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1 Thunder

ID sold out completely to trends with this song. The guitar in the background at the end of the song is the only redeeming aspect of this song. A song that says the same word 74 times in it deserves to be called their worst song.

The only Imagine Dragons song I hate. I think it is overkill to hate on the entire band just for this one song, but it is an atrocious song.

The song starts high. But with the Refrain it drops completely...

Its okay now to hear, but only thanks to mere-exposure, not because quality

Boring and generic. Only Imagine Dragons song I don't like. - Userguy44

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2 Pistol Whip

When I first heard this song I thought it was some of-tune song from the 70's.

3 Every Night

The only bad imagine dragons song. Shame it shares the album with the best one, round and round.

4 The River

No song by them is bad (except Pistol Whip) - UltimateCraig

5 Dancing in the Dark

What. This song is amazing

The only song I hate.

6 30 Lives

This song is beautiful! Doesn’t deserve to be on this list!

7 Not Today

I like this though! - HufflepuffGeekGirl

8 Whatever It Takes

Whatever it takes is my favourite song. I have no idea how it ended up on this list.

How is this higher than Dancing in the Dark!

Very different style, don't like it. - TheHabsFan

I love this though! - Camaro6

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9 Fear

You Can't Even hear dan that much - Th3Zm0nst3r

This isn’t even Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors featured Dan Reynolds on the song.

10 Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)

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? Love
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11 Boots

This song is AMAZING!

12 Drive
13 Roots

I love this

14 On Top of the World

Eh. - Camaro6

15 I Bet My Life

How the hell this is #1. this is a great song - Th3Zm0nst3r

Love this - Camaro6

Hate it

16 All for You
17 It's Time
18 Sucker for Pain

Why are they doing rap? I thought they wrote soft, normal, and hard rock.

19 Only

Too generic and poppy.

20 I Was Me
21 Hopeless Opus

This is their best song - DarthPhasey

22 Bullet in a Gun Bullet in a Gun
23 Round and Round
24 Hear Me
25 Believer

I don't necessarily hate this as much as the rest of the community here but it's still pretty bad. I mean that intro is catchy but Dan ruins it with the "pain", then the "pain", then... "PAAAIN" in the chorus. 3/10. Could be worse though. - StarlightSpanks

This is one of my favorite songs ever. - Hermione_Granger220

I adore this one, but I like the remix of it better. - Camaro6

This song is in my opinion one of their best. I’m not saying it because it’s mainstream (p.s. I hate mainstream) it’s because it’s catchy and great to listen to. That’s my opinion

26 Tiptoe
27 Chill
28 Rise Up
29 Bad Liar
30 Friction

No this one’s good. - Camaro6

31 Radioactive

Why? It’s overrated but it’s still good. - Camaro6

32 Yesterday

Imagine Dragons is trying too hard to be 80's that it ends up a complete mess. I like ID and some of Evolve, but this song is completely terrible.

I really don't like this one

33 Boomerang Boomerang

Boring. Very boring.

I’m still a huge fan of Imagine Dragons. Don’t get me wrong. But this album isn’t good. The only song that sounded like their true sound was “Machine”. This album is too electronic.

34 Amsterdam
35 Digital
36 Underdog
37 Second Chances
38 Mouth of the River Mouth of the River


39 Next to Me

I don't understand the woman singing in the background... I hate that - Rathernotbenamed

It's okay, but mediocre too. - Userguy44


40 Levitate

Way too electronic.

41 America
42 Start Over Start Over
43 I Don't Know Why I Don't Know Why
44 Smoke and Mirrors

No this is incredible. - Camaro6

45 Demons

No! Get this off of here! - Camaro6

No! - Userguy44

46 Walking the Wire

This song is so beautiful, I get goosebumps 2 seconds into it.

47 Bleeding Out

8/10 could be louder

48 Nothing Left to Say
49 Zero

Personally, this song is relatable, especially the chorus. “Hello, Hello let me tell what it is like to be a zero, zero, let me show what it’s like to feel, feel, like i’m empty and there’s nothing really real, real, i’m looking for a way out.” For a very long time (8 years) a felt like I was in a war zone, and that I was never going to survive. I was constantly getting bullied in school, I would always get in fights with my mom and my younger sister, and overtime started losing friends etc. The chorus perfectly describes how I used to feel like. I was bullied a lot, with people calling my mom a prostitute who wants to steal job opportunities, I was called an autistic terrorist and people would take my stuff for not having Snapchat or Musical.ly, and for liking Imagine Dragons. Fortunately now, I left that school and now I get treated like a normal person.

50 Natural

Why is this here? This song is amazing! - Userguy44

I like this one though... - Camaro6

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