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61 You're a fart-face
62 You are butt.

And Yiy Are Fartline. - AlphaQ

63 You're cancer
64 You are as fat as L.G
65 I am better than your leg

Yeh well my legs hold 95% of my fat so you are probably thinner but who gives a crap that I'm a nerd because who will have the mansion in 10 years

66 Do your parents know you are gay?

Gotta admit this is a good one if the person can't reply with anything other than yes or no

I have had this question asked, if you say no then it's yes and if you say yes it's yes. - Skullkid755

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67 Goodbye drunken mistake
68 You're so stupid that Patrick is smarter than you
69 You're an insensible, filthy dirt rag.
70 You're a rotting, cannibalistic slug.
71 You revolting, morbid abomination.

Perfect this it great it's the funniest most intelligent Insult

72 A: Knock knock B: Who's there? A: Orange B: Orange the what? A: Orange your FACE!!!!


Not An Insult - AlphaQ

73 Your face
74 Poopy head
75 Booger eater

Well eating boogers helps boost your immune system so who is more likely to get sick

76 Have you looked in the mirror lately
77 Your mum is so poor I saw her kicking a can down the street I said what are you doing she said moving house

If they are that poor how do they have a house?

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78 Dick Face
79 You are a human!

This is so stupid... Well no duh, man!

I never would of guessed

This is just stating a fact

Course I am! You are a virgin. - AlphaQ

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80 You are a poo poo face
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1. I know you are but what am I?
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3. (Has the same shirt as you) Your shirt's stupid!
1. I know you are but what am I?
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