Top 10 Worst Ink Master Contestants

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61 Tuff Tito - Season 8

He is dreadful. I think the judges have been showing favoritism towards him.

62 Sirvone - Season 8

Loved Sirvone! Spoke a lot of truth! Should not have been eliminated when he was!

63 Babiery - Season 9
64 John - Season 9
65 Derek - Season 9
66 Eva - Season 9
67 Frank - Season 3
68 Keith - Season 4
69 Ryan - Season 5
70 Cris - Season 5

He outstayed his welcome.

71 Chris - Season 3

Nice person, but not a good tattoo artist.

72 Bubba - Season 4

I'm going to be honest. I don't think he's improved since he first went on the show. He's been riding DJ's coattails since the minute he started tattooing on season 9. He's so lucky that he's on the same team as a runner-up of Best Ink.

73 Nick - Season 2
74 Angel - Season 5
75 Brian - Season 6

He should be in the top ten

76 Kito - Season 6

That Mary Jean person he had for a canvas has some serious issues. Physically assaulting Kito and then creating a huge scene? What the hell was she thinking?! Feel sorry that Kito had to put up with her again. She deserved the terrible tattoo that she got.

While he was a weak artist overall on the show, I can't help but feel sorry for him because of his horrible canvas, which was part of what lead to his elimination.

77 Jayvo - Season 5

Can't stand him or his brother, Robbie. They can barely tattoo, and their personalities are unbearable.

78 Lydia - Season 4
79 Clint - Season 2

He may produce some sick tattoos on Tattoo Nightmares, but for the times he's been on Ink Master, his performance was average at best. Hell, he himself is aware of his bad attitude during his stay on Ink Master, and he doesn't even give a damn.

Clint passed away last December after succumbing to colorectal cancer. R.I.P. Clint

80 MV - Season 6
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