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81 Obese Luna - Necronomikat
82 Rouge's Swelling Pants - Joe-Awesome93

And he has a farting fetish too...disgusting talentless hack this is, he has the nerve to claim this along with his obesity and such is "art"... - SailorSedna

83 No need for floaties then - Joe-Awesome93

Does this guy even know that Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are only underage kids, round about, I dunno, 7-8, if I'm correct, and you're having them swell up and inflate their butts? Good God, this is basically child porn!

I can't believe Deviantart didn't remove this when I reported it, this is pure pedophilia, and I'm surprised people like this talentless hack, (who probably wants to touch some children and chunky people himself) aren't in jail for doing crap like this, does Deviantart really care about their users?! I wonder if this is in ButLova's favorites... - SailorSedna

84 Christmas GoGo Dancer - Rath-Raholand

What the...f...

*Insert Filthy Frank here* - SailorSedna

85 Vorequest - Mawly-Maws

Probably one of the sickest artists ever, crap like this, which looks like it's from a crappy horror movie, shouldn't even belong on Deviantart! - SailorSedna

86 Burn gumball burn. - Superkiel
87 Burn Gumball Burn - Superkiel

I Hope This Was Reported to The Authorities.

88 Gumball Road Killed - Superkiel
89 Booty Quake II - Rath-Raholand

Why the hell is twerking EVERYWHERE now? - SailorSedna

I know. Twerking is just wrong. -_-

Yeah, it's mostly everywhere nowadays. I mean, the only time I didn't mind it once was when I took girl out to a dance (we were having fun and such) but I do wish it wasn't spread everywhere as much, it's supposed to be a bedroom thing. - SailorSedna

90 Mouse Girl Being Licked - Casey387

Bestiality. This is what bestiality is here, folks.

I mean, I can kinda understand if one's attracted to an anthro, human-like animal, but for the love of God, don't do pictures like this, and don't think you want to do this unspeakable, illegal act (where I live it's illegal), this is a reason furries are hated. - SailorSedna

91 Polar Bear Girl Getting Felt Up - Casey387

I don't know which is more cringeworthy...this picture here or the comments section of this thing here.

Just report this and the other three I posted here, this is the kind of art that should not belong on Deviantart. Sheesh, I'd rather become a furry myself than even look at this...overused Internet term otherwise known as "cringe". - SailorSedna

92 Janja Farted - Madaro123

The user's name is actually spelled 'Madarao123', but I agree; This picture sucks on so many levels.

93 Peach's P Butt Lipstick-ButLova
94 Alphamalg (Alphys X Amalgamates) - Xandermartin98
95 Parappa and Stuffed Lammy - Virus-20

With the exception of some Care Bears hurting MLP pictures, all Virus-20 does is waste his talent and spend his whole time drawing disgusting fetish art. Get a life! - SailorSedna

96 Lammy In Booty Hell - RunningWildArts
97 Hurricane Blue's Sole Baring - TokuTF
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