Top 10 Worst Images on DeviantArt

This list is for the worst art on deviant art. Anything is allowed, Fetish art, MS Paint Abominations, PICK YOUR POISON. The only rule is that, all items on this list must be published on an active DA account. Proxies do not count.

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61 Kaa conquers Gensokyo - BrokenTeapot

What's with some of the Disney fandom turning every character in the Disney animated canon a fetish nowadays, most notably The Jungle Book's Kaa? It was bad enough that Disney made him a villain in the film (as well as a female in the new live-action remake) as opposed to his role as Mowgli's mentor in the original tale. Now people have to turn him into a fetish just because of his hypnosis powers? Surprised that they didn't use Hypno from Pokemon instead for this kind of fetish. As someone who recently has been getting interested in Touhou Project, this picture makes me kind of sad. Hopefully the ladies in Gensokyo will do something to stop Kaa... Or else.

62 KarelVan - kybok

Oops. This was already listed... Sorry.


63 Pearl on the Toilet - SithVampireMaster27
64 Splash Woman Taking a Dump - ButLova

This guy's a scat fetishist too? Ugh... - SailorSedna

65 Taylor's Selfie Booty Pic-CK-Draws-Stuff

That character's only 16-years-old.

66 Ghostly Butt Smack!-CK-Draws-Stuff
67 Jacob is Stuck - SithVampireMaster27
68 Debbie's Dinner - BleedingStalker
69 Tron Bonne's Buns Colored - ButLova

I'd honestly rather watch every episode of Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon than look at this truly disgusting drawing. Yes, it's that bad...

I'm gonna have to need a big bucket of bleach after looking at this satanic image.

This image is why hell exists.

No wonder people said 2012 was the end of the world...

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70 Raven Has a Nice Badonkadonk - ButLova
71 Shenzi Sharted - Madaro123

I'm not sure if I got the title right, but yeah, hyena fart fetish, woo joy! - SailorSedna

I think the awful pic you're talking about is 'Janja Farted' by Madarao123 (you seem to have forgotten the third 'a' in his name, and the picture was of Janja from The Lion Guard). Yeah, horrible fetish, I agree.

72 Bonding with a messy diaper - KennyBronyGamer19971

I dunno if this is still on Deviantart or not, but I will say that this is the image that proves this guy/"artist" is a coprophile and a pedophile...

Solar Sands was right, people like this guy are disgusting, loving diapers and scat, and based on that bondage thing, probably wanting to touch kids/babies themselves... - SailorSedna

What a disgusting pic...


73 Heavy from Team Fortress - MikeEddyAdmirer89

Holy crap, That is not Heavy! That is High Overseer Campbell from Dishonored - YourWaifuSucks

74 Lammy's Weight Embarrassment
75 R: Pinkie Pie Force Feeding Rarity - Ant-D

Also forgot to mention, he got Pinkie Pie's colors wrong, she isn't even close to the right shade of pink. Then again he doesn't even seem to study body proportions.

76 Request Sexy Starlight Glimmer - Ant-D

She's way out of proportion.

77 Sonica the Hedgehog - Ant-D
78 big blushy Blue - Pancakedude

Typical example of how the fetish fans can ruin peoples' childhoods, plus this picture is basically the equivalent of zoophilia (and maybe pedophilia? )... -_______-

I mean, there are female characters I loved in my childhood but I'd never fetishize them. - SailorSedna

79 Those Last Minutes... - Cartuneslover16
80 Sonichu - Chris Chan

Under his the account SonichuChrisChan but I'm currently unsure whether this is genuine or not - Neonco31

Does he have an own dA page? - Getovait

Yeah, that account is actually his. o_0

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