Worst Indian Child Actors

The list of most hated or bad actors of Indian film industry.

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1 Ojas Godatwar

Ojas... Is a talented boy. I really like you and your acting I specially wake in the morning to watch shake it up at 10:00 am I am watching shake it up from the starting... Ojas your a star... , love you allot... I am a big fan of your's

HE is a very good child acter. love you so much

The person who is saying worst to him is really himself/herself because he is jealous of him I know;-) he is really great child actor I always sees SHAKE IT UP. I really like him vryy much:-)

You guys are jealous. He's a good actor.

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2 Sparsh Srivastava

Hey I want to tell that my friend loves Sparsh. Me too some some. I just like him but he is really good:-)

Sparsh was awesome he is so good I love you sparsh

Sparsh is a really good actor and I love shake it up

He is so cool ad a smart teenager

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3 Diya Chalwad

Who the hell wrote such comments huh

I don't think she is actually she is one of the best

Who the hell are saying this, she is amazing she is most talented girl I love her, she act in couple of films and dramas but she is better actor than other famous actors, her style, her voice, her expressions over all she is bestes child actor

Totally worst actress of Disney India her accent sucks!

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4 Faiq Shaikh

He is talented and awesome kid actor... Like him and vote 10000000 time for him

I like this boy very much, when he talk he attract me

He's cool and cute little boy like my brother if he's Muslim he's great actor

What racism is this? You don't like him just because he is a Muslim?

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5 Yugvijay Tiwari

His name is "Yugvijay Tiwari Astro" on Facebook I don't like it. I know him personally and I'm honestly jealous. Thanks.

He's not so bad and people are so jealous and honestly me too so my vote goes to yugvijay tiwari.

Are you joking? He is so amazing. Very good performer actor. - Maaaccount

Seriously friends he is the best not the worst! If you know you should see his YouTube videos -_-

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6 Faisal Khan

He's awesome hoes don't be mean

This list is totally fake

You're the my best dancer and actor

I m a big fan of your dance... Keep entertaining us n congrats for your new house in mira road... Meet you in my city

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7 Darsheel Safari

First of all he sucks at acting! And then he behaves like he is a great star after acting besides aamir khan. I bet he will never even turn into a side artist in serials.

Just watch him now, he looks quite smart!

His big huge teeths are yuck! And he was totally ew in "Tare Zamin Par".

8 Ayesha Kadduskar

Ayesha is most talented girl in the world

Ayesha is a pretty girl

She is a great actress

3rd favorite in oye jassie

9 Alam Khan

You are good actor your speaking style in shake it up is cool

Alam khan is a person who has his own personality

Doesn't even talk properly in shake it up. And overacts a lot am not on his side.

Bole tau ek number

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10 Namit Shah

Namit and Yugvijay, are the only two best child actors alive u guys are nuts!

His show suite life is nice but he sucks totally! I mean come on guys he can't even pronounce a single word of Hindi language.

Namit shah is the best actor I ever had seen he is one of the worlds most handsome child actors

Siddharth is cutter than Namit

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11 Siddharth Thakkar

Sid u r the most cutest actor I've ever seen n please continue suit life love you...

I think this name should not appear in this list

Nice cool super suite life of karan and kabir best acting

Please tell that when will season 3 come

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12 Tara Sutaria

She is bae

She is so beautiful and nice how the heck can people write comments like this huh?

Her sister comes pasted with her wherever she goes and she is not a child but is counted in the child actor list I hate it!

Tara is a very beautiful and tall actress I love her like anything

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13 Anushka Sen

I love her because everybody love baalveer and anushka is in it

She did a good role in baalveer but in Devon ke dev mahadev she wasn't as great

14 Saloni

She played a role of guy in the suite life show and changed her image so, now I dislike that girl.

15 Bhavya Gandhi

He rocks because that's me

Bhavya Gandhi is very intelligent but his attitude made him poor

Yes he is a good actor

He is really very good and he does great acting in TAARAK MEHTA KA OOLTAH CHASHMAH:-) Best Of Luck... I like him;-)

16 Mansi Tiwari

Hottest women in the world only girls are jealous of Mansi Tiwari and boys of Yugvijay Tiwari.

I hate her cause she is the sister of yugvijay tiwari. They're the worst!

Both she and brother stick at acting - FrankP

Lol Mansi don't even work ithis industry why she? Though I am fan!

17 Ruhanika Dhawan
18 Avni
19 Abhishek Soni

Really wrost

20 Ridhi Arora

Riddhi is a good actor but her looks are the worst

21 Naveen Kohli
22 Tanishka Kohli

Complete hoe

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