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I don't think this school is the WORST school. The nursery and preschool at this school are actually very nice and the teachers are native English speakers. However, with the exception of a few teachers in preschool, lower elementary, and one or two in high school, almost all the teachers are Filipino. - toptenner

First of all, the students are being forced to listen to foolish announcements by this "Mr. Peter" who believe it or not, says the same every single day. Then comes the food, the food is so stale it tastes like it came straight out of the sewers in Bombay, fried chicken that looks like your grandpa's scrotum, and rice harder than a 13 year old's penis. The teachers are extremely under-qualified, half of the time leaving students totally confused about what's going on when the classwork was about calculating monthly payments from a morbidly obese person who eats 80 apples and 90 bananas a day but the exams were rocket science. They can't afford to hire better teachers because the owner is a greedy pig that looks like santa claus had sex with Bin Laden. People who have been to this school would know what I'm talking about.

1.The football field you can see all those green grass for 2 months at least then the rain will destroy it.
2. The food is overprice and you won't find these super cold food any where else except here. Ex: Rice taste like rock, Chicken is too dry, and what fried egg is 30 bath
3.The teachers 98% is Filipino and 1% Indian 0.5 Thai 0.2 American and other unknown...
4. School use second hand mac maybe (fake) slow internet and super small library.

It's actually NOT the worst school. Its have many activities to do and the foods are very delicious. If you're not it THIS school, then don't say it's bad. The students should complain, not other people.

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2 Singapore International School Bangkok

They have painted a beautiful picture, but unfortunately, the reality is a nightmare. I regret sending my child there.

The admission office some lady just likes salesman, before you get in the school they persuaded you to buy textbooks whole set to study for entering exam. And when you get in the school, there's no proper channel to communicate with school. Besides, traffic around school is very bad sometimes you stuck in school for over half a hour, my friend said he's very regret to send his kid there and preparing for moving out now

Prepare for a mass exodus of native English speakers in the near future. They blew all of their operating funds on a large, new, modern secondary school complex. Now they have no funds to take care of routine expenses like security guards, janitors, new equipment and supplies etc. They have started to ask the teachers to take on more and more of these duties on a weekly basis. This week they told the teachers that they must come in 30 minutes earlier to direct traffic in the streets around the school... FAIL!

Deserves to be the worse school in Bangkok

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3 St. John's International School (SJIS)

This school is terrible. I am not surprised that this school is not the number 1 worst school in Thailand. The teachers and office are horrible and the teachers here are very lazy. One of the students here has been suspended for 4 times already but of course the school can't expel him because they don't have enough students. This school only cares about money and not the students education and is better off closed. My advice is to not bring your child to this school.

The Filipino assistant teachers in this school are not proper teachers, they are very rude and lazy they don't like to do any work at all. They like to gossip about the children's parents or each other and don't have proper work ethic. If you can pay the money you'll be better of sending your children to a much better school not this one.

This school cares only on one thing, is money. my daughter, who used to studied there, told me that they gave out too much homeworks, she said that they banned phones, well, they should but what's the point of took their phone for one day? The meals there is not good, it tasted bad, as my daughter said. I'm not saying that I'm mad but, why can't they improve further. I want this school to know so badly that they used too much rules, bad foods, too much homeworks that could just stressed them out.

This school its really terrible. The teacher are unfair. its was her birthday and she forgot to tell her teacher the teacher call her and tell her that she can't have birthday party because the party are in the lesson and the teacher can't teach other student.

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4 Concordian International School Bangkok (CIS)

Forcing too much unnecessary knowledge into kids. Concordian's kid don't learn to respect their elders the right way. In most case when someone did something wrong, they left without saying sorry, their guardian often have to come in and apologize in their places. My cousin is in 6th grade in Concordian, she sometime works until 10:00pm or 2:00am, give me a break. There're many foreign teachers that comes to teach at this school but most of them doesn't have a teaching degree. Worst of all is how to school treated a children who they judge that they're not smart enough. In Concordian, it doesn't matter how smart you are, if you are once in weaker class, then you continues to be in it until you get to high school. I used to be a CIS student, 2 years ago I went to visit my friends and the guard doesn't let me in saying that I'm a outsider and the school doesn't want outsider to cause harm to their student. Being here for 8 years of my life and now I'm an outsider for them.

The principle sucks, he is always defensive of the teachers not considering the situation. His method of detention is also not useful. We have to copy the mission statement of the school 50 times 'so we can remember and follow it. ' The teachers and principles want the kids to follow the mission but the teachers themselves are not even trying. I am a 6th grade student in CIS.

Teachers and students are disrespectful that's why they have so little children, in future it wont even exist. They focus more about getting the IB certificate than grades, whats the point of having low grades with an IB certificate? They think that by killing the students and putting pressure on them they will succeed, students must get homeworks but not to this extent even HARVARD doesn't do that! They must not know the definition for "learning" or "school" It is more of a military school than anything else, students look like zombies and really I say it again the teachers are very rude and if they were in another school they wont last. They are building a "geek/nerdy" atmosphere where most of the students feel uncomfortable, they think that they're ontop of the world where really they're down in the bottom, I don't know who they think they really are? Plus their students don't get into top universities compared to other schools. (sad life sad future) I ...more

Maybe that education is lovely...

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5 Keerapat International School

This is the worst international school in Thailand.. I am a student there before and I do not learn anything. I get A but do not learn anything.. They are only good at collecting money and most teachers are not teaching.. They just let students watch you tube and play their phones... Foreign teachers in this school are very lazy and they are not real educators because they do not teach the students well... The school only get farang teachers to show their school has white teachers but they are not qualified... Parents.. Choose a school for your kids where they can learn everything and not only you tube, many homeworks, projects and power points... Keerapat is only getting your money... You fail, but you pay to get high grade.. The school only need your money but not give you the real education...

Keerapat international school is a very good school. I admit that our education might not be as good as other schools. I disagree about the bad community thing because we really have a good community here. There are students that speak English all the time on campus, I think the reason that some students saw other students speak Thai is because they and their friends were the ones who are speaking Thai. We're are very strong in art and music. We have got many trophies for winning music competitions. I Have been a student here since grade seven and now I'm grade nine. My English was not very good until I came here. People are nice and very friendly. I disagree with the point that keerapat is the worst school.

Very low quality of education.. Heads of pre school and elementary are not real teachers or educators.. They just have native speakers teachers who are not educators and not real teachers.. They only suck your money but education is very very poor.. They care only about your money but not education.. Very Very poor and very low quality of education.. They give only a lot of homeworks because teachers are so lazy to teach especially the native speakers...

I think most of these comments were written a while ago and some by people with some kind of agenda. That being said the school had many many problems and most of those comments were not unfounded. However, I was a part of the school for the past few years and have recently moved on to a better opportunity. When I first arrived many changes were in progress. a few weren't great but the overwhelming majority were for the better.

When I left a few months ago I can honestly say the school was doing well on all fronts but first and foremost the quality of education the students were receiving was very good... and it shows... their MAP (measure of academic performance) scores have improved a great deal. Many but not all students speak English to one another on campus not just in class. Things have gotten a lot better and I believe it is a good educational institution. WASC gave them a 5 year accreditation which is the most they give so they have reviewed them and have good faith ...more

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6 Bangkok Christian International School (BCIS)

It sucks big time.

Awful place don't believe the trolls below "We offer AP classes..." They are stupid with their fake postings but people who kid go there no the truth.

BCIS is a good school for my kid!

BCIS is a good friendly school. We offer AP classes with variaty choices. I LOVE BCIS! As a Christian school, everyone is friendly and will never look down on each other. My class has 3 girls 4 boys, a small warming environment. Teachers are strict but good and respect the students.

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7 Modern International School, Bangkok

This school is the worst, We are not even allowed to play a running game in it. Teachers always expect us to study. Many teachers are partial and sexist. Its not an international school, not international food (poor quality also), Technology services are very weak. This school can't print coloured papers for worksheets. Not enough space for playing. This school contain only 2% international students.

The English in this school is so bad and the teachers just don't teach properly when ever I have doubts and ask. The teacher just yells at you
I would not recommend this school for your child.

I left the school and the stupid people there started bullying my little sister, oh and checkout my YouTube video about that :) only people who are mannerless and are not international ( rowdies ) like this school...

I don't know where to start. Horrible school. Horrible food. Teachers are moody and can't control their anger. Students are show-offs who think their the best. It's extremely partial and sexist to boys. Even girls can't be saved.
You can't play any game apart from basketball and football(you can only play if you are a pro). It's an overall bad school with bad teachers and bad facilities. What facilities are there? NONE. Broken air conditioners and unhygienic toilets are everywhere in the school. Your education will be left incomplete
in a traumatic condition, as the school is extremely stingy and doesn't spend any money on facilities. The places where you can relax in this school is similar to trying to find gold, it's impossible as there is no space in this school. If you like congested classrooms and horrible education, this is the school for you.
So please instead save your money and life and don't attend here. Your welcome,...

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8 Ekamai International School

I went to EIS in the fall of 2011. As a kid I had always wanted to travel. When we had the opportunity to move across the world to a new country and school that was founded upon my religion and beliefs, I was ecstatic! As an 11 year old what could be more exciting? My family and I packed up and moved. We left everything we had behind and started over in Bangkok Thailand. The excitement my 11 year old mind was holding was short lived after I arrived at EIS. Coming from the US everything was so much different. At an "American, Adventist" school I found my family to be the only Americans. There were only a handful of Adventists there as well. I feel like I need to write this from a younger person's perspective to show you how your children might feel as I did by going to this school. From the beginning I was treated differently because I was an American. The first day my teacher sat me at the back of the class with 1 girl who ended up being my best friend. That was one of the ...more

Sometimes it just needs to be said; EIS is without a doubt the worst run school in all of Bangkok. Fortunately, I am no longer working there and I hope to be able to erase any and all memories as soon as possible. The administrators are so far detached from reality that we as teachers and staff wonder why they show up for work at all. Money is the only thing they care about and it shows because the students and parents are suffering and complaining.

Over the years EIS has evolved into an Extremely Inefficient School where the Executives’ Irritating Stupidity is responsible for the fact that Education Is Shallow. The Enormous Individual Stress, which is put on faculty and staff alike, makes sure that Everyone Is Screwed, including some wonderful staff members and teachers who are really trying their best. The vast majority couldn't care less and just keep their mouths shut while they continue to do their thing. The school can best be compared to a bus stop; a place where you ...more - FrankCoinPup

Students speak Thai all day. Should be there to learn English at least that is what they say. But when I walk around campus all I hear is Thai. Was told that teachers are of poor quality. That all students must receive tutoring outside of school or they would not pass exams. Teachers are Filipino and of poor quality. Not a good school.

The Thai speaking is REALLY REALLY REALLY true! I'm in the school right now typing this

Well truly said only cares for money not for quality teaching.

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9 Pan Asia International School

Pan Asia sucks! The food is bad and the quality of the bathroom and the quality of the water there is very bad. I hate Pan Asia. It's such a bad school. Kids get annoyed at some of the teacher. Anyways this school is a Muslim school. The school is very small. The quality needs to improve some more. It should be better than this.

Just get out of there before it's too late. The school can get back on its feet once the people who are managing it stop being so arrogant and accept that they need to improve themselves and the school.

The teachers masturbated in front of the students, some of the teachers even farts at the student face. But I really liked the students since they are very cool and dope not like other wimpy international school kids.

I don't't believe those comments, It's great school if you are looking good education.

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10 Ruamrudee International School (RIS)

What a great school! From an insiders' perspective the school is moving in the right direction. The goal of the school is to keep high quality focus on students' academic and social / emotional development and that is what we are seeing. No organization is perfect, however, RIS is striving to meet the daily challenges of running a highly respected Catholic school. The priests add strength and support to the leadership of the school without dominating. This year, two new administrators were added along with a new AD. This was done in support of the rigor in curricular and athletic expectation from the very young learner to the graduate. The school definitely is beginning to regain its reputation as an excellent international school with an American curriculum. Way to go, RIS!

When almost the entire leadership team of a school is removed, accusations of embezzlement come out, and a large number of students leave, something's wrong. In fairness they're recovering, but how did it happen in the first place?

Most schools with a great reputation in Bangkok live up to their expectations. This school is NOT one of them. The management had been an absolute disaster for years and there have been no efforts to improve as far as I can see. The teaching quality had been continuously sliding down too. Pulling my kids out of there last year was the best decision I've ever made for their education. I truly believe that.

Quite possibly the most over-rated international school in the country. Don't waste your money or your child's education here.

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11 Anglo Singapore International School

As per every school, Anglo does have its fault. However, the way in which Anglo stands out is its ever-evolving nature, and its receptiveness to any complaints that are have been put forward. As a senior (JC 2) in this school, Anglo has been my home for over five years. Over the years as I've grown up here, the teachers have always pushed me to my limits, with challenging questions and homework. Due to this, I am always confident about any challenge that comes my way, as my limits have extended beyond any obstacle that I may face. I've come to understand that this is how Anglo remains one of the most academically brilliant school in Thailand. Those who complain about the workload are likely parents and students who have been spoilt, and do not understand the necessity of hard work and perseverance it takes to become a successful person in an increasingly competitive world. Currently, I take four subjects, with all of my teachers having taught for over 10 years. My biology teacher ...more

Anglo Singapore International School is a breeding ground for suck-ups and an administration that feeds on it. Academics aside, as Anglo has one of the best track records in terms of academics in Thailand, this school is full of people who are just liars. As a secondary student in Anglo, you are required to choose between 4 CCAs, debate, drama and multimedia. The drama and multimedia CCAs are underfunded as the school wants its glory to be focused on debate, where they train suck-ups. The debate society President and Vice President are not democratically voted in, as well as the club having a system whereby they shun most people they deem unfit to join the club. They recognize dedication as spending lots of money on going to tournaments and training, and then when you do not show up for training, they kick you out of the team. Is this the kind of environment that you want your child to be in? The debate society although takes back lots of prizes from tournaments, but overall all they ...more

The school is very biased towards the Owner's children. The classes the are in are of high standards but the rest of the school is usually ignored. Also the school looks more towards results rather than how it is actually achieved. The school will use academic achievements to their advantage and show off all of them. Food and materials are usually reasonable and teachers are of very good origin and with their degrees from top universities but still many of them leave the school even after only 1 school year. Also the school participates in sports tournaments with other bad schools in Bangkok and they still have the will to say they are one of the best schools in Thailand. Any of your achievements will be marketed and many of the activities in the school are overpriced.

Please don’t ever send your kids here, waste of time and waster of money. The school fee is ridiculously expensive however the quality is horrible. The teachers are really mean to the kids, some even swear during class. The students here are terrible, more than 90% of the kids here are from Thai Schools so they always speak Thai. Bright kids who know that there would be no future ahead of them leave Anglo right after primary. It’s just the stupid kids with no place to go who continue staying here. Please don’t ever move your child here, waste of time, waste of money, I am 100% sure that you are going to regret it. This school SUCKS! P.S. Please don’t even think of stepping your foot into this school.

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12 Shrewsbury International School

I don't mind the Filipino teachers because they are kind and smart. It's just that the majority of the student population now are Thai. Thought I don't see anything wrong with it. It's just that the essence of the school being an international school just did not supply justice to its brand "international".

Shrewsbury use to be good but the past 3 years it suck a lot. All good teacher left and from English teacher now they are hire Philippines teacher. So I left with some of my friends.

I don't think shrewsbury international school sucks because I studied there 3 years ago and it was really fun and enjoying the teachers there are nice and there are not so many filipino teachers there maybe 5% only. They also teach amazingly because of what I learned there I'm always at the top of our class! I leave shrewsbury international school because I have to go back to our home country!

No big deal

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13 Ascot International School

After almost 9 years at the school (and around 5 million baht paid in school fees), both my kids are now 2 grades below the national average in UK and US. The head teacher is, as stated in another comment in this thread, a buffoon... and that's being kind! He interferes with the teachers academic initiatives (eg: English teachers have been told to stop the kids studying Shakespeare and told to make them watch a movie of the plays instead). Petty regulations, including barring students from using their own computers, frustrate students and parents alike. Used to be a well-run and friendly environment, now it's a misery. Desperately looking to get my kids out of this failing mess of a school, but because of the appalling academic shortcomings, they, together with many of the remaining secondary students are failing entrance tests at every other school we have tried to enrol them in. To put this into perspective, 40% of the students in our eldest child's class left at the end of the last ...more

I agree this school was a night mare I have been bullied several times and never been resolved and the teacher are incapable of giving tools to succeed in the real world because the dick of the head teacher is too stupid to see that the teachers he is hiring are not qualified or are just old and not teaching what they are suppose to teach

Sme of the teachers are lazy, high staff turn over this year especially and run by a buffoon.

I read many comment that sound the same about the Headmaster. I think it is same person writing each comment. I have been at Ascot for many years and I know this is not true. The staff at the school are very caring. - LadaNice

I was an student there and my dad took me to test my self and I was 2 years below average

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14 RBIS Rasami British International School

This school sucks the Year 6 speaks pervert things and teachers, food and restrooms sucks the food has hair in it, and the restrooms have kids Urine

Agree, also the teachers are bias

This school threatens you to give you an after school detention for stupid reasons, like being late? Students don't deserve an after school detention just for being late

Punctuality is the cornerstone of professionalism. If you were consistently late to work would you expect to keep your job? - NathanL

I truly regret putting my son in this school

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15 International School of Bangkok

You aren't getting what you pay for here. That's for sure.

Used to be the best but that has changed in a short amount of time

This place ruined my life

I spy with my asian eyes, sluts with plastic tities

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16 Wells International School

The facility is very small. They don't have football field in the school. The students are mostly Thai and Indian which is okay but no offense to the Thai and Indian, there should be a diversity in this school. They have way too many kids in one classroom most of it being Thai kid. Speaks thai all day and they should be here to learn English a little bit at least. I think they should help consider smart people first not where their from because they just take everyone that apply. I think quality will become lower.

You know how expats work. If they come to Thailand, then one day, they might go back to their home country (obviously) and if there are schools in Thailand that offer them higher pay rates then they will go (again, obviously).Wells is just like that. about 10 teachers leave every year and some year they have about 20 leaving. The new teachers aren't even good, they come from worse schools and it's making Wells go down in quality so much. Teachers, both new and old have horrible excuses about how they deal with problem like if the teacher is late they say "why didn't kids call me? " And when teachers didn't post homework on any of their so called "sites", principal says that students must remember. Then screw those sites and timetable. every time you have class at wells from now on then make sure you record your teacher's voice so there are no more space for silly excuses. Don't even let me say the whole story. Crap

The school has many good things but they have teachers leaving every year. The facility isn't good and they say that the class is small but really it's big, like 30 kids. They also get put in to one big class and they do nothing.

I hate this school, Wells has SLUTS!

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17 Heathfield International School

I left this school last year and have gone to another school to finish my study. It is a joke the headmaster (who use that name these days? ) act like dictator and lie and cover himself by lies and aggressive. There are no Facilities not even a field or clean toilet.

Her owner son is such a moron, very rude who always say bad word in thai, and he caused problem to many of school boys and girls. Teachers could not touch even Headmaster could not say anything since he is owner son. This behaviors must have been introduced from his home! - Jone

This school is near me and we visited a few years ago when choose the school. My opinion is that is more like the bilingual school not real international school. Price is low but I think there is better bilingual school for less money if that is what you want. - LadaNice

Whatever anyone said bad about this school but in fact my kids got so many fantastic from heathfield teachers. They have been improving a lots since they moved from another international school. - sarunya

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18 Crescent International School

I do not understand how this can be international school because the teachers are not certified to be teacher. - LadaNice

It just sucks

It just sucks always runs for money and people speak broke English

Useless school rules, the secondary teacher are mostly Indians. I could barely understand what they’re saying. The chemistry teacher is the most boring and the laziest teacher out of all. Everything in this school sucks.

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19 Bromsgrove International School Thailand

Shocking turnover of staff. The school turned away from the support offered by its Bromsgrove host school in the UK and its excellent Headmasters who brought a quality to the school and employed a couple of con artists who turned it into a back packer school. Most teachers unqualified by Thai Teaching Council standards. All the good teachers left as did most of the kids. Shame it was making a good go of it by and was growing in size and reputation. It's reputation now lays in taters. Owners have realised their mistake and are slowly getting rid of them starting with the Deputy Head and then the Head.

I have been to visit this school also and it was not like the expectation. They say there is large campus but I only can see 1 school building. The parents I know joined last year for 2 children and they leave already. - LadaNice

Poor or no reputation save your money

Why did they get rid of the deputy head?

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20 Bangkok Patana School

Patana is a horrible school. The teachers don't care about the students, only making money and are very selfish. The teachers are either too old or too young. The school uniform rules are so stupid and the school cares more about the uniform rules than the students education. Every student I have talked too that attend Patana can agree that Patana has good facilities but horrible teachers, and students.Worst school.

I hate this school so much

Students there are extremely boastful as they think their school is world's best school

This school sucks, I am one of the children here at Patana, you get detentions so quickly.i mean you forget your card 3 times detention, same with PE kit.This school is expensive real expensive.The facility might be good but Teachers are selfish, sometimes are rude and they can be a bad influence.This school is the worst I have ever been to.I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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