Singapore International School Bangkok


There's no standard and they do not deliver what they promise.

I feel sorry for the teachers. I think they have no dignity. They do manual labor, nanny the children, serve the parents like their personal secretaries. They come in early, breaking contract. Western teachers bow to the Thai anthem, and the Thai King No one is expected to swear loyalty to a foreign government in this day and age, but they do it? Secondary teachers had to carry their own classroom furniture over a km and up to their classes in the new building last month... no elevator...up 6 flights of stairs. All of this in plain view of the students. I hope they are being paid 300,000 baht a month. At least they would have an excuse then. Personally, my dignity is not for sale.

Singapore International School is all about money and no respect for the local people. Greedy Singapore know nothing about Thailand just hire Filipino bad teachers. How can this bad school get a license from the government. I cry to think about my son going there.

As a teacher I feel so bad for these sweet children. They have good hearts and are friendly, but the work load and pace at SISB is just too extreme. I think it would be too extreme for university students, but we are talking about primary and secondary kids. Students simply don't do their homework in non-core subjects like Art and Social Studies. They have so much math, science, and English homework that they don't finish until 9 pm every night. They are herded from class to class with literally no break in between. They are fatigued, dehydrated, and tired all day. There are no real standards in this school, because teachers simply can't enforce them. The typical parent is a rich absentee father, letting nannies and maids raise their children. Where the nannies fail, SISB teachers are expected to pick up the slack. Between the lack of parenting, and school-induced ultra high stress levels, it's no wonder so many of the students have chronic mental problems. In one class you have 2 ...more

Never agree better! Worse of the worse.

In the Early Years Department, each teacher is assigned a subject to teach. Rote learning is encouraged. It is NOT a child centered curriculum. Most preschools in Singapore have already moved towards a integrated project based approach. It is disgraceful that they consider themselves a "Singapore" international school as they give the Singapore education system a bad name.

They do mere bull! They don't have good practices. Their admission department is the worst. Normally students and parents are clients for a school but this SISB is famous for making the parents run behind them. They give lot of false promises and you can never rely on their words. I regret to recommend my friend to approach this school for his daughter's admission but he got lot of bitter experiences. Please don't waste money in schools like SISB and don't ruin your kid's future. If you are a thai, it's better to send your kid to a Government school rather than this one. Foreigners can approach any international school apart from this. They use filippino teachers to teach English primary kids. If you are not worried about filippinos teaching English, go ahead with them. - ferdinjoe

To be honest, I'd like to share with you guys my experience there, since I was in this school when it first opened, but overall, they force you into doing so MUCH work that I have a habit to skip Chinese, as you would hoard home more than 30+ pages a day, ask me about the weekends, not a relief time to enjoy on Friday, but a nightmare for students there. I have begged my parents to send me to another school, but for now, I'm stuck in 'Hell on Earth'

Speaking of food, better buy your own in 7-11.
If any student from SISB is reading this, everything you see in the school philosophy, motto, et cetera, it's all a lie. Also, I envy people moving out of the school.

When you send your child to go in the first day, when your child comes back your child will say today is very bad, why are they saying this? Because on the first day they got bullied already. I know there is no such thing in other schools but when you come to this school this thing happens. - Time1234

Do not work there. They treat you like a slave.

The food is not really good. Lots of homework. No time to relax or play. It is hard to come in to our school, because they want money. They care about money more than quality. Don't come here, it's a nightmare.

The Anglo teachers are excellent. The problem is the Singapore management, whose exam based assessment is 15 years in the past. - somchai78

The secondary principal Cecilia Ng and vice principal Jasmine Choong are totally uncoordinated. They give conflicting guidance, causing mass confusion. They also do not plan any initiatives properly. They give teachers 30 minutes notice and no training then expect them to do extra jobs. They tried to make the teachers come in to work early and work as traffic police, but the teachers revolted. During interviews they tell teachers that they follow policy and have values, but they break policy on a daily basis and only value SISB stock prices.

The principal SUSAN is rude and insulting to students.

Kids are streamed according to English, Maths. Join if you like stress and lots of homework and exams. 99% Thai children.

A $ money mind school only with lots of rules and regulations for the sake of rules, square head stupid management

My cousin is learning at that school, and he ate the food there and got food poisoning. He told me that a lot of children also get food poisoning because the food sucks.

This school facilities sucks the principal only want money so she decided to get all those test for the children like IPSLE and times 2 the price of the test.

I think the English of them are bad and I also know that their secondary is worst

The teacher sleeps in the classroom while teaching

Students get scolded if they don't wear black shoes

Ask student to study for examination, It's not good education for students.

Singapore square head management has money mind.

My students are not happy at all. Very sad decision to send them there

This school is really bad the food sucks. Also the school facility also bad. Especially the office they are the worst.