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This list is for the worst art on deviant art. Anything is allowed, Fetish art, MS Paint Abominations, PICK YOUR POISON. The only rule is that, all items on this list must be published on an active DA account. Proxies do not count.

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21 Fuli VS Sonic the Hedgehog - SegaDisneyUniverse

Sonic and Fuli will never be a couple, deal with it. (I know this picture portrays them as rivals instead but I still hate the crossover idea of Sonic being with Fuli)

Whoever made this list is entitled to their opinion, as this post was not meant to be a shipping. If you don't like it, then that's your problem. But I'm glad that you found my art interesting enough to be put on a list, lol. ~SegaDisneyUniverse

Ah, I see the artist who did this abomination of a crossover picture found this list...

Listen SegaDisneyUniverse, I did not add this to hurt your feelings or anything, I was just giving you constructive criticism and pointing out how such a crossover is so doggone wrong. The Lion Guard is an awful show, easily the worst show of this generation due to being a Lion King spinoff, and to see it crossed over with a beloved video game series is just over the top and can be somewhat offensive to others. Not everyone is going to like The Lion Guard, or even The Lion King, no matter how many claim it to be the "best" thing since sliced bread. I completely understand that you are entitled to your own opinions, and I respect opinions, but seriously, some things should never be crossed over, and this is too much a long story to say at this point.

I have noticed a little cycle when it comes to a work of fiction, let it be official or fanmade; Crossovers in fanfiction or fanart often ...more

22 TailsxCream - bbmbbf

This is a really horrible picture and the fact that the user in question is a hentai artist doesn't help either. Tails and Cream never shown any romantic interest towards each other in the Sonic games, comics or shows. Thus, they were never a couple to begin with and the idea of shipping them is easily crack.

While I know there are tons of art and fanfics of Sonic shippings around the Internet, this picture and this couple are the worst.

Nothing wrong with liking TailsxCream - Getovait

TailsXCream is a kinda populaur couple in the fandom. So just let them support it. If you guys hate this pairing so much just be happy Sega never made romantic moments between them. - Getovait

23 Shenzi's Creepy Secret - Madarao123

I know what you're trying to say... Shenzi has a pseudo-penis. I mean, female hyena anatomy, I know... But that doesn't mean you have to draw creepy and poorly drawn fetish art about it. This picture is one of the reasons why most Shenzi, Banzai and Ed fans are creepy, perverted freaks.

24 Kakuna Rattata - TsaoShin

Why do Lion King fans have to ruin everything with their disgusting crossover trash? I know TsaoShin is a good artist, but... Geez Louise, what is that?!

Simba is a terrible character, not a Pokemon trainer.

Oh my this is just a parody because it's rymes with "Hakuna matata" you guys are so over sensitive. learn to take a joke - Getovait

25 KarelVan Black + White 1 - kybok

It bugs me so much when some users (those who are familiar with Fire Emblem anyhow) have the urge to put Karel with every villain they see, when the fact is that Karel was never a villain, just an anti-hero in Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade before he became the saint he is in Fire Emblem: Binding Blade, thus he would probably see all those bad guys fans pair him up with as worthy opponents, not join forces with them. Kybok, in this image, paired him up with Tales of the Abyss' villain, Van Grants for no reason. Even though it is not as bad as the horrible idea of Karel joining the Organization XIII in a Kingdom Hearts crossover fanfic, but still cringy.

26 What a Yutz Felix n Blaze - Pennyadodumuss

This whole "What a Yutz" series of shipping Sonic characters with classic cartoon characters is just cringy. Felix the Cat already has a love interest in the form of Kitty. As for Blaze, well, she's better off with no one, LOL. (Although if Blaze were to be shipped with any character, it would be Sonic himself. Although I would say Silver, too, but Blaze more likely sees Silver as a brother figure or platonic relationship more than anything else and it only existed in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, which that game is not canon and most people seem to give it a negative reception, anyway)

27 What a Yutz Rocky n Marine - Pennyadodumuss

I much rather have Marine with Tails instead, mind you. It is flabbergasting to see Sonic characters shipped with those of old cartoons. What's with people, nowadays.

28 Roll Caskett All Bloated and Farting-ButLova

ButLova needs to go to jail (drawing a 10 year old and a 14 year old with a big butt/farting)...

This image is why ISIS was created.

The fanbrats have ruined Mega Man with their disgusting fetishes too? Good bye, cruel world.

I really liked the Mega Man games since I was a kid, and I cannot believe peeps make fetish art of it when most of the characters are robots, with a few exceptions.

29 Amy Rose Free Hole - ButLova

Sounds like a disgusting picture... I don't know what that is, and I don't want to know... -_-

30 Morning Toriel - ProfessorDoctorC

I literally feel like I want to puke my organs looking at this utter revolting, disgusting piece of trash, as if all her other obesity/weight gain/scat fetish pictures aren't enough...

A shame that talented MLP and Undertale artists waste their talent on stuff like this. I didn't put the picture because not only is it explicit, trust me, you DON'T wanna see this. - SailorSedna

31 Pinkie Pee - changotan

Violates FAQ #251 of Deviantart.

32 Gumball Road Killed - Superkiel

This guy is evil. - kcianciulli

33 Canine Girl Breast Suck - Casey387

Anyone got a bottle of cyanide? - SailorSedna

34 Sanjay and Craig against Barney - Ozzyguy

Barney is easier to watch in this case.

35 Pampered like a baby - Juspuh1

Equally disturbing as "furry cats" A cartoon bear gets changed by his (girlfriend? ) really? sick relationship for real - Kjellalbintomas

36 Zexion and Karel - SaceanSwordmaster

While it's been years since I last browsed SacaenSwordmaster's DevArt gallery (Sorry for misspelling "Sacaen" here on the subject, earlier), but this picture made me cringe because I despise Kingdom Hearts and that Karel happens to be one of my favorite Fire Emblem characters. It sucks to see him tarnished like this. Plus, this picture is poorly drawn. Even a small child can draw better than that.

37 AWDs vs. Shenzi - DJ88

Or Shenzi vs. AWDs... Either way, it sucks to see The Lion King's hyena trio to be such popular characters and they really gave their species a bad rap. I know people are entitled to their own opinion, but to think that Shenzi, Banzai and Ed as "good characters who are just like other evil comic-relief trios, only better" or "good characters that act true to their species" is way beyond me. -_-

And it looked like Shenzi in this drawing was even traced from the scene in The Lion King when Shenzi tells Banzai and Ed to knock it off after they were fighting. Tracing other peoples' art is not original and no good.

To be perfectly honest, the picture would be much better if DJ88 drew a realistic (real-life! ) spotted hyena there instead of Shenzi. The characters in TLK are horrible, for several reasons.

38 Drill Runner and Shenzi - TheHyenasSBE

This has got to be one of the worst and sickest drawings by SBE.

39 Fox McCloud x Lucy Hare - DavidIsDeviant

Unsure if journal entries count but why would anyone pair Fox McCloud with Lucy Hare when Lucy is good friends with Krystal and that she was mad at Fox for dumping her off the team in Star Fox Command? Also, the only character that has a crush on Lucy was ROB, who happens to be a robot. Yes, A ROBOT. Star Fox is not Zootopia, guys. Just because Fox has Peppy Hare as his wingman doesn't mean he has to marry his daughter. If Krystal leaves Fox, then Fox always has Fara Phoenix (if the old comics count) or even Katt Monroe. (i.e. Katt flirted with Fox at times and he rescued her in Star Fox Zero) Man, most fanfic writers are crazy these days...

40 Star Fox: Earthborn - DavidIsDeviant

This kid shipped Fox McCloud with Lucy Hare (from Star Fox Command) so that he can self insert himself into the story and pair himself with Krystal. WHAT?! Fox and Lucy were never a couple in Command and Lucy even wanted Fox to get back with Krystal because Lucy and Krystal were close friends and was sad when they broke up. Seriously, fans shipping Tails with Cream is bad enough, Star Fox doesn't need an equivalent of that horrible idea of a ship.

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