Worst Insults Ever

These are some stupid things to say in a fight. Consider yourself stupid if you use them. Some of these are okay, but it really depends on whose saying it.

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81 So Lame
82 You smell like a dead crab

Well I just ate one

83 Crappy Pants

Do mine smell like that no now go back to preschool where you belong

84 Your teeth look horrible. Are you British?

This insult goes too far. You try to insult one person, but you end up insulting an entire nation.

That's Preettyy...Racist. - AlphaQ

Too far

85 You're such a Boris

What is a boris?

My name is Boris...

86 What you say, what you are.

This is so stupid... I say something and thy return it.

Badass. I'm Badass.. - AlphaQ


87 You're a meanie head

No I thought I was a normal head

88 Piss Off
89 You smell like a stinky man

What does this even mean like what the heck that means u smell like a stinky man and a stinky man could smell good

90 You're a poopy head
91 Doo do head
92 Yah right.
93 You're so ugly, when I look at you, I know there is no god

Look he has nothing to do with it

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94 You make poop look good.

And you make Justin BEIBER look good

95 You're a chicken nugget

So offensive

That's what George said to me! I'm so offened

You kfc - AlphaQ

96 You stink

I'm sorry but I think u r smelling yourself?

Yiy dab - AlphaQ

97 Your face is like a monkey

I hate to break it to you but you're looking in the mirror

I will probably use that one

Technically we are monkeys

If you use this to insult hillary clinton you're being honest jk. - Skullkid755

98 You know that story about the guy whose face got broken. I think you should star in it

No such story

oh - AlphaQ

I don't get it

I made that up - -


99 In my opinion you suck pretty bad

To be honest that don't sound right

100 You are disgusting
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