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21 Sarah - Season 7

I say season 7 ONLY, because in season 2, she was amazing, passionate, a bit psycho at times, but one hell of a competitor. In season 7, she just wasn't performing to the caliber of the other artists, and ended up having a really short stay.

A great tattoo artist. I refer to most people who tattoo as "tattooers". She is an artist in my opinion. I think she came back too cocky and it cost her. I would let her ink me anytime.

Her mouth is annoying. Her face is ugly. She is just all together the most annoying person that I've seen on this show. I've been hoping she'd fail since the beginning. Please just keep that ugly mug off the T.V.

22 Christian - Season 7

My fiance was one of Christian's canvases on season 7. She tells me that he's really the gentle giant type and one of the nicest people in real life. His attitude is just an angle for the show, and it works. Her tattoo is amazingly done as are all the rest of his. He is experienced, consistent, and totally has what it takes to be Ink Master. You're out of your damn mind if you think he belongs on this list with these other people!

I am beyond tired of his attitude! And to think Sausage is this guy's boss! If he's this obsessed with alliances, then he should have applied for Survivor or Big Brother, not Ink Master.

I don't know what you guys were expecting. If you had watched the teasers and trailers before the season, you could easily tell right from the get-go that Christian was going to be the villain of the season.

Egotist and arrogant punk!

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23 Nate - Season 8

Admitting that you've been half-assing your tattoos the whole competition? Seriously?

24 Matt - Season 6

I was extremely disappointed, as well as shocked to see that he did not get sent home forwwhat was supposed to be a Victorian lace tattoo that we all know turned out looking like a sad, ugly black bandana to put it nicely. The neck is not an easy place to receive a tattoo, and this poor lady will have to sit through a cover up of some sort to hide this extremely dark mess he left on her neck. I thought she showed great restraint when facing him after they voted her tattoo the worst of the day. Eric may not have done a neck tattoo that looked like Victorian lace on the gentleman he chose to tattoo, but there was absolutely no reason to send him home over Matt. As far as I was concerned personally, Matt and Katie could have left at the same time so I would have sent them home long before Katie was eliminated.

It was quite shocking to see that he didn't get sent home for his black bandana tattoo. The person who got the tattoo even showed it on Facebook a month after it healed and it looked like a complete mess. I really thought he'd be one of the top contenders at first, but now he's pretty much falling apart.

What happened to that poor girl, I have never been so sad for someone. That episode started on such a great note and ended on the lowest I have seen in all the seasons.

I totally agree. I couldn't believe they sent Erik home over Matt. At least Erik's was dope not mention fixable

25 Boneface - Season 8

As poor of a performer he is, you gotta admit that he said one of the best lines of the entire show: "Why do you look 50 when you're only 24? "

Attacking others for their looks rather than just focusing on tattooing. He produces clean tattoos, but he definitely isn't an artist - he can't draw up anything that looks decent.

He is the worst on ink master I hate bone face he is the worst he should have got eliminated the second he walked to the ink master place

26 Jason - Seasons 3 & 5

I KNEW there was a reason I hated this guy when he was on both seasons. I had to mute him every time he opened his mouth to get through every episode. How dare he say all of that horrible stuff to his client! Not only is he unprofessional he's apparently a GINORMOUS douche and a misogynist on top of that! I can't believe he even added "typical woman" after throwing a hurl of insults at this girl. Well dude, you're a typical grade-A douchebag and I hope your career plummeted after this episode aired

What the hell was he thinking when he was on Ink Master Redemption?! The way he treated his canvas was beyond unprofessional! Any respect I had for him during the previous seasons of the show is now lost.

Come on man! He sucked!

Cleen Rock one was the best Jason clay Dunn was the worst he ruined season 5

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27 Gia - Season 8

All she did was slink around and act like she was as good as the other woman on the show but she wasn't. I kept waiting for her to show some good work but watching paint dry is far more entertaining. Don't bring her back. Just let her fade away like the looks that got her on the show will.

Hate her attitude it's just stupid how she acts, and she has stupid black out tattoos on her forearms

28 Mark - Season 2

The elephant tattoo was from the season 5 Mark, not this Mark.

I can't stand his unfounded "better-than-thou" attitude. Ugh!

And the 1000 year-old wood elephant? I rember seeing chocolate brown elephants... Ohhh, no I don't.

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29 Kyle - Seasons 3 & 4

What an absolutely abhorrent personality this guy has! First, he physically assaults Nunez, then he blows a fuse at his canvas on Ink Master Redemption. Not only is this guy a subpar tattooer, but he also does not seem like a nice person at all.

If he was a good guy, he would've been like me: good guy with a short fuse...notice how I said 'If'. - Nick-brick8

30 Julia - Season 5

How does someone like her stay in business with such a horrid attitude?

I would come over from oz just so Julia could put tatt on me any day of the week

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31 Katie - Season 6

She has no class and no respect for anyone besides Matt. It's fitting that their shop is named "Black Cobra Tattoos" because Matt and especially Katie are a couple of snakes.

She's not really a bad tattoo artist, but she really annoys the hell out of me.

Annoying as hell and she's too full of herself

"She is a snake in the grass" ha ha nailed it

32 Chris - Season 6

Horrible attitude. It's a good thing he's a talented tattoo artist, because I can't stand this guy. Also, is it possible for him to go a single episode without mentioning that he's a marine?

I think it's also worth mentioning he got arrested for allegedly strangling his daughter a couple years after the show.

News flash, Chris-REAL marines would not stab others in the back.

Drink every time he mentions he is a marine lol

horrible person though... that poor girl who had to sit through the leopard tattoo must of been in agony, I bet he couldn't sit and take that

33 Bili - Season 1

His attitude was horrible. He viewed himself as doing no wrong with his tattoos. And putting the clocks hands at 5:55 ( the time he was born) without his canvases knowledge?... wrong move.

34 Mark - Season 5

He has consistently been in the bottom. I'm surprised he has actually survived all the way to the final 7.

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35 Lalo - Season 2
36 Shane O'Neill - Season 1

Horrible attitude. He believed himself to be the best just because he was very well known. If he didn't win the challenges he would throw a pissy tantrum after and talk smack about everyone's work. Huge ego and lack of color. His tattoos were always black and grey; barely any color. He always stayed in his comfort zone and rarely did something different. The contest rigged; felt like his win was secured early on in the competition

37 Kevin - Season 8

He and the season 5 Mark have the worst competitive records out of anyone on the show. He has consistently been in the bottom yet he still manages to slip through the cracks every single time. How he's made it as far as he has is beyond me.

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38 Doom Kitten - Season 9

Dude has been dead weight since the beginning. He's only gotten as far as he has because he's teamed up with Erin. There's NO way he'd be able to make it all this way on his own.

I agree that he hasn't been carrying his weight but he is also so whinny and rude. If it wasn't shops I would keep Erin and get rid of doom.

39 Cee Jay - Season 2

She sure got mouthy in the New Year's episode when she was about to get eliminated. Also, in that episode, her tattoo had 'I' as a Roman numeral 4 instead of 'IV'. Good to see she hasn't learned from her mistakes.

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40 Caroline - Season 5
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