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41 Robbie - Season 5

As far as the bickering brothers go, I think they're both in the wrong. Jayvo for constantly pushing Robbie's buttons and trying to get a rise out of him, and Robbie for straight-up lashing out at him every time and his awful attitude in general. Both on the show, and in Ink Master Redemption, they were insufferable like a couple of 5-year-olds fighting over a toy. It's pathetic.

42 Cris - Season 7

I feel like he really wasn't taking the competition seriously. He didn't have a single good moment during his short stay.

He didn't care about ink master

43 Picasso - Season 7

I was disappointed to see him go too. He's clearly got skills but couldn't handle the time or being compared to top artists. I'd like to see what he can do outside of the show

I'm sure he's an incredibly talented tattoo artist outside of Ink Master. He just doesn't do well under the time constraints and competitive environment of Ink Master.

He's an excellent artist, but he's really frail under the pressure and cracked too easily. A real shame.

His art was excellent, but it's obvious he couldn't handle the pressure.

44 Carolyn - Season 8

Last to be picked, first to be sent home. What a waste. The judges should have chosen Elisheba instead. She had much more potential than Carolyn.

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45 Matt - Season 8

Weak link from the start. I don't see what the other contestants, especially Nate, saw in him more than someone like Elisheba. He had no potential.

46 Bang - Season 9

Bad attitude. Also, not only are she and Danger Dave incapable of working together as a team, but they just can't tattoo.

47 DTatStar - Season 9
48 LT - Season 5

I can already tell he's going to be one of the worst just based off the preview. He's already got a nasty attitude toward a fraction of the contestant, and on the first tattoo, he ends up getting nauseous. Plus, with only 2 and a half year of tattooing under his belt, I really don't see him getting far at all.

49 David - Season 4 V 1 Comment
50 Tim - Season 5

I'm glad Cleen Rock one fired him

I really don't understand why anyone would get a tattoo from that guy. His artiatry just blows my mind (in a bad way). It just sucks. He can't draw porportion or good fundamentals tyat are appealing. Look at his pinup and geisha for example. Terrible face and hands.

51 Damon - Season 4
52 Tray - Season 2
53 Caroline - Season 5
54 Ryan - Season 6

The judges definitely did the right thing eliminating him as early as they did. Also, instead of taking the criticism the judges gave him, he tried to throw his mentor, St. Marq, under the bus. Not only is he a crap tattoo artist, but his attitude is also unbearable!

55 Made Rich - Season 3

In season 3, he was quite possibly the most forgettable contestant on the show. He managed to perform even worse in season 9. Dude tries to talk a big game, but neither he nor his partner can make a half-decent tattoo. They both end up being sent to the bottom by the jury of peers every time they're there until the day they were eliminated.

56 Don - Season 5

Dude was just an idiot. He even had a chance to redeem himself but ruined it because he has no idea how to at least appear professional and act like he cares about the canvas - who saw right through him like glass. He couldn't even admit he was in the wrong and threw a temper tantrum rather than try to convince the girl to stay and have confidence in his work. I would have walked out too if I was his canvas.

57 Tuff Tito - Season 8

He is dreadful. I think the judges have been showing favoritism towards him.

58 Sirvone - Season 8

Loved Sirvone! Spoke a lot of truth! Should not have been eliminated when he was!

59 Babiery - Season 9
60 Derek - Season 9
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