Top Ten Worst Ideas on The Loud House Season 2 List


The Top Ten

1 Lily Dies

Who would want to witness an adorable 1 year old DIE! THat's INSANE! - Carsrule300

But I like that idea...

She's JUST A Baby - rjbarg042

2 Everyone Dies And The Show Ends

Just Mean Spirited And Harsh As It Was On The Spongebob Season 10 List - rjbarg042

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3 The Racist House

We don't need anymore racist stereotypes in THE LOUD HOUSE than we arleady have in the real world! - Carsrule300

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4 Lori Loud Got Served

Just Bad And Mean And Even She Does Not Deserve It - rjbarg042

5 The Diarrhea House

Just Plain GROSS - rjbarg042

6 Lily Gets A Beating

Another AWFUL Lily Abuse Idea - rjbarg042

Just STOP! THat's Child abuse! - Carsrule300

7 The Seies Is Cancelled

Just Plain Bad And Mean - rjbarg042

I would love this.

You misspelled

8 Angry Louds

Stupid Pointless Crossover - rjbarg042

9 Slueth or Consucences (Alternate Ending)

This Is Stupid Even If That Ending Was Bad - rjbarg042

10 The Fart House

Gross just like the diarrhea house - epictoonsfan1

The Contenders

11 Lily Dies 2


12 Lily Meets The Paw Patrol

Another STUPID Crossover - rjbarg042

13 A Honey Badger Eats Caillou's Head

This has nothing to do with loud house - epictoonsfan1

14 Lily Gets Hurt
15 Lincoln Hits Puberty

This is the weirdest reason on the list! - Carsrule300

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16 The Foxy Grandpa Hat Kills Luna Loud

Terrible it's there but it has not been added yet - epictoonsfan1

17 The parents' faces were revealed

We liked them better when they didn't show their faces at all.

18 Lincoln Through Time
19 The House Gets Filled with Crap
20 Killing Day
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