Top Ten Worst Ideas On the List: "Top Ten Ideas for a Total Drama Special"

I am upset these horrible ideas were added. Read and laugh!

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1 Total Drama Twerk Contest

Um, thanks for putting that image in my head. now I need to wash out my brain. - Garythesnail

Ha, I can picture Harold trying to do this! - flamingsoul

It would be hot as hell to watch Jo Twerk.

I would love to see Katie twerk

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2 Sam Joins PETA

Do you really think this will happen? PETA is against Nintendo, which Sam is OBSESSED with. - Turkeyasylum

What the heck is PETA?

People for evil treatment of animals

3 Marriage is Great

It would be great if Mike and Zoey got married.

4 South Park Stops In

Oh yeah, cartman vs izzy is a great idea (sarcasm)

5 TotalBob DramaPants
6 Mario and Luigi on Wawanakwa
7 Duncan x Gwen

Duncan belongs with Heather not Gwen!

Gwen is a loser

8 Kissy Kissy Smoochy Smoochy Day

Is This Another Sex Thing? Thanks For Putting That In My head, Guys. - DapperPickle

I would love to see MacArthur and Dave makeout and never stop

9 Jasmine Abuse

This is just stupid why would you make this - simpsondude

Abuse is way too far. Even Lightning doesn't deserve abuse.

10 Scott and Fang Have Sex

This is completely and utterly disgusting. If you put this, remind me to throw holy water on you and pray. This was the worst one of all. An animal and human having sex? That is vile.

What in the actual hell is this idea

Oh my god this was hillarious this had to be sarcasm right? Right!?!? - simpsondude

What's up with people getting so...horny? - Chaotixhero

The Contenders

11 Pahkitew Island Explodes
12 Duncan Slaps Gwen

Gwen is a loser, hoe, and boyfriend stealer. But no man under any circumstances should put his hands on a woman.

13 Total Drama: Different Way
14 Third Wave Feminism
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1. Sam Joins PETA
2. Marriage is Great
3. Total Drama Twerk Contest
1. Total Drama Twerk Contest
2. South Park Stops In
3. Kissy Kissy Smoochy Smoochy Day
1. Marriage is Great
2. Total Drama Twerk Contest
3. Sam Joins PETA


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