Top 10 Worst IGN Ratings

IGN oh boy a rather imfamous site for the awful ratings they give to rating games because they are totally biased and unfair so here are their worst ratings please know that the rating can be low for a great game and vice versa
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1 Call of Duty: Black Ops III (9.2) Call of Duty: Black Ops III (9.2) Product Image

This shows how biased IGN are with Call of Duty they gave DOOM (2016) a lower rating than this awful game and yet this game gets a 9.2 for what this game is awful and is very undeserving of that rating because this game has loads of flaws that overway the positives if I were to rate this game id give it a 4.5

I like this game a lot. One of the best games of 2016. But I agree Call of Duty is going a bit downhill *cough cough* Infinte Warfare.

Creativity? Screw that, we got GUNS! Lot a guns! Ha ha ha, give it a 9.

Looking bad, this game was a bit least Zombies was amazing. 7/10

2 Doom (2016) (7.1) Doom (2016) (7.1) Product Image

Theu give this game a 7.1 and yet they give BO3 a 9.2 when this game is better in pretty much everyway and wasn't a Dissapointment UNlike BO3 was I think this game deserves a 8.5 at least

It was an awesome game, and I can't wait for DOOM: Eternal! (I know I'm late)

3 Halo 4 (9.8) Halo 4 (9.8) Product Image

I like this game but I don't think it deserves that rating at all as this game was Dissapointing but still decent in my opinion this game should get a 7.5

4 Evolve (9.0) Evolve (9.0) Product Image

This game in NO way deserves a 9.0 because this game barley had any content at launch and plus this game was very dissapointing id give it a 6.0 at launch and a 7.0 with all the DLC

5 Alien: Isolation (5.9)

Best horror game of all time. Deserve 9-10

this is one of the best horror games to come out over the years, showcasing more respect to the source material and the atmosphere is fantastic. Prime proof than IGN are dimwitted

This was great though...

6 Undertale (10.0)

Undertale's a fine game, but is it 10/10 material? Hell no.

This game in NO way deserves a perfect 10 at all it deserves around a 7.5

Way too high. This shows proof how fanboyism flooded the Internet.

Nah this deserves around a 7.

7 Minecraft (PC) (9.0) Minecraft (PC) (9.0) Product Image

Honestly I don't see anything wrong with this score seeing that Minecraft ended up being a solid game so I don't know what you guys are smoking...

Let me just remind you, Fortnite got a better score.

Overrated ass game

This game is what reshaped the indie game scene, it deserves a TEN

8 Fortnite: Battle Royale (9.6)

Probably one of the most overrated games to come out over the last decade. a feat seeing as it was released in 2018.
an abundance of microtransactions for pointless skins, the loot and combat is almost entirely based on RNG and the community is just... dreadful

Probably one of the most overrated games ever made. Lack of originality and too repetitive...and the dances... EWWW. I would say this game does a 6/10 at its best.

The most overrated, gayest fc=ucking game of all time was given a better score than Uncharted and Fallout 4. Absolutely retarted.

Absolutely hate this game.

9 Battlefield Hardline (8.0) Battlefield Hardline (8.0) Product Image

Battefield is the same stupid, hard shooter that it is. This deserves a like a 4!

10 Pokemon Omega Ruby (7.8) Pokemon Omega Ruby (7.8) Product Image

There is too much water but counting it as a flaw is so stupid considering that you can take short cuts in ORAS that makes it less frustrating.

"Too much water"? Why is that worthy of appearing as a major con?

Only number 6? This should be number 1.

Too much water? What a dumb reason.

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11 Grand Theft Auto IV (10.0) Grand Theft Auto IV (10.0) Product Image

A perfect 10 while this is a Great game its not deserving of a perfect 10 because they gave San Andreas a 9.6 when that game deserves the perfect 10 not this one

The Grand Theft Auto that deserves 10 is San Andreas. This is weaker than most Grand Theft Auto games. I'd give Grand Theft Auto V a 9.5.

I think San Andreas is slightly better than this entry. Fun, but more an 8 or 9 because of its heavy flaws.

12 Star Wars Battlefront (2015) (8.0) Star Wars Battlefront (2015) (8.0) Product Image

This game doesn't deserve a 8 at all at launch it deserved around a 6.5

13 Sonic Lost World (5.8)

Green hill again?! The first levels were pretty entertaining but until that it just gets boring. It looks like a recreation of Sonic Xtreme. The clips are the best tho. 6.5/10

14 Mass Effect: Andromeda (7.7)
15 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (4.8)

You're saying this is as bad as Sonic '06? A game that was beloved by many, including me, versus the dumpster fire that is Sonic '06. This is why no one trusts IGN.

This game deserves a way higher score than 4.8. Like a high 8 because it was one of the best in the franchise and the mechanics, story, and music were all great

Imagine only playing a 70+ hour RPG for only 2/3 hours. There's no conceivable way to get any kind of gist from a game that long with such little time

It's much better than this! They only played the very beginning rather than going all the way through. I'd give this a 7 to 7.5/10.

16 Jurassic World Evolution (4.8)

When you look at who did the review, it turns out said reviewer doesn't even like the Simulation genre, which puts into question IGN's reviewing management. It goes to show how ill-experienced IGN could get.

Also, IGN gave JWE the lowest score the game has got. Everywhere else, it gets review scores of around 6 to 8.

17 The Last of Us Part II (10.0)

Another example of IGN's heavy bias towards these types of games. I'd give this a much lower rating.

How is this10/10 when the story and characters are trash! Typical IGN giving Tripple A Games good reviews.

The graphics are the only good thing. Other than that, it's so overrated!

You already know why

18 Street Fighter V (8.0)

Naw man, you can't just pin "great game" on awful online cashbags. That's not how reviewing works.

19 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (10.0)

Guns of the Patriots gets a 10? I mean, it was good, but not perfect 10 good. Now if this was Snake Eater, I could agree.

20 FIFA Soccer 12 (9.5)

The gameplay is good and the graphics were great for those years but, Fifa is always the same.. Why give different ratings to the same things over and over again? 8/10

21 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (10.0) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (10.0) Product Image

Again, a solid 9/10, and that's final

It might have been the actually enjoyable gameplay experience that Bethesda games fail miserably at being, but that's pretty much all I can say about it apart from it belonging to an extremely famous brand

Just because it's a Nintendo game it doesn't mean it's flawless.

A 10/10 is fine, but justify it better and don't treat it like a fact.

This game deserves a 10, come on.

22 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (7.7)

Infinite warfare is probably one of the worst shooters I have ever played, the multiplayer is just a breeding ground for whales as well as people who love to camp with the same OP bs on the daily. and don't get me started on the P2W elements. Also, the zombies is just satanawful. The only reason why this game got ay kind of praise is because of YouTubers like M3rkMusic who cranks out the same content every time and defends the supply drops...

Lol this was one of the worst shooting games I played. The gameplay is weak and there are so much bugs here and there. Also, lobbies take FOREVER!

23 Call of Duty: Ghosts (8.8)
24 Star Wars: The Last Jedi (9.7)
25 WWF Raw (Xbox) (9.1)

WWF Raw was at the time much less superior to its predecessors... it had crappy weapon physics, worse graphics than WWF SD: JBI (that by the way came out a year later and was hated even then for having under-expectation graphics) slow gameplay, bad character creation, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. 4.5 at best.

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