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21 Kakuna Rattata - TsaoShin

Why do Lion King fans have to ruin everything with their disgusting crossover trash? I know TsaoShin is a good artist, but... Geez Louise, what is that?!

Simba is a terrible character, not a Pokemon trainer.

Oh my this is just a parody because it's rymes with "Hakuna matata" you guys are so over sensitive. learn to take a joke - Getovait

22 Roll Caskett All Bloated and Farting-ButLova

ButLova needs to go to jail (drawing a 10 year old and a 14 year old with a big butt/farting)...

This image is why ISIS was created.

The fanbrats have ruined Mega Man with their disgusting fetishes too? Good bye, cruel world.

I really liked the Mega Man games since I was a kid, and I cannot believe peeps make fetish art of it when most of the characters are robots, with a few exceptions.

23 Amy Rose Free Hole - ButLova

Sounds like a disgusting picture... I don't know what that is, and I don't want to know... -_-

24 Morning Toriel - ProfessorDoctorC

I literally feel like I want to puke my organs looking at this utter revolting, disgusting piece of trash, as if all her other obesity/weight gain/scat fetish pictures aren't enough...

A shame that talented MLP and Undertale artists waste their talent on stuff like this. I didn't put the picture because not only is it explicit, trust me, you DON'T wanna see this. - SailorSedna

25 Canine Girl Breast Suck - Casey387

Anyone got a bottle of cyanide? - SailorSedna

26 Sanjay and Craig against Barney - Ozzyguy

Barney is easier to watch in this case.

27 Zexion and Karel - SaceanSwordmaster

While it's been years since I last browsed SacaenSwordmaster's DevArt gallery (Sorry for misspelling "Sacaen" here on the subject, earlier), but this picture made me cringe because I despise Kingdom Hearts and that Karel happens to be one of my favorite Fire Emblem characters. It sucks to see him tarnished like this. Plus, this picture is poorly drawn. Even a small child can draw better than that.

28 AWDs vs. Shenzi - DJ88

Or Shenzi vs. AWDs... Either way, it sucks to see The Lion King's hyena trio to be such popular characters and they really gave their species a bad rap. I know people are entitled to their own opinion, but to think that Shenzi, Banzai and Ed as "good characters who are just like other evil comic-relief trios, only better" or "good characters that act true to their species" is way beyond me. -_-

And it looked like Shenzi in this drawing was even traced from the scene in The Lion King when Shenzi tells Banzai and Ed to knock it off after they were fighting. Tracing other peoples' art is not original and no good.

To be perfectly honest, the picture would be much better if DJ88 drew a realistic (real-life! ) spotted hyena there instead of Shenzi. The characters in TLK are horrible, for several reasons.

29 Drill Runner and Shenzi - TheHyenasSBE

This has got to be one of the worst and sickest drawings by SBE.

The only good thing I can say about this guy (who's a clopper too? Great...) is he put the mature content filter on it...

Disgusting picture too, looks like it violates Deviantart's services... - SailorSedna

30 Fox McCloud x Lucy Hare - DavidIsDeviant

Unsure if journal entries count but why would anyone pair Fox McCloud with Lucy Hare when Lucy is good friends with Krystal and that she was mad at Fox for dumping her off the team in Star Fox Command? Also, the only character that has a crush on Lucy was ROB, who happens to be a robot. Yes, A ROBOT. Star Fox is not Zootopia, guys. Just because Fox has Peppy Hare as his wingman doesn't mean he has to marry his daughter. If Krystal leaves Fox, then Fox always has Fara Phoenix (if the old comics count) or even Katt Monroe. (i.e. Katt flirted with Fox at times and he rescued her in Star Fox Zero) Man, most fanfic writers are crazy these days...

31 Star Fox: Earthborn - DavidIsDeviant

This kid shipped Fox McCloud with Lucy Hare (from Star Fox Command) so that he can self insert himself into the story and pair himself with Krystal. WHAT?! Fox and Lucy were never a couple in Command and Lucy even wanted Fox to get back with Krystal because Lucy and Krystal were close friends and was sad when they broke up. Seriously, fans shipping Tails with Cream is bad enough, Star Fox doesn't need an equivalent of that horrible idea of a ship.


I know Nutty-Nutzis is known for her crazy crack shipping spree of putting two antagonists from WW2 propaganda cartoons together, but this crossover picture bugged me so much. Why do people have the need to crossover whatever the heck they want with Shenzi, Banzai or Ed, or any other character from The Lion King or The Lion Guard?

33 Feel the Rain Fall - HerrWozzack

Sorry, another spelling mistake. It's fixed now.

Worst fanfic ever.

Or HerrWozzeck, whatever. He should be ashamed of making this crummy fanfic. Enough said.

34 Seme and Uke - Rath-Raholand

Let me get this straight: Fox McCloud and Wolf O'Donnell are RIVALS, not a romantic couple. They simply see each other as worthy opponents and Wolf obviously wants to beat Fox in a fight, not kiss him or go gaa-gaa over him like a couple of deer frolicking out in the meadows. And the cosplay Rath puts them in... God... Wolf O'Donnell does not fit the bishonen roles that he put him in, and Wolf himself is not a bishie, he is masculine and he is even larger or more muscular than both Fox and Falco. Wolf doesn't have long hair either; His hairstyle is similar to Fox McCloud's, just a little more spiky.

35 Fox and the Wolf - Rath-Raholand

A "Foe Yay" version of Beauty and the Beast that never happened. Fox McCloud will never fall in love with Wolf O'Donnell to be honest. They're rivals like I've mentioned before. I never get why some rabid shippers pair up rivals and think they should be a couple rather than let rivals be rivals.

36 Mufasa and James McCloud They Live In You - kylgrv

Just because Fox McCloud lost his father doesn't mean he's like Simba. Just because James speaks to Fox doesn't mean he's like Mufasa... As a Star Fox liker, this crossover offends me. -_-

37 Hi mister! - Kuigi-the-demon

This is a terrible image. It's not even a drawing, but rather a piece of dung that the user made with the infamous Garry's Mod program using models that were ripped straight out of the games. (Isn't that copyright infringement? ) Seeing people ship Tails with Cream is bad enough, shipping her with Fox McCloud is much worse. Foxeam, a.k.a. Fox McCloud x Cream the Rabbit, is one of the worst and most horrible ideas of a crossover shipping between a Sonic character and a Star Fox character because not only Fox is already taken by Krystal or Fara Phoenix depending on the continuity, but the huge age gap between Fox and Cream is just terrible, uncomfortable and wrong. Children should never be in a romantic relationship with an adult or someone much older than they are. That is just not acceptable. You may whine all you want on how there is a seven age gap between Fox and Krystal, but at least Krystal is an ADULT and the same species as Fox, whereas Cream isn't. At least according to this ...more

38 Karel dammit - twistedimages

The user's name is actually spelled 'twisted-images', but still. This user is one of many fans or haters who give Karel (Fire Emblem) a bad reputation.

39 Karel Sephiroth - twistedimages

I know the user's name is actually spelled 'twisted-images', but I was tired. I really don't like this picture, because Karel is a good guy while Sephy is a villain. It will never work out.

You know there is a legit reason out there that a crossover or alliance between the Sword Demon and the One Winged Angel will never happen. It's like crossovering Mario with Dr. Eggman. Honestly...

This is one of the most cringy ideas for a crossover or cosplay ever and I don't get why some fans think it is a great idea. It is not. Karel is not a villain like Sephiroth is, for goodness sake. It's like if two characters have similar looks or whatnot, regardless whether or not one is a hero and another is a villain, then the dumbest portion of the fandoms will go thinking: "They're the same! Sisi Ni Sawa! " Oh, Geez Louise...

40 She's Becoming More Like Your Pal - Toad900

A poorly drawn picture of Cream and Fox together, with the former saying "do a barrel roll". Just because Cream is a rabbit like Peppy doesn't mean she has to say that or be with Fox. Fox and Cream are not a couple and putting them together is not right; Especially since there is a big age gap between them and that Fox is already taken by either Fara Phoenix or Krystal, anyway.

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