Top Ten Worst Insects


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1 Mosquitos Mosquitos Spanish for "small fly," mosquitoes are flies that have been known to cause various diseases . A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus .
2 Flies

Flies are EXTREMELY annoying. - Drewman1211

Maggots are actually fly larvae, you know those things. another reason to hate them

I hate annoying flies!
It always make BZZZ SOUNDS - SpencerJC

3 Wasps

Wasps are just annoying insects that sting people for no god damn reason. This insect should be number 1 on this list.

Don't wanna get stung? Simply don't disturb them. Problem solved - FireWasp2004

The problem is, I don't even look at them and they buzz around my head. Wasps are way too aggressive for my taste. - purpleyoshi98

This should be #1.

They not like nice bees. They are horrible a**h oles and are evil and don't care - AlphaQ

4 Ants Ants

They're kinda creepy in the face, but I still like them. They're very smart. - purpleyoshi98

5 Cockroach

God I'm scared of cockroaches and absolutely hate them I wish they were never on this earth!

6 Bees Bees

Bees are nice. They don't want to sting you. Wasps are the douches - AlphaQ

I hate bees so much

Well if you understand them better you would like them a bit more. - AlphaQ


Purpleyoshi98 you mean wasps are bitches

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7 Fleas
8 Moths Moths Moths comprise a group of insects related to butterflies, belonging to the order Lepidoptera. Most lepidopterans are moths; and there are thought to be approximately 160,000 species of moth, many of which are yet to be described.

They go to the light!

9 Bed Bug
10 Locusts

The Contenders

11 Bumblebees
12 Fire Ant
13 Leeches Leeches Leeches are segmented worms that belong to the phylum Annelida and comprise the subclass Hirudinea. Like the oligochaetes, such as earthworms, leeches share a clitellum and are hermaphrodites.

Not an insect...

14 Lice
15 Butterfly Butterfly Butterflies are part of the class of insects in the order Lepidoptera, along with the moths. Adult butterflies have large, often brightly coloured wings, and conspicuous, fluttering flight.

I like insects and I don't care for most of the insects on this list, but take this and the bee off this list immediately!

How could anybody love these things? They flap around you so strangely, they are addicted to colorful shirts, and they are everywhere!

Blue Morphos, to be exact.

16 Bullet Ant

Obviously, I have never ever been stung by a bullet ant, but from what I've heard on YouTube, their stings hurt so bad. They have the most painful sting in the world, and it will cause you to scream your lungs out! So don't get stung by a bullet ant if you don't want to feel like you're in pain!

You feel like you are shot.

17 Dung Beetles Dung Beetles
18 Centipedes Centipedes Centipedes are arthropods belonging to the class Chilopoda of the subphylum Myriapoda. They are mainly carnivorous and they prey apron insects, spiders, small birds and rodents, and even other centipedes.

Biggest fear

Not an insect...

Not an insect - FireWasp2004

19 Army Ant
20 Spiders

Not an insect - FireWasp2004

Arachnids not insects...

21 Africanized Bee
22 Bulldog Ant Bulldog Ant
23 Hornet Hornet

They are basically Wasps on steroids. They shouldn't exist - AlphaQ

24 Gnats Gnats

Worst insects ever! They're really tiny and they sometimes crawl in my food, which I'm really annoyed of.

A couple days after Thanksgiving, I saw a gnat crawling around on my plate and it went from the mashed potatoes into my stuffing. I was angry in my head and felt like throwing it out into the trash. - Stazemar000

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