Top 10 Worst Ink Master Contestants

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81 King Ruck - Season 4

He seems like a nice guy, and you gotta respect him for tattooing himself and keeping himself in the competition, but his performance on the show overall was weak.

82 Corey - Season 7
83 Ally - Season 3

On the show, Ally's work really wasn't up to par, and on Ink Master Redemption, I think she and her canvas were both in the wrong. They both could have handled the situation much better. It's sickening that they're pretty much introducing "The Jerry Springer Show"-style BS into the show through Ink Master Redemption, with this being an example.

84 Megan Jean - Season 7

Started off amazing, but now she's really starting to suck.

Honestly, I think Megan is pretty good. I think the judges, especially Nunez, are being too harsh on her.

Meagan was the second bed she was my second favorite on season 7 the best was Cleen Rock one

85 Danger Dave - Season 9

He and Bang were in the bottom every elimination they were there. 4 times in a row. I would not let them get anywhere near me with a tattoo machine.

86 Wes - Season 9
87 Mike - Season 9
88 Carlos - Season 9

This dude's always whining when things don't go his way. Whether he and Aric were outdone by Artistic Skin Designs or how he thought it was oh so unfair that DJ was using a mag to tattoo. While Black Anchor Collective does put out some good work and they left earlier than expected, the complaining from him and Aric is really annoying.

89 Thom - Season 9
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