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21 Garden International School Pattaya

I left this school five years ago and then came back because I didn't find anywhere as friendly and caring. I love this school

Bad place with teachers who are drunk at the girly bars at night and hangover teaching

A fantastic school with a great family atmosphere. Lots of major improvements over the past few years and now the only school in the region to be accredited by the Council of International Schools.

Garden International School (GIS)-Rayong A review from a concerned parent. May 2016
We are writing this review to help parents researching education options for their children, and we'll start by saying the overwhelming percentage of teachers and teacher assistants are very good educators dedicated to the students and their jobs. The principal and administration are unfortunately the complete opposite and have little regard for the students and zero regard for concerns of the parents.

When we started our son at GIS the atmosphere between teachers and parents was open, communicative and collaborative. We believed we had found our son's permanent school and bought a home close by. Over the last two years under the management of the current principal and MBF Taylor mangers the atmosphere at the school has degraded to an us against them situation between parents and the administration. We provide some specific examples below:
- A serious outbreak of Hand Foot Mouth Disease ...more

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22 Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School (Bangkok Prep)

Secondary's head is very bad

Secondary's head is very bad

They have changed the secondary head long time ago. FYI

23 Siam International School

When the old husband/wife owners fought and one got arrested for having a hidden room full of weapons, you had to know something was wrong. Whoever takes over this school has a long time before they can recover.

Jan. 2015... This school should move to the #1 WORST. I worked there 2013-14 and still have not been paid my final month salary (July 2014).

Never heard anything but horror stories about this school. I communicated once with them about a director position; completely rude and unprofessional. Money can't by manners.

A no-name school waste of your time and money.

24 NIST International School

Just bad


Teacher goog

Dummies, keeping up with the Joneses.

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25 New Sathorn International School

This is a Korean school, with conniving Korean owners who cheat their teachers, with disrespectful racist Korean students with impudent behavior, and vain, proud, ungracious, ungrateful Korean parents who complain a lot if you say anything bad about their perfect children. Korean cronyism is practiced there; If you are not Korean you will never win at this school as a teacher. They treat their teachers like second class citizens and as disposable resources. I'm surprised they don't make their teachers use the back door. In fact Korea has the 2nd highest suicide rate in the world because of their sick pride. I really believe I saw and experienced a microcosm of the mental illness of Koreans as a whole. North Korea is just a manifestation of the fascist mentally ill mind of the Korean people. They call themselves Christians but they are far from it.

The comment below is 100 % true. The management is disconnect from the actual teaching. Their tactics of bullying, yelling and threatening behavior is very unprofessional. I think they like it that way.

Even the Koreans are leaving.

26 The Regent's International School

This school's rule are way to strict. You can't come to school late for more than 3 times per week or else you get detention. As well as teachers always said that "You need to do this or you'll get minus point", like minus point is the end of the world. This school have a "Loop of success", like the student that's in this loop will get everything from good grades to winning every school competition. You don't need to fight for anything because if you.'re not in the Loop of success, you'll never win anything. Teachers are also giving out too much homework and again you'll get minus points. Also, this school have no sport scholarship or any sport award.

Do not mess with some teachers. They'll give you migraines.

Trerible school my kids would always tell me stuff about going to class 2 seconds late and they would tell me that,they got red points the teachers are pointless

This school force you to buy their stuffs like sweaters and you can't use your own.
They want you to pay more money with them as well as the price is very high. They want more money.

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27 Satit Prasarnmit International School

Don't even think of sending your children there. I sent mine and they were given forged CIE certificates and were educated by unqualified teachers. The Head and Deputy Head are liars and the most incompetent people I have ever had to deal with.

I agree because they are a Satit school and is trying to be international. They should just called it English Program like other Satit's school

28 Niva International School

In a six month period, 28 teachers out of 42 quit after the new principal was hired. The new principal was the third one in less than a year, and he does not hold an administrative credential. Currently, the curriculum consists of pirated pdf textbooks. That's right, the school does NOT use written textbooks, so students sit with their computers open all the time, chatting online or playing games. The teachers have no way of knowing... A very stressful and unpleasant work environment for teachers, and the poor students don't know what's coming next because staff leaves as frequently as a low-functional Thai government school.

It stinks so much, most of the kids got allergy and the food is not clean, teachers blame us for not being clean even if the teachers got sick themselves. Teachers are also super biased, only some of the teachers are really well educated and had teacher certificate, most of them are travelers and Southeast Asian (not that it's bad but they do not have any teacher certificate). The school owner hired a dancer from Qatar, doha that's just graduated to become our philosophy teacher. Makes so much sense. - lendd

Some teachers are biased, if they like you they'll give you good grades. It doesn't matter how hard you study or how good you are at that subject, your grades will still be lower than the teachers pets. The school fees are rising but there wf no improvement, no resources for students and low salaries for teachers and staffs. (that's why all good teachers move, some got fired) - thawatchai-pop

Encourages students to take standardized tests (for social purposes in your adulthood) and lies to students that universities no longer accept GEDs. - OhMinhyung

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29 Traill International School

Low quality teachers
Some teacher always gave us projects that take us all term to complete them It won't be a problem if the project does improve our skills but it wasn't about the subject at all!

Some teacher print sheets from the internet (always) and let us do it with out teaching anything when we get into the class they just gave us those sheets and most of the time he open a YouTube video instead of doing an experiment.

The school 's not strict about speaking English in the school at all you can speak Thai freely anytime.

When students have problems (getting bullied by class mates) teacher just don't care. teachers smokes cigarettes behind the canteen, TIS don't care about grades all they care about is basketball and the tuitions goes to basketball scholars.

One of the worst schools I have I attended. Most of the teachers are biased. They only use the money for Filipino basketball scholars...

A school which doesn’t allow former students to go in sinced they left for a better school, most of them need to wait outside of school, while some students aren’t even allowed to go into the school to watch their friend’s last performance and need to wait outside starting from 8:40 to 11:30 AM

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30 International Pioneers School

Barest school ever

This school is the best!

Super bad governance and administration. It seems like the school is run by family ie. (husband and wife) as MD, Principle, Head of committee, and so on. They will save every penny from tuition and hire Filipinos and do things by themselves. Make sure you walk around, observe carefully.

This is the worst school. I have witnessed several tragedy since past three years.
Be very attentive when throwing your kid in the hands of poor administrative staff. Worst of all it's a family run operations and not professional. The tuition outweigh the quality and the ongoing tragedy, hidden agenda can happen to your kid.

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31 Global Indian International School

Act pushy, selfish, and idiotic and you will fit in perfectly here

So so bad, you better put a towel on your head and act like a rude jerk to fit in

so bad

32 Saint John Mary International School

Bad society! Speaking in Thai. Teachers are lazy. Most of the students are from Thai School,. SUCKS

I took my child out of this school 4 years ago because most white teachers were just bagpack teachers. They do not have degree that qualify to teach.

33 Garden International School, Eastern Seaboard

Speak as you find in my book. My 3 kids love it there and wouldn't move anywhere else! Their teachers are always willing to help and go above the call of duty to get the best out of my lot. Brilliant school! - DaveDee

Teachers very poor standard. Always changing. Headmaster very weak person. Boarding is disgraceful. Do not help children in anyway and seem to go out of their way to make life miserable for boarders, who are having a difficult time as it is. Taking money under false pretences his wchool - Turnbull

A school with a very friendly atmosphere and really accommodating teachers. Lots of cultural events that cater for the expat community in the area. - tony73

One of the good International Schools located in Eastern Seaboard.

34 KIS International School

Good friendly and safe environment for my kid. Teachers seem very qualified at least at the primary level where my kids is in. IB final year results look very competitive. Small school but facilities look well maintained and decent.

Not true to duty or obligation or promises.

They told parents that they are full with waiting list but in reality they are not full. somehow people found out that they do it because of marketing purposes!

I don't like kis it was really bad for me

35 Thai Sikh International School

They concentrate only on academics and there are very few opportunities for the students. Some teachers don't talk in proper English. The standard of the school has fallen drastically.

Very boring and unexciting. Students don't get to go for camps or any field trips for a long time.

Very stupid school. Never go there to study

For Sikhs, a narrow group of ignoramuses

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36 Tara Pattana International School

This school is a complete shambles. It's failing badly. And is it any wonder? The headmaster a certain dubious, Mr. Swan, was the deputy head that got sacked from bromsgroove! This man is a bloody clown that has no place in any educational setting.

This one will now quickly rise up to number 1...just watch!

Swan? He couldn't run a bath, nevermind a school!

Pft! That's all we have to say about that.

37 Kajonkiet International School Phuket

High staff turnover. Headmistress lives and promotes lies. Food is full of oil and MSG. Your kids deserve better! This place is only about the baht and money and not the students.

Dreadful school..yes headmistress is a disgrace, a liar and treats teachers with no respect. Thai school living a lie as an international school. All about money and appearance.

38 Harrow International School

This school use to be good but now no because I notice from teacher in this that there are to many rich people so that have a lot of Thai people what a shame this is international school not Thai school when I watch the harrow video I only saw three of English people and all of them are all Thai people I was shocked I thought this school is expensive and it good no it not if you are coming to school pleas don't take your child hear because I have my friend that went to this school and it really terrible for her.

Just a big show for big face but except for the name is nothing like Harrow in England

No resemblance to Harrow in England, spoiled dumb kids.

Too expensive

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39 Cambridge College Thailand

The worst run, privately owned "Cambridge" affiliated (sic) school in Thailand.

Incompetent owners, managers and a useless English fool running the "International" program. Bow, scrape and cow-tow to your Thai masters!

The students are great, but suffer due to using outdated and poorly written course books. Of course they pay a premium price! This place needs to be shut down. They are in breach of Thai labour laws (foreign worker / Thai worker ratio) but pay someone to turn a blind eye.

The school has rich locals duped by using the name Cambridge. They treat foreign teachers like cattle and your input or opinion is not appreciated.

Incredibly unorganised, family owned business who only care about money. Dysfunctional.

Using the "Cambridge" name like a McDonalds.

Cambridge is a cash register and show place for the owners only. should be renamed Kwaibridge because it is for stupid buffalos and dumb cows.

40 Trinity international school
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