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41 You're such a pain in the gluteus maximus

This is just something you say to make you look smart. Who says gluteus maximus anyway?

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42 You're so ugly that your mother mistook you as an octopus

You're so ugly you mom mistake you for Justin beiber

43 Your so chubby the back of your head looks like a pack of hot dogs

Wasn't this on "The Amazing World of Gumball"?

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44 You're a failed abortion.

You are so stupid that if you you were 100% smarter a chair will be smarter dan you

This is a bad insult, and it's also sort of mean - TwilightKitsune

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45 Pee pee pants

That's used when you were a little kid

For 5 Year Olds - blst0033

That's what I hear from the 5 years old that are insulting me, I laugh so hard because of his ridiculous insults that are saying to me like: gay, faggot, homo detected. This is just, stupid..

46 Yo mama so poor it took her 3 years just to give a penny
47 Suppurating fundament

Just a name-call but it baffles people and when they look-up the words in the dictionary they get annoyed - GA

48 Your momma's so fat... it affects her self esteem

This is better: Yo mama so fat, when she rode an elephant, she crushed it.

49 Swag pennies have more value than you

Ooh you got dissed

50 You're a worse artist that Anthony B!
51 It looks like your face was on fire and someone tried to put it out with a hammer V 1 Comment
52 You useless paperclip

I am killing myself laughing

Heh, this is the best one.

Tf Is A Paperclip? Jk - AlphaQ

53 You revolting insignificant waste of space
54 Maggot

Yes I am a pretty big slipknot fan!

Does this one remind anyone else of the Soldier from TF2?

Change The M To F And Yiy Have A Proper Insult. - AlphaQ

55 You're so ugly, Bob the Builder said he can't fix that

Haha... Bob the builder... Lol.. , that's funny

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56 You're just jealous.

Should I be jealous of mistakes no should I be jealous of you well it's the same thing

57 Up Yours V 1 Comment
58 Did you say something?

This is so annoying, I think of a good insult and my brother just returns this to me... I know he's listening :-P

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59 Scuzz Bucket!
60 Did I ask you?

ITS JUST so ANNOYING! - SomeRandomStickboy

Yes I Did. Feg. - AlphaQ

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