: DIFFERENT WAY. The polt of that was in "Episodes That Should Be Created In Season10 Of SpongeBob". The plot: SpongeBob peeing into Sandy's mouth. I could never imagine something like Keyson or Britboy peeing into Britgirl's mouth. Gross!

21) PETITION OF THE THREE- Internet censorship? Hello? China uses censorship, and it's awful. TheTopTens is about stating your opinions through lists and posts and comments and remixes. It shouodn't be censored like that.

20) GENDER BENDER- Well, the title is very self-explanatory, but could you imagine if the episode included the transformations to tje opposite gender? In the end, awkward and boring,

19) PUGA TRAIN- A ripoff of Dinosaur Train, which sucks.

18) THE ANGEL- Angelofdarkness is not going to be the leader of this website. Britgirl, Admin, PositronWildhawk, and Finch are the most qualified. And Angelofdarkness has made only 1 list. ONE. So, please think about what other TopTenners would think of that.

17) BROKEN WEBSITE- The episode wouldn't be very fun, just boring and depressing. Would YOU want to see some of your favorite users be forced to leave? That, coupled with the plot holes in the episode, makes it downright awful.

16) ALL PUGA ABUSE IDEAS (except Puga Eats Fruits ideas, Puga Dies, and Puga ideas stated earlier)- These include the following ideas:

Puga Goes To The Grocery Store

Puga And The Dump

Puga Learns A Lesson

Puga Visits The Doctor

How To Make Puga Mad


There's an exception with Shockolate, which was added by Puga himself, but everything else was added by a heartless troll. That troll MUST STOP NOW!

15) SIMPSONDUDE GOES TO SUBWAY- This was a ripoff of another bad idea, and trust me, you'll read about it later. But, this one is the least violent.

14) POSITRONWILDHAWK GOES TO MCDONALDS- So, you want one of the best users on TheTopTens to visit one of the worst restaurants in exsistence? Are you sure it's a good idea? That, and it's part of a God-awful series of ideas.

13) THETOPTENS TURNS RATCHET- There are loads of things wrong with this.

1- People will be offended by the idea.

2- It ises modern slang, which is frowned upon by almost every TopTenner here.

3- Couldn't it be seen as racist?

4- Just, why?

12) FIVE NIGHTS AT BRITGIRL'S- There is nothing alike between Britgirl and Freddy. Not to mention 5N@F's is a video game, and that the list referrs to a TELEVISION SHOW.

11) KEYSON WATCHES DINOSAUR TRAIN- Wow... you guys are trying to replicate that Season 10 SpongeBob list. This seems similar to "SpongeBob Watches The Hills Have Eyes". I mean, really? Why would you want to ruin a list to make it a worse version of another list?

10) THE LIST- The idea has loads of plot holes. First of all, Worst TopTenners wouldn't be approved. Second off, the list of wprst users was taken off the site before I became an account. So, the plot holes make it an awful idea.

9) LOBOLAMASO THE KILLER- Of course, we get a reference to Jeff the Killer. That, and I don't even know if he watches CreepyPastas. I could only picture it because of his list about ending TheTopTens, but it still wouldn't make sense to make a user a killer.

8) TURKEYASYLUM'S GIRLFRIEND- I have stated several times I will NOT date another user. If you did want to date me, I would say no. That, and the idea is full of plot holes.

7) NINTENDOFAN126 DIES- They made a SEQUEL to an awful idea, which you will see later, thoguh this one isn't as bad. I don't like it since it involves a user dying, of course.

6) BRITGIRL AND TURKEYASYLUM BREAK UP- We weren't dating in the first place. That, and Britgirl is dating Keyson. I also said I wouldn't date another user. So, why do people keep adding ideas with me dating another user?

5) PUGA DIES BY CHOKING ON PEANUT BUTTER- Who would even want to watch a dog die? Depressing, boring, and awful.

4) TURKEYASYLUM AND SEVENLIZARDS BREAK UP- Forst off, we were not dating in the first place. Second off, we are both male, and we are both straight. Third, whoever added this might have thought I am female, but I am a male, even though I put characters like Lindsay or Dawn as my profile pic!

3) PUGA EATS A BANANA/PUGA EATS APPLES AND BANANAS- These two ideas are terrible, boring, and may result in Puga DYING! Who would even watch something like this?

2) KITERETSUNU EATS PUGA- Who eats dog anyway? Especially since it's another user! Awful idea, was added to be a troll item I guess.

1.5(yep, I am making a 1.5) BRITGIRL GOES TO TACO BELL- This may reference Dipper Goes To Taco Bell. You don't want to know what that is. What's next, Britgirl In Action (don't want to know what that is either)?


1.25 (yep, more ideas) SLIDESHOW- The idea added here was God-awful. The plot said the BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO and SelfisSUCK would brainwash everyone to like Big Brother and hate Total Drama. It's just a troll item.

1) TURKEYASYLUM GETS KILLED- You probably would have guessed for this to be the worst idea on the list. Here's 5 things wrong with it:

1) Who would wish to kill another user?

2) Murder is illegal and will get your butt in prison.

3) If I didn't exist, this list wouldn't have existed at this moment (unless someone else made it).

4) This would put all of TheTopTens in sorrow and disarray.

5) If you are laughing at this idea, then you have no heart. Murder is a serious topic, and the list was made for humor.

So, as you can see, some people just add weird, offensive, and unusual items to this list. STOP IT NOW!


I agree. Those were the worst ideas EVER! - cosmo

I'm gonna say whats it's about:Dipper goes to Taco Bell but gets diarrhea and his poop kills him, then Mabel comes and sees his corpse and also dies then they get turned into tacos - simpsondude

And don't forget Uncle Simpsondude - simpsondude

How I Got Pooped On Was pretty stupid. How dare whoever put that up for my pilot of Slideshow!? My original idea was better not this trashy remake of a idea. - JaysTop10List

Hey Turkey, love the post. And keep in mind, I got my account back from my brother known as SelfDestruct. He likes to take mynaccounts and troll with them. - Comments

TurkeyAsylum, no offense but that 5 reasons on why that is the worst episode made me facepalm. "Murder is serious, you shouldn't joke about it." Dude, if this offends you so much, then every joke is offensive. And no, don't get offended by my comment too. - visitor

All of these ideas suck. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

You forgot Puga Goes To Toilet Buffet and SuperHyperDude Kills Puga - visitor

All these ideas are terrible! But is it true there was once an item the said "Nintendofan126 dies? " - nintendofan126

I don't want you to die! Not at all! - RiverClanRocks

All of these ideas suck! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

"21) PETITION OF THE THREE- Internet censorship? Hello? China uses censorship, and it's awful. TheTopTens is about stating your opinions through lists and posts and comments and remixes. It shouodn't be censored like that".

Funny how this was a high quality blog and then a certain something happened. Admin sure is a bit contradictory... - Puga

Admins are better than you - visitor

Thank you, visitor. - Puga

They were all awful - Therandom

Better Idea for Slideshow
Me And Danteem Brainwash everyone to like Luigi and Splatoon and hate mewberty - TheKirbyCreeper999

I Added Another Slideshow To The List. Will you add it to the List - TheKirbyCreeper999

Turkey, the Kirby creeper made a top tens T.V. episode about it... - Therandom

Oh no - Fabricitem

A visitor added BatManIsCole Goes To Krystal Burger - TheKirbyCreeper999

I think DoraYes_EpicJakeNo added 23 and 24 - TheKirbyCreeper999

Actually, it was MsWiseguy who added #23. - EpicJake

And either of you have any proof because...? - Puga

I do believe MsWiseGuy added it, regardless if s/he is Cosmo's "brother". - Therandom

What about BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO And Friends - TheKirbyCreeper999

Thanks so much for putting EpicJake The Explorer at number 23. - EpicJake

Yes. I agree with you all. - FennikenFan9